Monday, June 30, 2008

Pugs of Leisure

Hi everydog it is SOPHIE! Thank goodness Mommy is back. Well, we had fun while she was gone because Daddy let us be "pugs of leisure" and we lounged and lounged and lounged. No hostages necessary.

Mommy went a little C-R-A-Z-Y at her work thing- she worked a LOT! Like double normal. So she got to take today off and get her nails done and something called a muh-soge and she was gone for a while, but Daddy said she deserved it. We made her this card:

And I wrote: "Dear Mommy: We missed you so much! (wrunt wrunt!) Daddy says you are the bestest, and I think you are the bestest-estest! Love + Snorts, Sophie."

Dixie wrote: "Momy: I iz luv yoo? I tink you iz gweat! Bugg wantz da momy hom now! Sowwy for baadd writing. Dixie."

So I'm sure you all want to know about the birthday mauling, right? It was HORRIBLE. Our new neighors have a dog so we were like, yay! New friends! But she hasn't even moved in all the way. Then on Sunday night really late she was blaring her music and Mommy got very mad and went over there, and then it stopped. On my birthday, Daddy was walking me, and she had some not-so-nice looking people on her porch, who were talking mean about us. We were 3 houses away but we could already hear them on our walk back. They were saying stuff like that we would be treatables for their dog. So even though they were all sitting and their screen door was closed, SOMEHOW the door got open right when we were walking to our steps. It came up and grabbed onto my neck and wouldn't let go! I was crying and crying and sad. Daddy was so brave, he punched and kicked it, but it wouldn't let go still. Finally someone came over and it let go of me and Daddy took me inside and I was shaking and shaking. He checked me out but I was okay, so then I got some treats and then Daddy went outside. He told that lady what was up and he was loud and very scary, which was good because the dog was very scary and needs to stay on the inside and not the outside like us nice dogs. Mommy found out and was so mad, she says that since she is from New Jersey (we don't know what that is) the neighbor should be happy she wasn't there, and that she will give the lady a piece of her mind if she ever messes with us again.

Luckily, we have some GOOD neighbors! Mommy talked to them today and their humans said the dog was very aggressive with them too. Usually Gus and Rudy (they are Shih Tzus) can hang out in their yard with no problems. But the dog was super mean to them. So before the lady got home with the mean dog, we got to hang out in the yard with Gus and Rudy! We were of course a little nervous outside still so we got a little tangled.

Gus got a new shirt, it says "Bitch Magnet!" Mommy calls the neighbor lady that is mean that b-word, but I think it means two different things.

This is the whole group! Rudy, Gus, me, and Dixie. We are so super cute.

We are counting our little doggie blessings that we have a good Mommy and Daddy and some nice neighbors. Thanks for your birthday wishes and kind thoughts about my attack. I couldn't have made it without knowing that you are all there for me! Thanks bloggy dog friends! Don't forget the last SNPM contest!

Mommy's Back!

Hi everyone! I am back and EXHAUSTED! I am going with Brian's mom and sister to get pedicures and massages soon, but I had to do a quick post.

Brian sent me these photos during my time in Cali, and it kept me going all week! It was like 100+ degrees everyday, I couldn't help but think that the pugs would perish in that weather! Look at these cuties....

I was sad that I missed Sophie's birthday! Guess what she got for her birthday... MAULED! Yes the dog next door attacked her, it held on and wouldn't let go. I will let her tell you more about it when she blogs later. And don't worry, she's fine.

Check back later for more! AND DON'T FORGET ABOUT SNPM!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Nooooooo! Momma!!!!

No!!! I just found out that mah Mommy is going away for a week! She is leaving in like, less than an hour!

We is soooooo sad.

***Come back soon, Mommy!!!***

Jet-Setting Momma!

I am off quite early tomorrow for my work trip and will not return until SUPER LATE Sunday night! Since the pugs refuse to blog without me, don't expect an entry until next Monday night... (especially since Monday afternoon I'm getting a massage!) don't forget about us please!! Also, Sophie's birthday is the 27th... don't forget her, either!

Also important- submit your photos for the SNPM challenge! I am loving the few LOL Dog entries I have seen in the girls' email mailbox! (!)

To break it to them easy that I'll be gone for a week, we gave the girls their first experience with...


If you haven't guessed... they loved it!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Grandpa's Wedding and a BABY.

Okee, so Mommy is like VERY VERY mad at me. I was all scratchy scratchy in my crate very early and then I wouldn't walk on the grass for my poopytime... the whole walk. See, I don't see any big problem or anything, but she was FURIOUS. So, I have to make the post about the wedding and party at our house with Daddy's siblings and cousins and this crying thing called a baby.

