Thursday, December 31, 2009

Greatest Hits of 2009

I can't believe it's 2009 already! This was the first year we had all the three pugs, Day 1 through Day 365.

Instead of focusing on how horrid this year has been, Brian suggested a "greatest hits" in pictures! I picked some of my favorites, one per month. They sure had a good year! Lots of lounging... that didn't change at all.












December (last night!):

We have enjoyed spending 2009 with you and look forward to an even better 2010!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Baths. In the SINK.

Mom acted like me, Dixie, and Harles had this super fun weekend. WRONG. WE GOT BATHS.

Normally, we were subjected the baths with Mom in the shower. She had to hold us we clawed her up and it was not so fun for anyone. Well Dad had this greaaaatttt idea to put us in the sink. Dixie went first.

Ugh! That green stuff that takes away our wonderful musk!

Of course, "first is the worst, second is the best..." so I went second and was VERY well behaved, despite the obvious horribleness of it.

I got kisses from Daddy for being so perfect.

Harles went third but Mom had to help Dad (since Harles is a TOTAL mama's boy!) so she didn't get pictures. He isn't offended since he doesn't want Clover seeing all his man-bits! BOL!

I was a sad pathetic little girl when I got out and shook for foreverrrr because I am a cold fragile flower.

What have you learned from this, friends? DON'T GO NEAR SINKS! They took can bring the dreaded bath just as fast as a shower can. HOLD ONTO YOUR PUGGY MUSKS WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!

The Wedding Dog

Kelly here, and yes, I have been a STINKY dog blogger momma! The holidays have eaten me alive! We gave the puggies baths this weekend- with pics- but I was struck by a migraine so those are forthcoming.

I know a few of you are recently married, getting married (like us! 3 months!), or have people close to you getting married. If you fall into one of these catagories- or just are obsessed with weddings and dogs- you'll love this!

My awesome photographer became involved with The Wedding Dog recently. It's a website with a magazine coming in February 2010. They'll have great ideas, stories, and vendors which are helpful for including your dog in your wedding. Obviously we're trying to include the pugs in our wedding as much as possible!

We have already been featured on the site here, and they will be featuring us more as well, so check back! I can't wait to find out more and I hope you all will find this entertaining and useful as well!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ignored by Mommy for Other Pugs... AGAIN!

Hi, it's Sophie. And I'm not happy. Yesterday we were just watching the Colts game, enjoying some lazy time.

Then something happened. Mom got UP. And LEFT.

She was doing ANOTHER TRANSPORT! What is the DEAL! If she likes driving pugs around that much she can drive us to PETCO! Sheesh! It makes a pug feel neglected, honestly.

For what it's worth, here he is. He's a champion bloodline pug (like that makes me feel better?) named Uno.

Looks a little pudgy if you ask me.

His "pawrents" (if you could call them that) gave him up because he was marking in the house. Guess why? URINARY TRACT INFECTION. I've got 'em before, my pawrents didn't get rid of me! Some people shouldn't be allowed to have pets.

He looks a LOT like our friend Harry Pugalicious! Mom said he was very sweet and had bad breath like Harley (BOL!!! Harles you got called out!)

He is with his foster family now and Mom said he'll go to a new home fast. As long as it's not THIS home then I wish him the best!

Pee-S.... GO COLTS!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Crazy Week!

WOW do we have a lot to fill you in on! It's me, Sophie, writing, but naturally Mom has given me a list of things to mention. Nice, right? Come on Mom... just let me type!!!!

For Thanksgiving our awesome Uncle Steve was in town!!!! Here he is putting up with my siblings. When they were done annoying him I snuggled him crazy amounts.

Mom and Dad had a stinky Thanksgiving. They found out that money they were promised for their wedding won't be coming anymore and they had to cancel their reception. I think that's crazy because I can't imagine a wedding would cost more than 3 bags of kibble and MAYBE a treat bag, right? Well apparently it's "okay" since our pawrents are having their ceremony still March 20 and then some parties in the summer. Which we can probably attend!!!!!!!! So I'm happy even though they're a little sad.

They worked out the details to their new wedding plans all week so they were BORING. Then on Saturday (yesterday) Mom abandoned us for another pug! She transported a pug named Madison from Lebanon (north of Indianapolis) to Greenwood (south of Indianapolis.) Here she is...

She was coming from South Bend Indiana (where Notre Dame is, right at the top of the state) and going to Kentucky. She was stinky (I could smell her all over Mom later!) and she said she was really timid. She was also so skinny...

Here is a video of her, Mom is too obsessed with other pugs and not enough with ME!

Mom gave her a hug (ew Mom, you could have showered) and then passed her along to the next driver. She's probably all bathed (sorry Madison!) and fed (YAY!) by now in her foster home.

Then when she got home her and Dad were cleaning for like HOURS! They didn't even go to meetup!!!!!!! Luckily Salinger's Mom knows what's up and stopped by after. I got to see Myyyy Holdennnnn!

