Sunday, September 28, 2008

Notre Dame

Great so I (Sophie) get diagnosed with a cancerous TUMOR and what do the humans do? Pamper me? No. Treat me? No. Go away for the whole day? Sure, why not.

They went to Notre Dame which is like super far north. It was a football game and their team won.

Yea yea. Lots of people, no pugs allowed.

Some guy called Touchdown Jesus. Whatever. Touchdown pug would be MUCH cooler.

While they were gone I put some extra curl in Dixie's tail... trust me, she needed it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mah Sophie!

Mah Sophie haz dah massd sell toomer on hur fase. I had wun on mah butt.

Datz wut she getz fur stikin hur fase in mah butt an sniffun all dah tyme.

Mast Cells Strike Again

Poor Sophie is barely getting the blog attention for this that Dixie did, but yes, she has a mast cell tumor too. The vet commended us on bringing her in for it. I guess I'm just anal ever since Dixie's butt bump turned out to be a mast cell tumor.

The little bump has been there forever, but it's acting like Dixie's... fluctuating in size and getting red/weird when you touch or poke it. The vet took a sample and actually was able to check it out right then. You can see it in the above (older) picture of her (older as evidenced by her harness, it's like carbon dating for pug pictures!) It's above her nose to the left (her right) directly next to her eye. It just appears to be a small bump or mole (like Dixie's) but turns out of course to be a tumor. My poor heart and wallet cannot take too much of this!! She has to get surgery next week- when I'm in Miami. ::SOB!::

Keep Sophie in your thoughts! (And me, Brian, and Dixie too!)

Friday Survey Time!

I stole this from Nevis and LadyPug Mugs... yay Friday!
1. Would you rather join the Ghostbusters to hunt ghosts or join the Sesame Street bunch? Why?
OBVIOUSLY I would rather join Ghostbusters. I love love loved the movies as a kid because my dad loved them. I always wanted to be an exciting superhero or spy when I was little... Ghostbusters fit the bill. Plus, the Sesame Street gang are all about being polite, politically correct, teaching new skills and learning new values. It sounds like my 8-5 life already. I'll take a life of ghost-exterminating, thank you.
2. What is the most you are willing to do to get out of a police officer giving you a ticket?
The first time I got pulled over, I just got a warning. I was like, shaking though. The second time I got pulled over... hysterically cried. Still got the ticket. But I only cried when he came up to me with the ticket. He kind of alluded that it was okay, I wasn't in trouble, blah blah blah, and I said "No, I'm crying because of my insurance!" I didn't want my insurance to go up, haha! I don't think anything works, but I guess just being nice will be my POA next time. PS- both times I got pulled over? North Carolina. See a pattern, Rachel?
3. What popular movies do you find to be overrated?
The Shining. I hear it is super scary, top 10 scariest of all time, etc etc- I laughed my way through that movie. I still don't get it.
4. What is in (and/or on) your bedside table)?
A lamp, our cell phones charging (at night) a picture of Brian as a baby, a picture of my dad and I and his prayer card, and a meerkat stuffed animal from a trip to the Museum of Natural History in NYC last Thanksgiving.
5. Have you ever had or fantasized about having a relationship with a boss before?
Nope. Except all the interns at where I worked in NYC thought that the boss of the PR side was SUPER hot. It made for interesting lunchtimes. He looked sort of like Lance Armstrong.
6. If you had a personal assistant, what would you have them do?
Clean!!! And do my laundry, and cook my food. However I would have to spend MONTHS training them because I am anal and particular, even though I'm not very clean... like many items of my clothes hang dry, and I only like my eggs cooked a certain way, etc.
7. Have you ever faked static, loss of cell phone reception or anything else on the telephone line to get out of a conversation?
Nope, never had to! If I have to or want to go I just tell them. I love it when in the movies they ruffle candy wrappers on the phone to fake static- I wonder if it works!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


My mom had a Pampered Chef Pawty on Wednesday night. Dixie and I are still recovering. We did lots of plate licking and selling of products. Oh and Mommy's friend brought her handsome male dog, Llama.

Llama came wearing his diaper and purple bow tie... mrrrow, SEXAY!! S-Dog, if I wasn't dating you, you'd have competition!!! Dixie tried on the bow, she looked like a sad, stupid present.

We just ran and ran and ran while everyhuman cooked and cooked and cooked.

After, we got to lick the plates. Mom had a lot of this stuff called "whine" and was like, "SURE! The girls can lick the plates!" We LOVE the whine stuff it makes mom lots nicer.

That's it! We promise more writing soon. Mom got a haircut so she'll probably want to post... BORRRR-ING!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Mommy is having a very busy week. She leaves us to go to Miami on Monday till SATURDAY. That's six days. Which is like, 42 or so days in dog days. Today and yesterday she has been so busy at work, then SO tired after... she's totally boring. Anyways that's not the only reason our humans have been slacking at life.

New H-D-T-V. We don't know what that means, but it is big and pretty. What happened to the older one?

It's OURS now!

This tiny thing is our old one. So, we can't really be mad at the humans... Animal Planet is SO much more entertaining on our big screen!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not-So-Sleepy Sunday

Well there is no rest for the weary here today! The girls recently received some cute outfits from Annie at!!!! They were super excited to try them on!