So Mommy and Daddy left in the morning and went to see Grandpa get married! They said he was really really happy and that they had a lot lot lot of fun. Then everyone and I mean like a LOT of humans they came over to our little house! One of them brought this thing that they called a BABY.

I was like... OMD WTF is this!??! I kept sniffing and sniffing her. Her Mommy said they have two pugs at home AND her (the baby thing) so she wasn't bothered by us.

The Daddy of this baby thing gave Dixie some hugs but I think Dixie was still confused why he loved a BUGG as much as pugs.

I went over to see the baby thing and gave her some kisses because it seemed like she was sad, and I can only assume she was sad since her pug brothers were not there.

Eventually, Dixie went and sat by herself, which is not a shock to me or anyone else since, I mean, have you SMELLED her breath lately?

The garbage got way too full so this was the counter at the end of the night. Looks like Daddy and his family had a TON of fun!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Take Your Dog To Work Day?!?!?

OMD. It is Sophie here, and I am absolutely outraged. Today is "Take Your Dog To Work Day!" HOW did this slip by Mommy?! Her office has lots of Dog-Mommies in it! I know exactly what I would do if I was there. I would run and run and run around the cubicles until I had to lay down. Then, I would help Mommy make copies, but then when she wasn't looking, photocopy my butt. I'd also help Mommy by sending lots of pee-mails to her co-workers and neighbors. I would then sniff some butts (because I know that is how to work your way to the top!) and lick lots of people right on the mouth. I would eat a lot out of the community refrigerator, which I can't get in trouble for, since I technically cannot read. I might leave a stinky prezzie for someone under their desk. I would also shed and shed and shed to make sure Mommy didn't forget me.

And Bugg could not come, because it is NOT "Take Your Alien Baby To Work Day." Sigh. If only. Maybe next year.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

SNPM Challenge 6...

Challenge 6 will be extra long. We will accept entries until Tuesday, July 1. It is a little more challenging and MAY take some research on your part.

Challenge 6 is... LOL DOGZ!!!

Go to They update it many times a day and there are pugs featured quite often! Study the LOL-speak. There are some common caption elements, like "Fail," "____, I has it" and "_____- your doing it wrong." Your challenge is to find a picture and develop a funny LOL Dog caption for it.

When you have your picture and caption idea, go to the webpage and click Lol Builder. After you make it, you can save and then send to us. If you cannot figure out how to use the Lol Builder, you can submit your picture with the caption you'd like, and we'll make it for you.

Remember, this is the last official challenge before the finals! And you have more than a week to work on it... so good luck! Submit your photos to we can't wait to see them!

RIP Mimi LaRue

Mommy here. I will post the next challenge later today, but I had to update you all with some very saddening news.
Tori Spelling's pug, Mimi LaRue has gone over to the Rainbow Bridge at age 10. You can read more about it here on TMZ. She was Tori's sweetest little poochie and we loved seeing her on Tori's first reality show (well, the one episode we watched.) It is great to see celebrities bring Pugs into the mainstream media and talk about how great they are, and it is alway sad to lose one. I'm sure Mimi was VERY loved during her life. We miss you, Mimi!


I found this article on that has more details, and says Mimi was 11... so strike age 10 above from the record. I also had to upload this screen shot... because LOOK at the ad beneath a PUG-RELATED article...

...anti-WRINKLE products. It was fate.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SNPM Challenge 5 Results

OMD, there were like, so few entries this week... I guess the competition is getting pretty tough! Anyways, we LOVED seeing the pictures of you with your families. You all look so happy and loved, and some of the pictures were really funny! We saw everything from humans to canines to stuffies! While I think my "sister" Dixie and I have it super lucky... it looks like you guys all do too. Check out the families on flickr.

The winner is...


She's the newest addition to SNPM as well as to her family- she was a surprise for Giggs' family recently! And could she be any cuter- or could her Momma be any happier? Welcome to the blogosphere, Mea! We can tell you have serious MODEL potential from your fierce yet serene look. Keep it up!

The rest are here in the flickr set too! Check 'em out. Here are the honorable mentions...

Most Humorous: Ike! He adds humor to the lovely photo with his tongue. Watch out Ike, I don't know how Martha would feel about that!

Most Fierce: Stella! Two words... Chris Jericho! If you are meeting him out at a charity walk, then you are CLEARLY fierce! Plus, we love that Stella is getting involved in her community... that's fierce too!

Most Photogenic: Maddox! Look at this glamour-fam. Could they BE any more good looking!? We are all jealous not only of the photogenic qualities they possess, but of Maddox's well behaved posing power.

