Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bugg is Fine!

We are home and the Bugg is resting! This morning and all day I was so nervous.

At the Vet's Office I took a picture with Dixie before I let her go, just to calm our (read: my) nerves. I was MUCH more sad/scared this time than when we took her for her spay. It shows how much more attached I am to her, day by day I just love my puggies more and more!

This is Dixie on the way home. She was shaking and very out of it and scared when I picked her up. After a few minutes though she was back to her old self and licking/kissing me and the people in the Vet's Office. It ended up costing us almost $200 less than our estimate, which was a great surprise. Gosh I love our Vet! They did dental work on her at the same time, since her breath is kickin' and her teeth are kind of icky. Dixie had two teeth extracted! Her breath is still stinky though, but the one tooth missing right at the front of her underbite is adorable enough to make up for it.

After we left the office, I let Dixie pee in the grass. She pee-mailed all the nice doggies who will visit there, then hopped in my car. Then I noticed the light brown stuff ALL OVER my car's seat... I said to myself, "please be mud, please be mud..." No, it was POOP! She had a huge chunk on her paw. I found a glove in my car and wiped up most of it and her paw. My car wreaked of poo though, and I had to quick scrub it down when we got home. That must have been like snack time for Dixie, aka the Baroness Poopeater.

Dixie has a shaved off section where her emergency IV catheter thing is (I don't even remember if that's what it's called... but you know what I mean.) They put it in at no cost as a precaution. Her butt bump is totally gone and off for a biopsy! There are a few little stitches that we'll get out in about 7-10 days. She is not very energetic right now and Sophie is very unhappy about that.

We are just glad to have our baby back home. I hope the biopsy shows that it was nothing so I won't be worried anymore! In any case, I know she is super loved by us, Sophie, and definitely the excellent staff at our Vet's Office. Oh and she knows she is loved by you blogger doggers too! Thanks for everything, everydoggie!

Final Bugg Butt Bump Update (HOPEFULLY!)

I just talked to the people over at the Vet's Office and Dixie did great! She is out of surgery and good to go. Of course I have to wait until 5 to pick her up (when I get off work) but I am happy knowing she is okay!!!! I shall celebrate with a favorite Dixie photo.

Thanks for all the well-wishes, everyone!!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bugg's Butt Bump Update #2

So, the Bugg's V-E-T trip went well, but she left me, precious Sophie, ALL ALONE for like an hour. I was not happy. Anyways she told me how it went.

Naturally, she got tangled in the leash within oh five minutes of being in the V-E-T's office.

Her butt bump looked a lot worse today. It looks like it irritated her and that she was probably scratching or biting it. The nurse said it could also be a cyst or even a wart. They are going to do surgery tomorrow to remove it and then do some tests to find out what the mysterious butt bump is. They also took Dixie's temperature through her butt, and the nurse was like, "oh my dog, she doesn't even notice!" Yea, that's the prison bugg for her. Mom said her tail wagged the whole time she had a thermometer in her butt.

Don't worry though, she left her shedding mark on the V-E-T's table. Mommy says the V-E-T left their mark on her wallet, whatever that means.

Tomorrow Dixie will be in the hospital and I will be alone all day. I do not do well alone. Anyone want to have a pawty???

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Award and Bugg's Butt Bump Update #1

YAY! We were given an award by the doggies at Preppy Pugs and Life Inside the Fence. We are honoredddd!

The rules are:
-Add a link to the person who awarded it to me.
-Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
-Add links to those blogs on my blog.
-Leave a message for my nominees on their blogs.

Well, since Mommy is busy I am nominating anyone who reads this! Thanks for the honor, doggie friends!

Dixie is grabbing all the attention lately... what with her butt bump and the mission: buggpossible and all. Don't worry, Bugg says she wasn't going to ever go over there for real. And as for the butt bump? Mommy moved up the V-E-T appointment to tomorrow. She saw the message from our friends at Preppy Pugs and thought that Wilson's "little friend" looked just like it- a mast cell tumor. Since there has been a tiny white raised dot there for as long as Mommy and Daddy have had us (almost like a white mole) Mommy is now of course worried that it has been a tumor for a while and that will make it worse. I guess we will find out tomorrow, I hope Bugg stops getting all the attention SOMETIME soon!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bugg Butt Bump

Ugh. The bugg is CONSTANTLY giving me problems without meaning to! First it was the lip bump from whatever sting that was. Now today it's the bugg's butt bump.

