Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Slippin' You The Tongue

Hey everyone, Kelly here! Wow have we been missing in action. Excuses excuses- anyways I am going to *TRY* to be 31 entries for July! That's right I want at LEAST one entry per day and I will strive to make it happen! I've neglected the blog for the past few months! Motivate me ok?

Anywho our friends over at Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures issued a challenge in honor of their 100th post- to show 'em your tongues! Well naturally we were tickled pink since that's pretty much all our pugs do. So without further adieu, here are some of my favorite pug tongue pictures! Many feature Dixie's trademarked "noseguard;" terminology that I hope will become as commonplace as roaching, pressies, stuffies, and wallymelon in the DWB world!

If we get picked, I hope you guys will be able to pick one!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


It's Sophie, and I need to announce- I am now freaking 6 years old. Please don't share this with any of my fans, since I don't want them to think my beauty is fading or anything. I just wanted to announce it since guess who did nothing to celebrate? Yea that's right, the pawrents. It's ok though I peed on Daddy's side of the bed since he was home ALL DAY Saturday and I did not even get a SNIFF of a birthday-sized treat.

Pearl aka my BFF offered to run away with me but I decided to stay since the pawrents brought home some WALLYMELON for us today. They are sure lucky because I'm pretty sure they couldn't function without me.

Here are photos of us enjoying our super-well-deserved wallymelon. First check out Dixie's smug face! She's allowed to be smug since she's only 5. I'm getting older at 6 so it's embarrassing. At least Harles is 7 and makes me look young!

MAJOR tongue action by the Bugg! Oh look out for later, Mom is posting some great tongue pictures of us soon for some sort of contest!

Gosh I look old in this picture...

Harles moves like a cunning little shark so he's hard to get pictures of.

I think this is a pretty good picture of me, right?

LOOK AT THOSE TEETH! Harles is totally part shark! He's a shug. Or a park.

How embarrassing... I have wallymelon juice running down my cheeks.

Dixie is one of the most gentle treat-takers out there.


Look at the Bugg's intensity!

See Harles lurking?

I really like my ears in this one.

Last but not least here is a picture of all of us. Eyeing that one piece of wallymelon... we entered this into a cool contest for summer pictures that Ike is doing! We hope all the great pictures will help his eye heal. Go visit Ike and if you haven't, enter by 10pm central time!

Mom and Dad abandoned us today to go to the zoo, and so I'm sure they'll post about it later. Hopefully they'll continue to spoil us with wallymelon in the meantime!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Kelly here. Once again I'm asking you for something- but this doesn't involve buying your votes for Dixie!


Seven pugs were rescued from a puppy mill (YAY!) but KPR cannot help because we have no foster homes. Green Mountain Pug Rescue offered to help, so we will need to arrange transports. Below is the plea from Green Mountain Pug Rescue. People will need to contact the tranpsort coordinator below. Interested parties will need to contact Sheri at sheri-transport{at}comcast{dot}net.

This transport MUST FILL by FRIDAY at 5:00 p.m.! Please help and repost!

SEVEN (7) puppymill rescue Pugs need a ride from Honey Creek Vet Clinic in Terre Haute, IN to fully-screened fosters for Green Mtn. Pug Rescue in VT this weekend! Passenger info is at bottom of this email. NOTE: Each Pug travels in his/her own SMALL wire crate (to stay with them thru transport).

Crates are PUG-SIZED: 22"X13"X16 - we have a small hatchback wagon and using the "way back" area, backseat and front seat, we could *easily* fit all seven crates! Even if you can only fit SOME of the Pugs, we still need you!! I'll request two drivers per leg, but if your vehicle can accommodate the 7 little crates, please let me know (we'll only need one driver for that leg). Legs are FLEXIBLE so let me know ASAP/privately what you can drive - any leg can be SPLIT to make it easier!

If you can drive this weekend, please provide your transport info & vehicle size (phone/cell, car/color, plates/state & rescue affiliation) ASAP. This transport will be fully-monitored, and permission is granted to crosspost. Thanks so much for considering this transport!

That message was from Sheri Lazar, the Michigan Transport Coordinator.

Here are the legs that are needed:

SATURDAY 6/27/09 (15 mins. added to each leg for transfers/traffic). The entire transport is on Eastern time - verified at http://www.timetemperature.com/.

