Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Belated Hello & Goodbye

Hi everyone- Kelly, the pugs' mama here.

Sorry for such a belated entry - it's been almost six months since our last! I was doing a wedding blog and after the wedding, started a Wordpress blog, kjpugs: Ordinary in Indiana.

It's an everything blog, lots of pug stuff but also life stuff. It's a little more REAL than this blog so if you're easily offended, you might not like some of my content/language. (Wow... that makes it sound horrible! It's not like a dirty blog, just sometimes I cuss or make an off-color joke. Promise!)

If you guys want to keep up with my blogging, feel free to visit me there! I'll keep this blog of course and probably do a post here and there to let you guys know if anything important/exciting happens for us and the pugs.

I have so loved the dogs with blogs community! Stopping this blog was a really hard decision for me. But with the wedding, and now with working two jobs again, it's become hard enough to keep up with one. I treasure the friends I've made and am so thankful for the support you've all given us through our good times and bad.

Pug hugs!

Kelly, Brian, Sophie, Dixie, and Sir Harles

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pugtastic Wedding Pictures Part 1

Kelly here with some photos! I'm just going to start from the beginning. Hilarious story- Brian and his groomsmen only brought ONE leash for THREE pugs!!! We were in emergency mode for a while but luckily our photographer had rope for us to use.

Here Brian is saying hi to his baby!

Uncle Steve holding Dixie:

Harles looking dignified!

Here Brian is looking handsome and happy with his three baby pugs! Check out those outfits made by Punchy!

The boys:

Doesn't Harles look great in a tie?

Here I am with Sophie girl!

And pretty miss Dixie.

Our family!!!!!!!

Lots more pictures coming up!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding Pictures!

Thanks for your patience everyone! Since the honeymoon, things have still been crazy, as this coming weekend is the biggest event my work does all year. Great timing right?

Anyway, there have been some changes on the blog. You may notice we post now as kjpugs and not Pug(s) and Bugg. When I start reading blogs again (I am overwhelmed by the number in my reader, I might just start over fresh) my comments will say they're from kjpugs. I changed my email address to reflect my new last name, and stupid blogger made me make a new blogger account- I couldn't switch the account email. I'm trying to have a very unified web presence as kjpugs (on my other blogs and as my username on other websites) so know that we'll be posting from there now!

Also, we have a new blog header...

YAY WEDDING!!! The pugs were great. I don't want to spoil all the pictures at once so I'll upload them over the next week or so. They are in TONS of pictures! Here are some close ups to whet your appetite.

Poor Soph fell right asleep during pictures... too much excitement.

Dixie really enjoyed getting pet by everyone!

Mr Harles was naturally quite dignified.

It was a great time and everything pug-related worked out perfectly, to my delight. I can't wait to share more pictures and stories with you all!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Jamaica, MOM! (& DAD!)

...that is the saying, right?

Our Mom and Dad are FINALLY hitched and went away to Jamaica without us! We stayed with Aunt Mary at Canine Retreat. Check out our cool digs:

I sent Mom and Dad this email (with help from Aunt Mary:)

Hi Mom and Dad!!!

Happy Honeymoon to you!!! It's your babies....Sophie, Dixie and Harley!!! We hope you are having a wonderful time!!! We are having a blast here at the retreat!! We bet you are having better weather than us but it's OK. That does not stop us from having fun!!

Hi Mom and Dad, it me Sophie!! I want to talk first!! I'm doing great!! I know that is really all you need to know!! Dixie and Harley are doing what I tell them to do. So, it's all good here!! We have a very spacious suite with a toddler bed and lots of room to move around. I am doing a good job eating my meals too. This place is great. Aunt Mary gives treats every time we come in from our potty break. I don't want you to worry one bit!! We really are well and soaking up every minute of hugs and kisses from Aunt Mary. She tells us the hugs and kisses are from you and Dad but we know she is giving a few from her too!! Stop it Dixie, I'm not done talking to Mom yet!!! Well, I guess that is it for now. I love you guys and hope you are having a wonderful time. Remember to wear sunscreen!!

Hi Mom and's me Dixie!! WOW!!! This place is great!! You should see the play yard here. I run and run and run and I get so tired. I come back to the suite and take a nice nap!! I am eating well too. This place gives treats all the time too. It doesn't get any better than this, except when we are home with you guys!! As usual, Sophie thinks she runs the place better than Aunt Mary. Aunt Mary goes along with it but we share a wink every now and then. I am really happy!! I give Aunt Mary lots of kisses too. She really likes it, I can tell. I hope you and Dad are relaxing and having fun because we sure are!!