CAUTION: BUGG BUTT PHOTOS COMING UP!!! RATED ND-3!!! (No Dogs Under 3 Years of Age!!!!) Seriously though... sorry for the butthole shots.

Yea Bugg really didn't want to show you this. But anyways, she's had this tiny white symmetrical bump next to her butthole since we got her. Today she had some #2 stuck to her booty and I had to help her get it off. When we got inside she was scooting, and I assumed (since she's NEVER done it before) that it was because of a little residual poopy. I went to get at it with a paper towel and noticed her white bump was bigger and inflamed.

It's now the size of an eraser head. Before it was much smaller, about 1/3 the size. It seems to have gone back down a bit, but I have no idea what it could be! She has an appointment for a booster on Thursday, so we will just ask about it then.

Any ideas for us? Or similar experiences? Or ways to make all Dixie Bugg's bumps happen during non-emergency hours so we can take her right to the vet? This must be karma for her threatening to do mission: buggpossible.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mission: Buggpossible

Hi itz dah bugg. I iz bein sent on uh reconasince misshun. Dah Mommy and dah Daddy tinkz dat dah neybur iz doin sum shadey biznuss at hur house. Dey sez they wish dey had more info abut why derz alwayz dah weird peeples der at dah weird hourz.

I will findz out... juss send me in, Mommy and Daddy!!! Strap dah camruh to mah Buddy-Belt an I iz unstopabul. I will findz out dah fax. An I will not let dah pitbol hurt mah Sofee agin. It is dah misshun: buggposibull.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mommy is back! And we are TIRED!

This is our 111th post... 11 is Mommy's lucky number... so that is good luck!!!! Yes, VERY good luck since Mommy is b-a-c-k BACK!!!!!!! She says I gained weight since she was gone. Whatever!

...okay, maybe just a little. Anyways she had a great time. She learned a ton at her conference and got to see a cool part of Ohio and then got to go to some theme park. She went on a ride that is like, seats around a huuuuugeeee pole, and then it goes up like a thousand feet into the air then drops. She said she didn't remember that she hates those rides until she got to the top!!! Silly Mommy!!!!!! I am just glad she is okay and alive and made it back to me so she can feed me treatables.

So, to burn off that extra weight I may or may not have put on while waiting for her to come home, we went and played outside!!! It was so fun we ran and ran and chased Daddy and also fought with each other.

Then Dixie was like, soooo tired so she laid down on the grass for a while.

Then after we played outside Mommy and Daddy put us in our room to watch TV while they went to dinner. In case you don't know, we have our own room with our bed and we watch Animal Planet ONLY in that room. So Daddy noticed how tired we were so he laid us down so funny. We were not really amused but Mommy was!!!

More than ANYTHING, I am glad that we are all back together. We missed writing and reading! Mommy read almost 50 blog posts yesterday... OMD that is a lot! We look forward to getting even more caught up soon. Thanks for reading, you are all wooftastic friends!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Someone's in TROUBLE...

So, I am leaving Brian and the girls for my work conference tomorrow, and won't be back until Friday night. What does that mean?

It means Sophie gets mad/upset, disappears, and then we find her with pee on the bed. And the clothes I had laid out for tomorrow.

Here she is all sad and "remorseful," crying to Daddy. I realize she doesn't actually "know" that I am leaving, but now that she sleeps with us every night, I have no idea why she would pee on our bed!!! Any insight, ANYONE?!?!!

Thanks for the responses. I will catch up on blogs on Friday night or Saturday morning- can't wait to read all about everyone's week then!

p.s.- we got the little liners for her Buddy Belt so that as the leather softens it won't irritate her sensitive skin, isn't that great? You can see them in the photo. However I'm not sure she deserves such caring treatment after today's actions... brat!!!


Hi all, it's Sophie! We have been nominated for an award... Mommy keeps forgetting to post about it. She is sooo forgetful lately! Clover nominated us for the Arte-y-Pico award!!!!

In accordance with the RULES set by Arte-y-Pico I must clearly state THE RULES... so let go of that treatable and listen!!!!

1) You have to pick FIVE blogs that you consider deserve this award for creativity, design, interesting material and also contribute to the blogger community regardless of language.