Most Cute: Indy! We love Indy's cutie content look. Check out that killer family! Could Indy look any happier with them? And those perked up little ears... we are melting from the cuteness!

Thanks to all of our participants this week! Next week will be a two-week long competition, because Mommy has a work trip from Tuesday-Sunday. It will be a TOUGH one, you'll find out more tomorrow. After that, it will be the finals! Look out! Thanks everypug for bringing your A-game!

Your Questions... Answered!

Hi everyone, it is Sophie and Mommy together. Mommy is letting me type but she might write some too, I will make her use italics, since I am more important. HEY! Hush up Mommy, we have questions to answer!

Clover asked us, "Can you tell me about any of your quirks or funny habits?" Well, I personally am perfect. Ahem. Okay, okay. I stick out my tongue a lot and sometimes I don't notice. I also get bursts of energy and run in circles and bark. I also sit right on TOP of the couch cushions! And... I lick EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. Stupid Dixie's habits and quirks are her cross-eyed-ness, and she can only turn left when she's making circles, and she runs into things a lot. And she is SO stinky.

Rachel asked us lots of questions! "What does your Mommy do up there in Indiana?" I don't really know. Mommy, what do you do? I work for a membership driven non profit on the North side of the city. No pugs allowed, Sophie! "Does she hang out with you guys all day or does she leave annoying early everyday and disappear for about 8 hours at a time?" Ugh. She TOTALLY leaves me and so does Daddy. She leaves at like 7:30 and we watch Animal Planet allll day until like 5:30 when she gets home. In the winter Daddy comes home and hangs out a lot but he's too busy in the summer to do it everyday. Mommy NEVER comes home during the day! "Were Sophie and Dixie your names when your Mommy rescued you or did she give you those names? If she gave them to you, where did they come from and what do they mean?" Where is my name from, Mommy? We had a very interesting time naming the girls! We met them before they had names, and toyed with Izzie and Effie. We just liked Izzie, and Effie is Brian's grandmother's name. Then we realized that might be a little weird... we soon found out Sophie's foster mom of like, a week, named her Sophie. Oh yea! I remember her! No you don't. Anyways, then we found out Dixie's foster mom named her... Grindle. Yea, we couldn't let that happen. We wanted a cute name that matched Sophie, so we picked Dixie! I also liked Izzie and Lucy. If we ever get a boy pug, he will be Joey. WHAT?! A BOY PUG! NO WAY!!! Don't worry Sophie, no time soon!

I think this one is for you Sophie... Lex (and Gus & Indy) asked you, "Sophie, why are you so mean to Dixie??" Okay okay... I know I am mean to her but it's mostly because I am her big sister figure and if I didn't keep her in check, she'd do something stupid! I try to lead by example, you know? I mean... she's such an easy target! But I really do love her. See?

Melissa & Emmitt asked Mommy, "How did Miss Sophie and Miss Dixie come to find you" I was so lucky! Brian and I agreed to do a pug transport for KPR, and just happened to get the girls as our first transport pugs! Now we can't imagine our lives without them! Thanks Mommy!

Boy and Baby want to know "What are the things you do to annoy each other?" Well, I personally nibble on Dixie and lick her all over but even THAT doesn't bother her. But sometimes we... sort of hump each other and that REALLY bothers me when I get humped but sometimes I hump her too...

Well that's enough of that dirty talk, Sophie! Thanks for the great questions everyone! Please submit your SNPM Week 5 Pictures!

A Bad Week For Pugs...

Before I start writing... I am reminding you that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO SUBMIT SNPM WEEK 5 PHOTOS... "Me and Mah Family!" I have only gotten 7 submissions so far... yikes! Please send them by late tonight to Thanks!

So if you haven't guessed, it's Kelly here! And boy has it been a crazy 24 hours. Poor Dixie... but luckily she was feeling up to blogging and working out, so we let her! I was in such a panic I did not get to take a picture, but yes, it was gross and scary.

Dixie wasn't aware, but I found out some other horrible news yesterday. A few weeks ago, Brian and I actually toyed with the idea of adopting a third pug (shhhh... don't tell the girls!) after seeing a cutie pie on the KPR website named Tucker. He was so beautiful and sounded like a fun, well-liked little puggie. Eventually though we realized we each only have TWO arms, and it wouldn't be a good idea to become outnumbered by the pugs. Tucker was taken off the website, so we assumed he was placed in a forever home.

