Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

From Kelly, Brian, Sophie, Harles, and of course, Dixie...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Faces!

Since Sophie did a huge post, I decided to glorify her "darker" siblings! Here are some Dixie and Harles glamorshots in the sun!

We did a lot of pug hanging out and petting tonight, since tomorrow Brian and I will be going down to Bloomington, Indiana for the IU game versus Purdue! They have a huge rivalry and we are big IU fans, so it will be a long, fun filled day as we hope to be victorious against "Purdon't" (as I like to call it.) I'm sure Sophie will post a rant about being left alone for gasp a whole day... no one call animal services on us!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Harry's Hoosier Visit!

Hi guys! It's the one and only Sophie Sophie here. Thanks for your concern and well wishes about Bugg's bump. It is completely gone! YAY! We can go back to getting the same amount of attention once again.

Finally we are ready to recap our day with Harry last weekend! We spent the morning eagerly awaiting the meetup by napping in the sun.

As you all know, we were "Three of a Kind / Crazy Eights" and it was great to wear a costume WITHOUT a hat this year!

There were some great costumes... Jill here was a horse to a jockey!

Her bro Carson was a horse to a cowboy!

Miss Molly O'Malley was a little devil!

There was a puppy baby pug there. Look at her romp! Her name was Minnie.

Sheesh Mom, she wasn't THAT cute to warrant 2934491 pictures. Anyways here's my ex boyfriend Salinger with his Momma, our Aunt Laura.


He has a ton of girlfriends or else I might have hit on him. I couldn't do that to my BFF Pearlie Poo gal, though.

Lilo was dressed as Minnie Pearl and won the costume contest! We gladly gave her our title from last year. Although, we didn't have a crown to pass on or anything... bummer. Here she is lookin' at all the cash they won (all of which was donated to KPR!)

Here is Heather with Harry!

Mom went back to photographing Minnie... I don't see the appeal, except that she looks like a miniature me.

Dixie tried to help herself into someone's purse...

"Don't mind if I do!"


Here's Mom paying WAY too much attention to Harles.

Mom also posed with Heather and their boys.

Sal's bro Holden posed with me... he calls me his Soph... clearly this boy is SMART!

Harry's mom put a shirt on him for decency's sake and also since, ya know, there were like a jillion other fawn pugs and it gets confusing!

Aunt Laura gave me some one-on-one time! She is so generous with her pets and treats!

...whereas my mother was all over DIXIE.

Aunt Laura gave Harles some pets too which I can understand, she has to seem unbiased. But then after this picture was taken things got weird and Auntie Laura didn't hold us anymore... BOL.

Here's Hank aka O'Malley's bro, he's KING OF THE HILL! BOL BOL!

I ran to Daddy to try and get him to take me home. I was tired, it was all too much! But nope he said NO we have more fun coming!

Mom and the other pug blog pawrents (and a few randoms) took a group picture before we left.

Then... we went to THE PUG POSSE'S HOUSE!!!!

Dixie made herself at home right away.

We hung out with like, 20+ pugs. It was cool to have Harry there.

If you couldn't tell, Mom wore a pug shirt she got at a wedding shower. Her friend, aka my BFF Pearl's mom (whose name is also Kelly) got her that green shirt but it was like junior sized and didn't fit, so Mom & Pearl's Mom decided to give it to Auntie Laura! They were all pugged out. I hope they don't think this means we will wear shirts with people on them.

One of the pug posse decided that their Mom Vikki wasn't allowed to go inside!

Laura hung her PIS FOR PUGS bucket in the bathroom, BOL!

And she also made a poison cake! Well, poison to us. So to me it's rude that Harry's name is on it when he can't eat it?!?! Where is our wonderful beef liver and peanut butter cake?

Mom was REALLY annoying Harry. I know because he told me. She smooshed him like 700 million times.

They took a REAL blogger pic too! This time I was in it usually it's Harles since he's badly behaved so I was glad to be in front of the camera for once.

We had a great time and were so glad to meet Harry! He gave us a great monkey toy and some treats that have kept us occupied since he left. We miss you buddy! Come back anytime although I know you won't since my Mom practically smooshed the stuffing out of you.

Pee-S if you don't know, a Hoosier is someone from Indiana. There are lots of rumors but no one really truly knows what it means.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bugg Bump Update

Our good friend Tweedles reminded us that we haven't updated you about Bugg's bump. It has gone down in redness and puffy-ness and while it was a little crusty this weekend, it's looking back to normal now! Of course we will have a vet check it out when she goes for her shots, she is back to normal and I am thankful that my paranoia was unfounded this time! Thanks Tweedles for checking up with us!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Prezuntz frum Mahhh Murfeeeeee!

Hai itz Dixeee an mah boyfren Murfee sentz me MOOR prezuntz!!!!!

He sentz giff sir-tiff-a-cutz fur dah SPA! Luk I iz moor relakssed alreddy.

Hee inklooded a anavirsurry kard. Tanks mah boyfren!!!!

Mah momma haz been wurkin on mah prezunt fur Murfee fur a wile. She akshully juss ordured it to be finushed an iz reel exsited!!! Heer iz a hint...


The Pugs' 2009 Costumes!

I have a nice big post coming about our wonderful pug-filled day last Saturday, which included the pug meetup's costume contest, Harry Pugalicious, and a party at the Pug Posse's house. In the meantime... here are their costumes from Saturday!

They were Three of a Kind... get it, like cards? However, as many pug meetup attendees noted, they were also CRAZY EIGHTS! (PS- notice the Boston all up on Dixie's behind? LOL!)

More to come soon!

Friday, November 6, 2009

That's Ridiculous!

Ok Mom is TRYING to get her act together and is last-minute entering us in Brutus the Frenchie's "That's Ridiculous" Contest!

Mom is finishing our costumes for tomorrow's pug meetup. We need to dress up? REALLY mom? THAT is ridiculous. Look what she does to us!!!!

Seriously Brutus, the clothes we wear are just ridiculous. Plus Mom ONLY hand-makes them... which means so much for someone we don't want to wear. We don't get it! Last year as you know, we were The Three Amigos. Wonder what we'll be tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I worry about everything. I over-think and fear the worst. It's just how I am.

Ever since Bugg's cancer (remind yourself here, here, here) I worry about every bump. Sometimes it's nothing- or sometimes it is really cancer (Sophie's mast cell followed Dixie's.)

I don't have a picture because it's RIGHT UP next to her lady-parts, but there is an inflamed bump. And you all know what I am thinking. So please, please, please pray that it goes away, that it is just a little irritation or infection. We're cleaning it and watching it for a few days and if there isn't improvement, we'll be taking her to the vet. I can't take another mast cell, emotionally or financially.

Thanks for keeping "dah bugg" in your thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sophie the Flamingo/Koala!

It was an uneventful Halloween at our house. The pugs didn't dress up (we don't really get trick-or-treaters at our house) but we did get some great pug-snuggle time! Sophie is all about hanging out on her Daddy's lap no matter what... Evidence #1- The Flamingo!

Evidence #2- The Koala!

Yes, seriously... she hung on there just to get some lap time.

Now that is one Daddy-lovin' pug! What did you all dress up as for Halloween? We have a Meet-Up next weekend and still no costume... uh oh!