2) Each award has to have the name of the author and a link to his/her blog to be visited.

3) Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given him/her the award itself.

4) Award winners and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of the "Arte-y-Pico" blog so everyone will know the origin of the award.

5) In compliance with said RULES, the award winner must show the RULES.

Okay well we would like to tag the final four from SNPM (even though they may have gotten them already!) and we count that as five because of Ozzie's bro Rocky!!

Emmitt, Ozzie & Rocky, Ruby Bleu, and Salinger. (Love you Hottie McHotterpants boyfriend S-Dawg!!!!!)

Mommy is going away from tomorrow till Friday... I hope Daddy spoils us crazy like last time...

Monday, July 21, 2008


Many thousands of thanks to Annie over at 4weebeasties! Please visit her site- I've never met a vendor who was so easy to work with and eager to help out her customers. Since the 6's didn't fit, we got the next size down. The girls' size 5 Buddy Belts came in today and they're PERFECT!!!!!!!!

Dixie showing hers off... and then eyeing Sophie's from behind...

Sophie cannot handle such jealousy and backstabbing!!!!

"No, I am the one who looks better in it, Dixie!!!!!!"

Sunday, July 20, 2008

SNPM's Magazine Cover Shoot

This has been a CRAZY weekend!!!! We will write more on Monday, but Sophie wanted me to post this as a congratulation to Emmitt!

Thanks for working so hard everyone, and congratulations Emmitt on your magazine cover shoot!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hubby/Boyfriend Tag!

Mommy here! Purs n' Snorts told me I can do the Hubby Tag, even though he's technically my boyfriend : ) Since I'm waiting for him to get home (traffic!!!), here I go!

1. Who is your man? My boyfriend Brian

2. How long have you been together? We met on April 20, 2007, and have been together ever since!

3. How long dated? Almost a year and a half... wow!

4. How old is your man? 26

5. Who eats more? Depends what food we have... if its Hot Box Pizza and Breadsticks at 2:30 am, it might be me... haha!

6. Who said “I love you” first? He did. By accident.

7. Who is taller? He is!

8. Who sings better? I sure hope me since I was in church choir!

9. Who is smarter? Depends on what the smarts are about... we are pretty equally matched! If it's about sports, IU, asphalt, or beer, it's him... if it's about Mini Coopers, sororities, or New Jersey, it's me!

10. Whose temper is worse? I tend to overreact... but Brian gets angry too... evenly matched again!

11. Who does the laundry? We do our own.

12. Who takes out the garbage? Him.

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me!

14. Who pays the bills? He handles the main bills, I do the cable and then my own bills (student loans, etc.) But we pay EQUAL!

15. Who is better with the computer? Probably me... Macs and PCs.

16. Who mows the lawn? HIM!!!!!

17. Who cooks dinner? Depends what it is. He cooks eggs really well, does our tomato feta salad, and all grill stuff... I do salads, our sweet potato fries, pasta, and all desserts.

18. Who drives when you are together? Him, thank goodness.

19. Who pays when you go out? Both of us... try to be fair.

20. Who is most stubborn? Me.

21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Equal again, I think.

22. Whose parents do you see the most? His. My mom is hundreds of miles away : (

23. Who kissed who first? I kissed him first.

24. Who asked who out? It was kind of mutual...

25. Who proposed? He will, I mean, hopefully, eventually haha. I don't wanna be the one to do that!

26. Who is more sensitive? Me! Times a thousand.

27. Who has more friends? He does, since all of mine are far away and I only keep in touch with the meaningful ones.

28. Who has more siblings? He does... one of five, plus two step-brothers.

29. Who wears the pants in the family? It's even again!

30. How did you meet? Old Pro's Table in Broad Ripple!!! We drank Blue Moon and talked forever!

If you have a hubby (or man of any kind) fill this out!!!! TGIF!!!!


This is a quick note from me (Sophie) to announce that our winner of Sophie's Next Pug Model is...


We will be posting a lovely tribute later, but I wanted to make sure all of you congratulate him on his great efforts. Everyone else- you all were truly winners and definitely talented pug models. It was pawsome working with you all, and thanks for tons of fun these past few weeks!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dixie Flirts on the Monon

Ugh. So today Mommy and Daddy were like "we are acting like the pugs being all lazy" so they decided to get out and walk us on the Monon Trail. Don't they know we are PUGS?!?! Not like crazy trail walking dogs! On our trail there is a bridge and it has two sections that jut out and they have open-style floors and the humans MADE US GO ON THEM!!!!! Look at this.