Yesterday I had to call Annie, one of the head volunteers at KPR about a variety of things, and after they were sorted out, I said, "Oh, I forgot to ask you about the cutest little pug I saw on the website, Tucker?" Annie broke down crying. Turns out she was the foster mom for Tucker, and had spent some glorious time with him. Another great volunteer Rachel was selected to adopt him, and her pug Rocco took a liking to Tucker right away. Unfortunately, Tucker passed away during his neuter surgery last week. It's something that just happens sometimes, and nothing could have been done to save him, although they tried. He was very small for his age, so it is assumed something might have been wrong that he was born with. I was so saddened by this news, and gave Sophie and Dixie some extra hugs. You can read his dedication here, written by Rachel and Annie. It is great to know he was so loved for the short time he was in foster care.

There is some good news, though! I received my pug sculpture of Oliver from etsy!

You all MUST check out Paula's stuff here... she does sculpts, magnets, and said she'd even do little ornaments! (You KNOW I am on board for that!) Everyone at work was abuzz when they saw how cute the Oli sculpt was. GO check out polymerpaws' shop, I guarantee you won't be let down!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bugg Got Bugged

Hi itz da Bugg heer, an BOY did I haz a reelly crazee day! I juss gotz bak frum dah V-E-T. Der wuz a biiiig bumpee lumpee on mah lip but den we went to dah V-E-T an now itz bettur.

(Mommy's note: the vet thought she probably got stung, she was chewing on something on her walk, and we've seen lots of fire ants, so in essence, the Bugg got BUGGED! The bump grew to the size of a huge grape in minutes- it was scary! She got some Benadryl, which essentially cost us $100 because it was after hours at the vet. Oh well- nervous parents!)

Ahem, I iz dah BUGG an I iz suppozed to rite!

So dah humanz deh payd dah V-E-T an den I poopied an den I had to sitz in dah car while dah humanz ATE DAH FOOD! Dey went to dah Pita Pit an I had to wach frum dah car. But den sum other human ladeez wur all like "she iz soooo cuteee" an I wuz happee again.

So I iz goin to make shure I iz helthy now, so I iz posting a Bugg Workout Videeo. I will be fitz and helthy!!!! No more V-E-T!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Barkday Pawty Weekend!

Hi and barks, it's Sophie here! AireRuby just left, and some of our bloggy friends were here this weekend for the celebration of BOTH of our barkdays!!!

Mommy just took a FEW pictures. Here we are on the Monument in downtown Indy, waiting for AireRuby to land.

We visited ALL OVER Indianapolis with our friends but we ate our present-shaped cake while we were showing them the corn fields.

We look so cute! Clover and Pearl clearly want some cake... Clover, we love the hat! Asta and Ruby Bleu are playing in the corn, since they're pretty much city dogs. Boy and Baby look tired since they had such a long trip! I am thankful that Mitch brought the paper towels... so thoughtful of you! But did Maggie have to do her business right in front of us?! I think the smell knocked Mack out... that, or too many puptini's! Scruffy, Lacy, and Babystan are playing with our prezzies. And Lorenza is doing a little happy dance on the ground in honor of getting some cake- YUM!!!! We LOVE our bloggy dog friends!

Thanks everyone for flying AireRuby to our Barkday celebration! We have to go nap now though!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Naked Friday and Party Time!

Hi, it's Sophie. We've had a fun 24 hours! Well sort of. Yesterday Mommy and Daddy were at work and it was all rainy with loud bangs and flashy lights, and we were a little scared, but not a lot. Then when Mommy walked us, we decided to put off pooping for a while, you know, in case we could find a dry spot. (We didn't. So we had to poop right before she took us inside.) We were so wet and stinky that Mommy let us be NAKED for the whole night!

Oh no, this is a very incriminating photo!

But not as bad as this photo of the Bugg begging for a Bugg Rub.

Since we were so busy yesterday, I decided to catch up on my blog reading before posting today. Here I am contemplating Petra's recent problems. I thought long and hard for her but forgot any advice I had, since I also had to focus on my tongue being cute. Also, I don't really understand this whole "respect" thing she's talking about.

I also paid very close attention to Preston's video about hiding rawhides!

Then we watched Joe Stain's video about DUMB Tanner stealing his toys... well I watched it then Dixie came over and was dumb. Sorry the lighting is bad, I couldn't reach the light switch. Observe the dumbness:

What a stupid Bugg! Doesn't she know it is just a MOVIE!?!?!

We are also excited since this weekend is our joint Barkday Pawty for all our blog-dog friends, which Ruby Bleu planned! They are all flying AireRuby to Indianapolis... we can't wait for them to get here! And we promise to put on clothes before they arrive. Maybe.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Info...

Sophie TOTALLY forgot to mention that you can email your photo submissions to! She stinks at remembering details like that, but don't tell her that!