Oh Mom and Dad...what are we going to do with those girls? You should see the two of them swagging around Aunt Mary's place. I sit back and laugh at them most of the time. You know the girls!!! I love the toddler bed and the blankets here. That bed is one comfy place to nap. I am very busy in the play area checking things out too. So many smells and not enough time!! I am good and relaxing the day away. I hope you and Dad are having fun too!! Hold on Sophie, I want to say good bye to Mom and Dad...well, that is it for now. I love you guys and send hugs your is Sophie back. As you can see, things are normal around here.

OK, Mom and Dad. Know I have things under control here. I love you, well, I guess we all love you!! Relax and have a wonderful day!! We miss you and know you will be back to get us. In the meantime, Aunt Mary is doing a good job spoiling us. Take care...xoxoxoox

SOpHiE, DiXIe and HArlEY

They will have lots to share once they recover from coming back to work after relaxing in the sun. Dad sureeee looks crispy, BOL!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Sophieeeee

Today Gramma came over. She cut Daddy's hair but more importantly HUNG OUT!!!!

We were soooo tiredddd but were still playful because our Gramma is COOL!

I was looking especially cute:

Gramma gave me licks of BEER off her finger!

It was so delicious.

I am thinking of opening a pug brewery.

Is that legal/possible? If not maybe I can be like Ratatouille and it can be secret that I'm really the brains?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Beggar Pugs!

My Mommy is calling us "Beggar Pugs" and I just don't get it.

If they are going to eat food on our living room table they should be PREPARED to share. I mean come on!

How can they resist this face?!?!

Note from Mommy: FYI we are so bad about checking blogs right now... our reader has more than 1,000 unread.... so please forgive us for not visiting until after the wedding!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Pugs' Wedding Outfits!

Are you shocked... I had Punchy make the pugs outfits for the wedding!!!!!!!!! Our colors are black, white, and apple green, and she did such a great job involving the colors and the feel of our wedding.

I got the pugs one by one and dressed them, then took pictures on the guest bedroom bed. Which in hindsight was maybe not so smart since they was far too excited to be up there (it's too tall for them to get up on their own.) In any case, they look adorable so it's time to share! First up - Sophie!

Here's a top view of the totally pooftastically cute dress...

Sophie is a sassy little girl!

Next up is dat bugg, who can be seen doing a classic noseguard in her first picture.

"Hey mommehh wazzup!?"

This one is MY FAVORITE!!! Look at that hint of tulle... it's white and green tulle layers! Punchy outdid herself!!!

Ever classy, the bugg rolled over for a bugg rub when I tried to take the dress off of her.

Last up was Sir Harles, who was THE most excited to be on the bed. So excited, in fact, that I only got one good shot. And I had to pretend I was getting a treat to get this shot!

The coolest part? Punchy sent a full SET of interchangeable ties!

In case you can't read it, the paper says "'Because of Marty' Shirt Sets (pic of Marty)

Seems the boy dogs never have great fashion! Your dog can be a dog for all seasons! White dress shirt & 9 detachable ties! Set includes: St. Patrick's, Easter, Memorial Day/July 4th, Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Silk, Christmas, and Valentine's." Punchy also threw in the black and white tie and the green tie to choose from for the wedding.

Looks like our pugs will be well dressed for a while!

Now if only I could find a "pug wrangler" to babysit them/transport them for wedding events... hmm.... I think I'll also have to stock up on lint rollers!

PS it goes without saying- visit Punchy's etsy shop, Pugpossessed!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Fame & Fortune!

A quick post to share some good news!

Mrs. Jetplane, from the blog Leaving and Loving on a Jetplane, posted a pic of our puggers for Pug Friday today!! She has a pug and is a newlywed (2008) who used to live in Indy! You should check out her blog for sure.

That was the "fame" portion... now onto my good "fortune!" I was FORTUNATE enough to be offered a new job! I'll be starting on March 8th at a wonderful national company. I am excited to have insurance, stability, amazing new coworkers, and the ability to use a lot of the skills in my toolbelt :)

Things will be crazy for the next 4 weeks... the wedding is in 3 weeks and then we're off on our honeymoon! Posting will be light until I'm back in the US & married :) which I'm sure you can tell, has been the case already. Don't worry I have a few posts up my sleeve before March 20! Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Too Murfee

Hai itz dah bugg Dixeee.

Sinse I hazunt hurd anee ting frum mah boyfren Murfee I iz postin diss pikshure fur him. Itz frum dah Calundur I madez him.

Happee Febbyooerry mah luv Murfeee! I luvz n mis yoo a lott. Snorrtz & Poo, Dixeeee

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dogumentary Movie

Hey furr-iends it's Sophie. We have had such a lazy weekend and it spilled over into this week! We had a great Valentine's day. We got a PAWESOME card from Pugsley & Lola! Dixie hasn't heard anything from her boyfriend Murphy but she has been thinking about him lots and lots.