We we all scared but then we just were like ugh we are tired already let's pant.

The humans gave us water like oh three times. Also we pee-mailed like oh 25 times and then pooped 5 times total. Then Dixie decided to sit down and rest. Little did I know what she was up to...

Daddy ran into a guy who was his friend in "Hi! School" (I don't know what that is... you have to go to school to say hello???) and he had two dogs, one was a boy Boxer. WELL.... just look at the Dixie Bugg.

What a TROLLOP! She was allll over this Boxer. IN PUBLIC!

Clearly she is just jealous that I have my boyfriend Salinger, so she was all over this Boxer to be all like "LOOK AT MEEEE!" She has another thing coming if she thinks she is prettier than me!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4weebeasties Box o' Fun!

Hi everyone, sorry that we were MIA yesterday. I (Mommy) have been super run down and tired, and totally spaced yesterday. I could barely string together words, let alone help the pugs blog!

Annie the Fabulous (of 4weebeasties) got our Buddy Belts out to us ASAP!!! Literally, we ordered them Friday and they were at our door Monday! Unfortunately, we have to do some size exchanges. HOWEVER, Annie threw in a few goodies for the girls!!! There were some Pal Dog products- Shampoo & Massage Bath, and Soothing Balm. Boy I cannot WAIT for bath time!!! Maybe they'll actually like it now?! Also she gave them a hemp tuggie! Sophie claimed that right off the bat!

Of course I had to intervene and give Dixie a chance... she sure went for it!

Right when I sat down to write this, I looked over and there they were again, but this time... SHARING!!!! I am glad they like it! They can't wait to get their new harnesses too!

Well that's all that is new with us... please keep voting! And we will write more soon!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Hey everyone! Here it is... the Sophie's Next Pug Model Finale!!!

I, Sophie the fierce, challenged our four finalists to create an ad for their absolute favorite product. I told them it could be ANYTHING! So here, in alphabetical order, are the four finalists' entries.


So here's the deal, we absolutely positively couldn't pick a winner! So, we are enlisting you dogs... to the right you will see a POLL!!! Please vote and we will tally the votes on Thursday night (voting ends Thursday at 10 pm Eastern Time) and make the winner announcement Friday morning! Although it will be obvious by votes! Enlist your friends, we know we will! You are all winners to me and Dixie, we just had SO much fun with you all! Check out the final four photos at flickr too, by the way! You can see them bigger there.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Poopeater Gin

We keep talking about how STINKY the Bugg's breath is and how it may be a possibility that she nibbles her own poop once in a while... so I decided to get creative.

Poopeater and tonic, anyone?


Hey there it's Mommy, and guess what this is! Our 100th post! Since we have only been writing since April 22, that's a pretty big accomplishment. It hasn't even been three months!

To celebrate we went to PETCO to volunteer for KPR again today. We raised $15 for the rescue which is better than the stupid TWO DOLLARS last time. As you can see, Dixie really stepped up her game.

I figured that since there were a ton of questions from the last post, I'd help answer them! Clover, the FURminator is definitely worth it, you just have to make sure your Mommy or Daddy uses it often and OUTSIDE, since their clothes will be covered with your sheddy hair when they're done. Murphy Dogg- it does look sharp, doesn't it!? It's actually not bad, if you are too hard brushing you might hurt the doggie but if you brush using light pressure it does a great job of just pulling up the loose undercoat hairs that will shed. Rachel and Salinger- I'm not sure if damp versus dry brushing makes a difference. A little while after their baths they were a tiny bit damp, but I don't think that changed how the furmination went. The baths just help loosen up the sheddable hairs.

Well that's it for our 100th post! Poor puggies, they thought they'd have a super-interesting weekend, but it was just boring as usual! Hope all you doggers out there are having relaxing Sleepy Sundays!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Baths and Furmination Contest!

Hi it's Sophieeeee! I am a little hyper because today we got baths and then got furminated. Mommy loves our FURminator and for the first time EVER, Bugg was sheddy enough that she had to furminate her. But first was the dreaded bath. It's actually more like a shower, we are sooo against baths that Mommy has to actually get in there with us. Since that equals absolutely NO PICTURES (says Mommy) we thought we would post a picture of our Rainbow Bridge Uncle Oliver. He used to Love Love LOVE baths.