Also, don't forget to submit your questions to us!

If you saw the post about Molly/Dakota, who had to get her leg amputated (perhaps on Clover's blog too?), you will be happy to know her foster Mommy has an update posted here. She looks very VERY happy, which makes me and the girls very VERY happy! Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Questions & SNPM Week 5

Ah, it's that time again, where I (Sophieeee!) announce what is gunna be dah next challenge! The Week 5 Challenge is...

"Me and Mah Family!"

This can be you and any sort of family... human, canine, feline, or otherwise. Choose your family wisely! We did!

We also are opening up the next day or so to questions! You can ask me (duh), Dixie, Mommy, and/or Daddy any sort of question! We liked reading them on some other dog-bloggers' blogs, so we figured we'd give it a try. Mommy says she is READY- BRING IT! I'm not sure what that means though. I have nothing to hide! HECK, no one even KNOWS about my life before like, December. So I'm an open book of about 6 months. Enjoy!

SNPM Challenge 4 Results

Sorry so late... Mommy is super busy right now, but here are the results! I was so glad you all sent me, beautiful Sophie, these glamorous pictures!!!

The winner is...


We love Mitch's GQ fierceness, but approachability. His look says, "Look at me... take me out and show me off!" The crossed legs are perfectly angled, and he is also very well groomed.

The following are our fabulous honorable mentions! This was a very hard week... congrats to everyone! Plus, check out the flickr set here.

Most Humerous: Ozzie!

Most Fierce: Pearl!

Most Photogenic: Harry Pugalicious!

Most Cute: Clementine!

Congratulations to all the winners, and I'm sorry Mommy can't write more. Check out the flickr set, which will be updated more this evening. Thanks barky friends!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pugs That Need HELP... (two sick, one retarded)

Hi it's Sophie! I have some sad puggies to talk about. Mommy and I saw on Clover's blog the link to info on Molly (formerly Dakota) the pug, who was hit by a car, and then not given medical care. No pain meds, no treatment… eventually gangrene set in, but luckily the Pug Rescue of Florida (PROoF) got to her in time to amputate, as the infection had spread to her shoulder. The link to her story (her foster mommy’s blog) is here, but I warn you, don’t scroll down too far if you can’t handle some very graphic photos. Poor Molly’s bones are 100% exposed in her paw, and it was even hard for our Mommy to see. You can click here to go to PROoF’s website and make a donation- Mommy did!

Mommy also said to go to KPR’s website, since a little cutie pug, Buster, has had a tough life and is now in the hospital and quite sick. He was found wandering a toll road, has had both eyes removed due to irreversible damage, and now has pneumonia, among other things. Mommy donated to KPR for Buster yesterday, and hopes you guys will too! You can find info about Buster here.

The third pug that needs help... well, no introduction is necessary. She couldn't leave the living room this morning to go get a treat... wonder why. What seems to be the problem, Dixie?

Oh, are you stuck?

Is that Daddy's cell phone charging... on the Bugg charger?

How she wrapped it around herself, we will never know. Anypug out there that has an extra brain to donate... let us know. (Hey Joe Stains, I know what you are going through!)

Monday, June 9, 2008


Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the last day to submit for this week's SNPM challenge, "All dressed up and nowhere to go!"
...or you will have sad pugs on your hands.

Pug-a-Day, Pug-Cheese, and PUG-in-CLAY!

Many things to announce today!

First, Sophie was also famous on Pug-a-Day this weekend!

Click the picture to check her out!

Also, my super-fabulous boyfriend who loves to make me happy found something great today! He google image-searched "pug and cheese" (two things I LOVE!) and found this:

I must have it. This is their website, which is not updated at all... but we can see that they are in Healdsburg, CA. I did some Mapquesting and found that it is in the northern CA (San Fran/Sacramento) area. Look at that hunk of cheese! Pleaseeee tell me one of you bloggers out there (especially West Coast) know about this place? I want to buy a t-shirt, and of course CHEESE if possible!

My last news item is that my clay Oliver that I ordered from polymerpaws on etsy is ready! CHECK THIS OUT! Here is my beloved Oliver T. Pug who (as you probably know) went to the Rainbow Bridge last September at only four years old- while I was on a business trip. I got to say goodbye on the phone but I am still quite sad and miss him terribly. This was his FAVORITE outfit (you can tell from that delightful expression on his face... haha!)

And here is clay Oli!!!

SUPER-PUG!!!! He is so cute, even has that perfect expression.


I miss Oli every single day and wish he could know my cutiepugs now. I can't wait until he is shipped to my door! This will be a great reminder of him to have! My family will be quite jealous.

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!