Then Harley got pets and then sneezed all over Holden.

Aunt Laura took home a bunch of Sal's stuff that Mom borrowed for Bugg's calender shoot, and then she gave Mom some waffles and stuffing!!!!!!! I hope Mom shares!

Salinger stuck out his tooth and sat in the corner with our shoes. I guess he's still not over the fact that we broke up. Oh well! More treats for me!

I got lots and lots of pets from My Holden. I am so glad he visited me (he clearly just came for me, duh!)

After they left, Mom and Dad went to Goodwill, but didn't come back till late because Daddy's grandma was in the ER. Luckily she is doing alright but it was scary!

Things have been so crazy lately and 2009 is almost over. We can't wait for 2010 since it's going to be a much better year!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

From Kelly, Brian, Sophie, Harles, and of course, Dixie...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Faces!

Since Sophie did a huge post, I decided to glorify her "darker" siblings! Here are some Dixie and Harles glamorshots in the sun!

We did a lot of pug hanging out and petting tonight, since tomorrow Brian and I will be going down to Bloomington, Indiana for the IU game versus Purdue! They have a huge rivalry and we are big IU fans, so it will be a long, fun filled day as we hope to be victorious against "Purdon't" (as I like to call it.) I'm sure Sophie will post a rant about being left alone for gasp a whole day... no one call animal services on us!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Harry's Hoosier Visit!

Hi guys! It's the one and only Sophie Sophie here. Thanks for your concern and well wishes about Bugg's bump. It is completely gone! YAY! We can go back to getting the same amount of attention once again.

Finally we are ready to recap our day with Harry last weekend! We spent the morning eagerly awaiting the meetup by napping in the sun.

As you all know, we were "Three of a Kind / Crazy Eights" and it was great to wear a costume WITHOUT a hat this year!

There were some great costumes... Jill here was a horse to a jockey!

Her bro Carson was a horse to a cowboy!

Miss Molly O'Malley was a little devil!

There was a puppy baby pug there. Look at her romp! Her name was Minnie.

Sheesh Mom, she wasn't THAT cute to warrant 2934491 pictures. Anyways here's my ex boyfriend Salinger with his Momma, our Aunt Laura.


He has a ton of girlfriends or else I might have hit on him. I couldn't do that to my BFF Pearlie Poo gal, though.

Lilo was dressed as Minnie Pearl and won the costume contest! We gladly gave her our title from last year. Although, we didn't have a crown to pass on or anything... bummer. Here she is lookin' at all the cash they won (all of which was donated to KPR!)

Here is Heather with Harry!

Mom went back to photographing Minnie... I don't see the appeal, except that she looks like a miniature me.

Dixie tried to help herself into someone's purse...

"Don't mind if I do!"


Here's Mom paying WAY too much attention to Harles.

Mom also posed with Heather and their boys.

Sal's bro Holden posed with me... he calls me his Soph... clearly this boy is SMART!

Harry's mom put a shirt on him for decency's sake and also since, ya know, there were like a jillion other fawn pugs and it gets confusing!

Aunt Laura gave me some one-on-one time! She is so generous with her pets and treats!

...whereas my mother was all over DIXIE.

Aunt Laura gave Harles some pets too which I can understand, she has to seem unbiased. But then after this picture was taken things got weird and Auntie Laura didn't hold us anymore... BOL.

Here's Hank aka O'Malley's bro, he's KING OF THE HILL! BOL BOL!

I ran to Daddy to try and get him to take me home. I was tired, it was all too much! But nope he said NO we have more fun coming!

Mom and the other pug blog pawrents (and a few randoms) took a group picture before we left.

Then... we went to THE PUG POSSE'S HOUSE!!!!

Dixie made herself at home right away.

We hung out with like, 20+ pugs. It was cool to have Harry there.

If you couldn't tell, Mom wore a pug shirt she got at a wedding shower. Her friend, aka my BFF Pearl's mom (whose name is also Kelly) got her that green shirt but it was like junior sized and didn't fit, so Mom & Pearl's Mom decided to give it to Auntie Laura! They were all pugged out. I hope they don't think this means we will wear shirts with people on them.

One of the pug posse decided that their Mom Vikki wasn't allowed to go inside!

Laura hung her PIS FOR PUGS bucket in the bathroom, BOL!

And she also made a poison cake! Well, poison to us. So to me it's rude that Harry's name is on it when he can't eat it?!?! Where is our wonderful beef liver and peanut butter cake?

Mom was REALLY annoying Harry. I know because he told me. She smooshed him like 700 million times.

They took a REAL blogger pic too! This time I was in it usually it's Harles since he's badly behaved so I was glad to be in front of the camera for once.

We had a great time and were so glad to meet Harry! He gave us a great monkey toy and some treats that have kept us occupied since he left. We miss you buddy! Come back anytime although I know you won't since my Mom practically smooshed the stuffing out of you.

Pee-S if you don't know, a Hoosier is someone from Indiana. There are lots of rumors but no one really truly knows what it means.