So after our baths, Bugg got her furmination.

Look at this pile of hair!!! Insane. Also look at that pretty pug in the window!

Then it was my turn. I sort of enjoy the Mommy & Me time.

Wow.... I wonder which one of us won the furmination contest!?!

Friday, July 11, 2008

TGIF and Stupid Videos

Hey there, it's Mommy... Sophie wrote the cutest post with a video of her attached but blogger would not upload the video even though we've been trying for the past three hours! Therefore I'm sharing this super cute photo-

It's been "THAT" sort of week and I'm super tired, as are the pugs! Hopefully we'll have super-fun adventures this weekend to blog about!

Also, we purchased the Buddy Belt harnesses today online at 4weebeasties!!! When I measured them... size SIX! It goes from 1-9. I thought they'd be a 4 or 5... poor pugs, their body image must be hurting right now. Can't wait to get the package and see how they look/fit!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cold Box Meme!

My hottie hot boyfriend Salinger tagged me and Dixie in a Cold Box Meme! We think that means Refriggerateor. So, the rules are:

  • Show us a photo of the front of your Cold Box
  • tell us about at least one thing on it and
  • one thing you keep inside of it
  • Tag your friends and remember to stay COOL! And no fair cleaning it up first!!!
  • Crazy stuff huh! We made mom take the pictures.

    This is the front. On it you see the valentines we made Mom and Dad, and then pictures of us from the kissing contest with Mom and Dad at PETCO. There are some posty notes with recipes, and a picture of our pug uncle Oliver who is a Rainbow Bridge pug. Towards the right there is a nice picture-postcard from Mommy's sorority sister who ran a race that Mommy gave her money for, and then on the far left is a picture of Mommy and her cousin Nikki. Above Oliver is a funny picture of Mommy and Daddy from Chicago a year ago, and Mommy's sorority picture from college when her hair was DARK. Oh and lots of pug magnets.

    This is the bottom, it has a picture from a calender that Mommy cut out and put there to make us feel more at home. We don't spend much time in the kitchen though but we appreciate it! Here Dixie is hamming it up!

    This is the side, which has some important numbers and some recipes, and then two cat magnets that Mommy made when she was LITTLE to look like her two cats Freckles and Panther, who both went to the Rainbow Cat Bridge like 4-5 years ago and were very very old. In the back you can see a pretty picture Mommy made!

    Something in our cold box is peanut butter. Mommy likes it cold and eats it on spoons and sometimes we get some. There USED to be pumpkin in there and we are wondering where it is now, MOMMY!?!? HMMM!?!?!

    Salinger gave us this cool award too!

    The rules for accepting the award are as follows:

    1. Add the logo of the award to my site
    2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
    3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
    4. Add links to those blogs on your site
    5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

    Okay! So we are nominating and sending the meme to...

    Gus and Indy

    Winston and Clementine

    Giggs and Mea



    Suki Sumo

    Goodboy Norman Featherstone

    We are sorry if any of you were already tagged!!!! Thanks for reading, the award, and doing the fun meme!


    OMD... Mommy here, and I have found the BEST doggie website,! I e-mailed asking the owner about the Buddy Belts (as mentioned previously) and she is super cool and is really all about helping dogs with safe and fun toys and necessities. Please check out her website, and I cannot wait to order the girls their Buddy Belts! (She has a great exchange policy to make sure they will fit my pudgy-petite girlies.) Now, it's just time to pick the colors... I am not sure that the pink one is going to fly with the boyfriend...

    Tuesday, July 8, 2008

    Dah Bugg Gooroo Givz Ansirz

    Here I iz agin. I thot a lot. Ansirz time.

    Ruby Bleu asks, "Why are you wearing glasses? Are they a prescription or because they make you look stylish? What other accessories do you have/like?"

    Ruby, I haz an axsessory calld da pug. Also dah glasiz help mayke meh smurt.

    Ike asks, "Why does poop taste so good?"

    Ike, poop taystes so gud becuz itz dah chokolat dat dah humuns wunt let us eetz.

    Rachel asks, "If you had to split up percentage wise, what percentage pug are you and what percentage BT? And you can't say 50/50! For instance, if you asked Clementine, she would tell you she is about 63% alien, 55% pug. She is aware that this does not add up in human/pug math. She does not care."