Leg 1: Terre Haute, IN to Indianapolis, IN– *NEED*
START: 8:00 a.m., arrive 9:15 a.m. 78 miles, 1.25 hours

Leg 2: Indianapolis, IN to Richmond, IN– *NEED*
START: 9:30 a.m., arrive 10:45 a.m. 73 miles, 1.25 hours

Leg 3: Richmond, IN to Dayton, OH *NEED*
START: 10:45 a.m., arrive 11:30 a.m. 50 miles, .75 hour

Leg 4: Dayton, OH to Columbus, OH- *NEED*
START: 11:45 a.m. , arrive 1:00 p.m. 71 miles, 1.25 hours

Leg 5: Columbus, OH to Mansfield, OH – *NEED*
START: 1:15 p.m. , arrive 2:15 p.m. 68 miles, 1.00 hour

Leg 6: Mansfield, OH to Akron, OH - *NEED*
START: 2:30 p.m. , ARRIVE 3:30 p.m. 69 miles, 1.00 hour

Leg 7: Akron, OH to Ashtabula, OH- *NEED*
START: 3:45 p.m., arrive 5:15 p.m. 84 miles, 1.50 hours

Leg 8: Ashtabula, OH to Erie, PA- *NEED*
START: 5:30 p.m., arrive 6:30 p.m. 50 miles, 1.00 hour


SUNDAY 6/28/09 (15 mins. added to each leg for transfers/traffic)

Leg 9: Erie, PA to Buffalo, NY- *NEED*
START: 8:00 a.m., arrive 9:45 a.m. 91 miles, 1.75 hours

Leg 10: Buffalo NY to Rochester, NY–*NEED*
START: 10:00 a.m., arrive 11:15 a.m. 76 miles, 1.25 hours

Leg 11: Rochester, NY to Syracuse , NY– *NEED*
START: 11:30 a.m., arrive 12:45 p.m. 89 miles, 1.25 hours

Leg 12: Syracuse, NY to Utica, NY-*NEED*
START: 1:00 p.m., arrive 2:00 p.m. 56 miles, 1.00 hour

Leg 13: Utica, NY to Schenectady, NY- *NEED*
START: 2:15 p.m., arrive 3:30 p.m. 79 miles, 1.25 hours

Leg 14: Schenectady, NY to Bennington, VT- *NEED*
START: 3:45 p.m., arrive 4:45 p.m. 46 miles, 1.00 hour

Leg 15: Bennington, VT to Brattleboro, VT - *NEED*
START: 5:00 p.m., arrive 6:00 p.m. , 41 miles, 1.00 hour

Leg 16: Brattleboro, VT to White River Junction, VT - *NEED*
START: 6:15 p.m., arrive 7:15 p.m. 63 miles, 1.00 hour


THE PUGS WILL GO TO: Fully-screened fosters, Green Mt. Pug Rescue- Lyndonville, VT. http://www.greenmtnpugrescue.com/ or (802) 626-8280.

THE PUGS ARE COMING FROM: Honey Creek Vet Clinic, Terre Haute, IN. (via KPR, http://www.kentuckianapugs.com/)

THE PUGGY PASSENGERS: These kids were rescued from a small mill - so please use slow hands and gentle voices!

All Pugs are between 15-20 lbs., up to date on 5-way shot, rabies, bordatella, altered; clean & flea/tick free; traveling w/vetwork & H/C; each in their own small crate w/leash, collar/harness & ID, and food. Crates are PUG-SIZED: 22"X13"X16.

1. Allie Rose...Fawn female 02-09-03
2. Casey...Fawn female 10-25-04
3. Trudy...Fawn female 04-10-04
4. Tuffy...Fawn female 06-17-06
5. Sandy...Fawn female 04-12-05
6. Blackie...Black female, birthdate unknown
7. Little PJ...Fawn male 07-29-02

COORDINATOR: Sheri Hearn Lazar/Michigan, sheri-transport{at}comcast{dot}net

Thank you friends for putting this out there and making contact! If I know a transport is filled I'll post that in the comments.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Getaway to SC...

Hi it's Sophie... wow are we hug-over. (Remember when Mommy was? Now we are.)

We got real sick of that stoooopid weather so we got outta town. We hitch-hiked to the airport and took the first flight out to South Carolina! Our Daddy was there for a Batch-Lore pawty, whatever that is. We got there just in time to hit the bars! Here's a photo of us late into the night.

Not my finest moment, for sure. I was not feelin' too well after so many pawtini's!

We found out that the house we were staying in was a huge mansion that was rented for the guys for the weekend! It had it's own pool and like 16 beds. The next morning after our kibbles, Dixie and Harles headed out by the pool with some more pawtinis.

I stayed in bed all day. Boy was I hurting! No more pawtinis for me for a long, long time!

