Friday, May 30, 2008

"Pug" Cani in Italia

A few years ago (2005) I studied abroad in Italy (Sicily, more specifically, the most under-rated part of Italy for studying abroad) and was, even back then, obsessed with pugs. It was back when I was in college and Oliver was still alive. Surprisingly, in about 5 weeks, I managed to run into MULTIPLE pugs in Taormina- a town in Sicily, probably the most beautiful place on earth. (Go ahead- see for yourself!)

I had barely learned Italian at the point of my first run-in with a pug (I ended up getting a B in the class!), but I still managed to squeak out something like "ho un simile cane," which I think means "I have that kind of dog." This was dog #1:

His name was something with an "O", which I remember because it sounded like Oli, my dog's nickname. I wish I remembered, I think it was like "Oldo" or something.

Pug #2 had an "M" name (it was a long time ago, people!) and was quite cute. I saw it many many times but the owners thought I was crazy and would walk swiftly away before I could take a photo.

Pug #3 was named Elvis, we found him while sunbathing on Isola Bella.

His mommy wasn't Italian (I don't think- she spoke GREAT English and her dog's name is Elvis...) so we talked about pugs and she let me pet him. The whole time he just chilled under her chair!

Pug #4 was seen out during my last night in Taormina. I was at a bar and all of a sudden noticed two things- 1) a pair of fabulous shoes, very Italian! 2) a pug. In a BAR.

By this point my Italian was great so we talked about the pug a little. Her name was something like "Bibite" which means "drinks" in Italian, but I think it just sounded like that, and I associated it with the closest Italian word to it that I knew.

What a cute little chubby pug!!!! I really miss Italy... at least I know there are pugs there for me when I go back. Has anyone else found any pugs (or dogs of your kind) while traveling far, far away?


Petra said...

What a great story! Those little Italian pugs are adorable. We have been to Israel and Jordan but I don't remember seeing any dogs --- just lots of camels and donkeys and stray cats.

Ruby Bleu said...

How cute!!! When I did some traveling abroad I never noticed any dogs (except for dingos in Australia and that was because I was afraid I might get eaten - LOL). Now, when I travel all I look for is dogs.

Have a great weekend!

Michele (Ruby's Mom)

Nevis said...

Looks like a lovely, wonderful trip! :) And adorable pugs.

Barklove all over the world

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! (LOVE the shoes!) I haven't really seen any other pugs outside of locally. My brother traveled to Tourin for school last year.. i will ask him! :)

Ruby Bleu said...

It's me again...Yes, Yes, Yes to a pawty!!! The 15th sounds we want to go somewhere (maybe Italy to scope out some handsome Italian puggies) or just fly around. As you know, Aire Ruby is world renowned for it's in-flight service!!!

Lots of Licks, ruby

Duke said...

What cute Italian Puggies! Mom and dad are pretty much homebodies, thank goodness!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Archie and Melissa said...

great pictures of italian pug babies!
i love seeing puggies when i am on vacation. it always makes me feel a little better about missing emmitt so much while i am away.
:) m