Our pawrents celebrated with a fancy dinner that we couldn't go to. Before that they were lazy and we got to enjoy a movie from their Netflix with them! A Pug's Life: The Dogumentary!!!"

We were very good and didn't bark much at all. Some people on the dogumentary had a few pugs but none as much as our Indy friends do! There were also show pugs which was super fun to see.

Have you seen the Dogumentary?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sad Day for Colts Fan Pugs

We are pretty sad about the Colts losing to Harry's Saints.

Look at how sad my bro is!!!!!

It was a good game though and they are a good team. We'll hopefully be back in the Superbowl in a year though!

Who did you root for in the Superbowl?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snoventures in 2010!

We got mega inches of snow last night! My pawrents don't own a shovel so pees this AM were limited. Here I am (aka me, Sophie) running out to leave pee-mail after Daddy fixed up our yard for us.

The area on the side of our house didn't get as much snow so we all visited there for pees.

Daddy drove up and down the driveway to compact the snows for us. Pee-s can you see Dixie's noseguard below?

Look at that shovel! THANK DOGNESS that the pawrents bought one, FINALLY. Last year they raked the snow.

While my siblings had a lot to explore in the snow, I was ready to go inside after about 30 seconds.

We hope that you guys are all warm and snuggly if you have bad weather like this!!! Our Daddy is sick because of this weather so we are busy nursing him back to health.

Stay warm!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sorry it has been so long! There's more wedding stress / to-do's than I could have imagined. Just over a month to go then we're home free!

This morning I tried to leave for work and discovered the pugs had gone into our room.

Excuse the horrible quality, I took it with my camera phone. I turned on the lights and they looked at me all sleepy and sad, as if to say, "Go ahead to work, Mom! We'll just hang out in here."

No such luck, pugs. You are untrustworthy and we would have peed-on clothing before 9am!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Yes I'd Like Popcorn! Edition

pee-s... sorry if you saw this entry pop up in your blog roll earlier- I had problems uploading the pics this morning so I deleted it and am now re-posting!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sophie in the Doghouse

Sophie is in major trouble.

Yesterday morning, I was laying on the couch and she was on my chest. One of the Aflac commercials came on and the duck made his annoying noises, and Sophie decided to attack, as you can see above. She used my face as her launching pad (we don't go 20 minutes here without the girls freaking out at the TV) and I ended up with 2 scratches on my face and a HORRIBLE scratch on my lip. See the white area and red scratch? It's so swollen and hurts.

Guess which pug I'm currently not talking to?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Chef Dixie Bugg THROWS DOWN

Well guys, I am *such* a proud pug Mama... Dixie is apparently famous? She told me yesterday that while we were at PETCO with Sophie, she had a THROWDOWN with Chef Bobby Flay?!?!

Apparently, The Bugg is known far and wide for her great palate and skill for cooking and enjoying poop. Her discerning tastes for the most avant-garde poop recipes earned her a spot on Bobby's hit list.

They matched up and Bugg was ready for the challenge. Both chefs got their utensils ready and started cooking. I'm really shocked and disappointed that I missed this!

Bobby presented a lovely carrot encrusted poop pile accented with a succulent side of poblano-corn casserole a la poo. However, Dixie countered with deep-fried poop nuggets, stuffed with peas and served with a pumpkin and peanut butter dipping sauce.

Well as I'm sure you have guessed, Dixie's nuggets were a hit! (Who WERE these judges?) She won the Throwdown and Bobby Flay left with his tail between his legs (figuratively speaking, of course.) Though victorious, Bugg has had a belly ache from all that poop eating!

How do you like your poop, doggies?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

PETCO with our buddies!

Hey guys it's Sophie! Today was PAWWWESOMEEEEE since I got to go to PETCO and see some of my buddies!

I made mom carry me around a lot in the store because I'm super important.

Everyone kept commenting on my TONGUE? You know I don't even realize it sticks out til I see embarrassing pictures like this! Luckily my Momma still loves me!

I was workin' it for KPR with my buddies Hank, (from I Tell Ya What) Brutus, and (not pictured below) Yoda (from The Pugs Strike Back.)

I was giving extra attention to Hanklin since his sister Becca went to the Rainbow Bridge this week. If you guys like maybe you can give him a nice shout out. I can't imagine losing one of my siblings! (Don't tell them I said that.)

Yoda had the right idea trying to take a quick nap. Being a pugbassador is quite a taxing job.

The day was rich with treats and pets. When I got home, everyone was sooo happy to see me! I like this workin' gal thing!