We headed back with Dad and gave him a great Father's Day card yesterday. He was soooo happy that we came to spend time with him! Mommy works too much anyway, she barelllly noticed we were gone! BOL!

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Severe Pug Madness Warning

There are no happy pugs tonight. Their wonderful loving Daddy ABANDONED us all to go to South Carolina for a bachelor party. And then I get on Twitter and what do I see? Oh only Tornado Watch information.

That's right, we are under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and Tornado Watch until 3am. The sirens are going off. And Brian is states away. I thought about sleeping in our (scary, unfinished, gross) basement with the pugs but Brian convinced me that we'd be fine. But you know what thunder means... a long night of barking, unhappy pugs. Yippee.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Vote Fur Mee!

Hai itz dah bugg gooroo an I iz givin yoo dah linkz to votez fur mee!

Mah mommeh she mesed up dah link befur an I maydez hur fix it an here it iz again.

Vote Fur Meeeee!

Tankz u guyz ar so gud to meh! Mah mommeh sez if yoo all can juss sendz it too yoor famuly an yoor co-wurkerz we can WINZ an I will be famus!!!!! I wont furget abot yoo all wen I iz dah 2010 postur pooch.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


See this beautiful Bugg here? She could be FAMOUS!

Remember the Mutt Strutt last month for the Indianapolis Humane Society? Dixie is up to be the MUTT STRUT 2010 POSTER POOCH! We are hopeful that she can win- all we need are your votes. Each vote is $1, with a minimum of 5, and goes to the Indianapolis Humane Society, so it will be benefiting a great cause. If you could please take a few minutes and 1) VOTE! 2) send the link to your dog-loving friends!

Dixie not only is a good-hearted little bugg, but she is a CANCER SURVIVOR! How many of these dogs can say that? Let's let her show all the other doggies out there that there is life after rescue! This would also be a great way to get KENTUCKIANA PUG RESCUE's name out and about here in Indy!

Ok ok, I know I am not the best blogger right now- and I haven't even formerly thanked those of you who DONATED to our Mutt Strutt walk- but know that we are so so so grateful for all of you, our pug and dog blog friends, and love sharing fun things like this with you guys!

Here is the link to vote:


Thanks friends! Send this out to everyone you know who loves dogs!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sleepy Bed-Pugs

Kelly here. I worked last night at my restaurant job, and after tomorrow and Saturday, I will be DONE, hopefully forever! I love working at a restaurant, but this economy makes it hard, and the hours aren't optimal. Last night I got in around 1 am and tried to wind down and fall asleep as quickly as possible. Brian had been asleep for a while, since he actually had to go to work this morning! Sophie and Dixie snuggled up between us and Harles, always a Momma's boy, jammed himself as close to me as possible.

Their little snorts and sighs enamored me while I waited for sleep. I outlined my next blog post in my mind... when did we start letting the pugs in our bed? I couldn't remember the specific day. I thought a lot about Oliver- I wished he had been able to sleep with us. Being crate trained from day one, he was fine sleeping in his little "home." But our pugs- they need the bed. They aren't okay unless they are next to us. There isn't anything I've experienced as gratifying and humbling as that. It melted my heart last night. Around 1:30am, I drifted off to sleep.

Oh, and hour later... thunder. Intense thunder. In fact, until nearly 5:30am. Which wouldn't have woken us up if the pugs weren't here. Harles was mostly fine and only responded to the other pugs' barking. But Dixie... oh we wanted to put her in a straightjacket. Every single thunderboom, every lightning strike... barking. Which got Sophie all nervous. We couldn't fault them because they were obviously stressed and upset. There isn't a way we know of to tell them, "it's just weather, go back to sleep." Sophie would bark, but Dixie would get up off the bed, run around, barking incessantly. It only seemed to shut them up when I would pet them. Which presents a challenge when you have two hands and three pugs. I stayed up until the storm was over petting them, since I didn't have to work today, hoping Brian could get some sleep. Jeez, what a NIGHT! I laughed aloud at one point and told them that they'd really screwed up that nice blog I planned on writing.

What about all of you? Do you pups sleep with your owners, or have your own beds? And how do you deal with thunder?

Oh and in the meantime... some sleep pug pictures.

Since, you know, they had all day to sleep...

...but couldn't let us sleep at night.

Thanks for that, puggies.

...I still adore you though.

Pee-S: I have twitter now! I know a lot of you pups and your paw-rents have it, so "pee-mail" us at the address on our sidebar if you want to follow me!