    Rachel, tell Clemuntyn dat dah aliun math iz rite. I iz 43% pug, 32% bostin teriur, 29% aliun.

    Emmitt asks, "Iz like to no whyz i habs to gets washed and brushed. i werk hard getting thiz dirty."

    Emmitt, dat iz becuz dah cent uf dah dog becumz strongur and strongur an if it iz not washed den it maykes uz irrisistabul to mere humuns.

    Suki Sumo asks, "Bug, how did you get to be so good looking? And how can I convince mom and dad to give me a bug sissy?"

    Suki, gud qwestshuns. I wuz born diz gudlookun. I also eetz lotz of dah treetabuls to promot dah stinkee breff. Yoo shuld tell uz mom an dad dat dah buggz are smartur dan dah pugz an can ansir all thur qwestshuns. Dat will sellz them.

    Salinger asks, "What causes Universal Canine "Frito Feet?" (Go ahead...grab a paw and take a whiff). Holden thinks they all have secret dog meetings when the humans are gone and they stomp in big vats of Fritos. Is this true?"

    Salinger, Holdun haz alredy sed too much. I haz no communt.

    Nevis asks, "Why is Sophie jealous of your awesomeness?"

    Nevis, I iz flattured, yoo iz alwuys so nyce too me. Sofee iz inferiur an she cun be jealus if she wantz.

    Liss asks, "What is it like living with another pug? I'm going to be fostering a KPR pug soon."

    Liss, dah mom sez she wantz to ansur. She sez "You should totally foster a KPR pug! Two makes it much more fun, so long as they get along. They also tire themselves out and it's double the cuteness." I likez to add dat Sofee givz free lickz an I can givez her speshil "hugz."

    Goodboy Norman Featherstone asks, "How do you be so cute???"

    Norman, I iz not evin tryeeng! I tinkz yooz all iz cyute too.

    Tankz fur dah qweshuns evurydog. See yooz next tyme.

    Mommy being needy...

    Mommy here- it seems to me that I have a few questions even the Bugg Gooroo can't answer... although she is working on all of your questions, and loving it (it keeps her busier than running in circles does) so keep 'em coming!

    #1- I am severely wanting a new look for poor Pug & Bugg's blog. Dixie has offered to design it, but then I would be afraid we'd revert from this nice, simple blogger template to something sent via smoke signals. I think all I really truly need is a change in font, some colors... but that header! I needddddddd a new header. I crave a new header. I might need to do a puggie photoshoot or something that doesn't involve our harshly-pattered plaid couch that appears oh at least once a week in photos. (I promise our next one will be more neutral!) Maybe the girls in their raincoats? I don't know. I found a few websites that will do it, but I think I would need a little hand-holding in the installation department, as far as making all the changes. I taught myself HTML in 9th grade, but yet I am stumped when it comes to changing a header. Darn you, Blogger. If there are any creative souls out there willing to work with me, let me know! Since websites charge for customs, I am sure we could work something out! And it would be more than a kiss from Dixie.

    #2- Another thing I must have. Gosh, I'm getting needy. It's just these Buddy Belts are the cutest harnesses and totally perfect for Sophie. She gets a little "chub rub" on her neck from the harnesses we've tried, just because she 1. has sensitive skin and 2. is a little petite. Dixie is fine with hers but mostly because of her hearty BT skin and shape. These harnesses look like little bras or eyeglasses to me, the dogs step in, and it doesn't bother their neck (which is what happens to Sophie!) If you need to grab them by the collar quickly (like when Sophie got attacked) you can do that in the Buddy Belt without stressing and possibly hurting their neck- it's especially good for any dog with a collapsed trachea. Here are two pictures from their website so you can see what they look like...

    They're made in Ontario... I know some of my friendly northern blogging neighbors must have at least HEARD of them! However, there are two downsides...

    They are not available in ANY stores in Indiana, and they are quite expensive. (About $30-$90 dollars, depending on size... aka from Yorkie to Boxer sized... Pugs are somewhere in the middle.) I feel like if I'm spending that much on a harness, I might as well try it on my dog first. What do you guys think? Has anyone seen or tried them?

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and insights on my questions... and look out for Dixie's thoughts and insights on YOUR questions later!