They look like a little Mariachi band!!!! Hola puggies!!

These are the perfect colors for them. Thanks Annie!!!!!

I also decided to work on a new blanket today, since one is now the pug's bed liner in their room, and the other (the Colts one) is totally dingy! For those of you who haven't made them, fleece blankets are easy to make, just get two yards of two fabrics, line them together and pin them, cut strips into each side, tie, and voila! Blanket! Well, the girls wanted to help... thanks.

They're not very good helpers. But they do like the blanket. I bet they are glad I am not an EXCELLENT blanket-maker like Roxy and Lucky's mom. They wouldn't know what to do with themselves!

Well, I guess this last picture is a "Sleepy Sunday" style photo. Oh, and GO COLTS!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Paws in the Park!

Wow, so lots of excitement with me finding Dixie a boyfriend lately! Mommy distracted us from the search by making us WORK. We went to Paws in the Park, which was in a park right near our house.

We get tired kinda easy but were working hard, getting donations for KPR!!!! We also had some co-workers!

These guys were great! They are Ruby (black pug), Emma (fawn pug), and Louie (bigger, yawning, pug-boxer mix). They were so so so much fun to hang out with! We also met lots of other doggers.

These BT girls were a mother and two daughters. They were so petite and tiny, not at all like Stavery!!!!

We wasted no time getting to know each other!

We also met a fun Aire-boy, Willy!

He was extremely photogenic!!! We were too tired to pose with him though, but he reminded us of all our Aire-friends.

Unfortunately we had to close shop early since a huge rain storm came thundering in. Duh, we hate getting wet! But in place of more Paws in the Park photos, we have a fun video from this morning for you. It is of Bugg's "sniffers," as Mommy calls them.

We're not sure why or how she does it! Do any of you guys use your sniffers like the Bugg does?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Bugglorette Bachelors

Well, Sophie here with great news!!! Dixie was propositioned by SEVEN eligible bachelors! There are six pugs and one boston... it will be interesting to see who Dixie will choose! Here they are (in alphabetical order)...

Coco, Bachelor Number One

Look at that cape, that tail! Coco can't run in circles and is not cross-eyed, but promises poop diners, poop breakfasts and poop lunchs for the rest of our lives together.

Emmitt, Bachelor Number Two

A tongue to be rivaled! Emmitt says that he loves to spin in circles, enjoys licking his nose with joy obsessively, has sight in only one eye, and still has a few of his teeth left with attractive gaps in the front.

Gus, Bachelor Number Three

Sultry pose! While not cross eyed, Gus offers continuous eye goop, stinky farts and the habit to leap on everybody and hump them when they say no. He can devour your toy bone before you remember where you left it. Major plus: he loves to leave presents in the middle of the living room for mom!!

Herbie, Bachelor Number Four

Herbie looks like he's got a lot of fun stuff! His nickname is the love pug. He claims to be very sweet and gentle, and to LOVE running in circles. He also LOVES eating all kinds of poops!

Murphy Dogg, Bachelor Number Five

Look at how rough-and-tough he is! The only BT in this competition, Murphy says he thinks Dixie needs a Boston Terrier dude. Murphy is a self-described bad boys with great buns. Wowza!

Napoleon, Bachelor Number Six

Those eyes have stolen many a heart! Napoleon says he will eye Bugg with a dangerous glint in his eyes, waggle his jowls at her, fart and ask if she would like to play tug of war with his heart.

Ricky, Bachelor Number Seven

So pensive! Ricky likes to lick everybody and every thing. He walks in circles before pooping and loves eating cat poops too. He has two big buggy eyes and sometimes it looks like one goes one way and the other another. Awfully cute!

It's going to be a tough choice! Bachelors, we ask you... where would you take the Bugg on your first date? And what would you bring her as a gift?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mommy's Home... I'm mad again.

Mommy's home!! But what does she go do? She goes to dinner with dad, then stops at their friend's house. Their Boston Terrierist (whoops did we mean Boston Terrier?!) Stavery was there. This BT is like, the biggest BT we have EVER seen. Mommy showed us the pictures and we were mad that she was ignoring us, but like... what a big BT!

Stavery was like, running 60 miles per hour! We are never that energetic.

Mommy and Stavery made some stupid faces then she FINALLY came home.

She said her trip to San Antonio was successful and that she got to eat some great Mexican food. There also was NO rain at all. Houston and Galveston obviously did not fare well though. But even INDY got hit worse than San Antonio. We got really scared it was so rainy and windy. Luckily dad was there to protect us... unlike Mommy.

Pee S- Mommy read all your blogs today... all like 100+ she had new to read! But she was low on comments, so she said to apologize for her, and that she'll be commenting more soon!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mommy's life is a MESS

Oh blogger friends. Our Mommy is so stressed out! She is leaving us which stresses US puggies out!!! But she has to go to San Antonio tomorrow. She is mad that they would cancel an event then un-cancel it. That just seems silly to us!

But what Mommy is REALLY stressed out about is her car. Her poor sweet white car. She took it for it's sixty-thousand mile checkup. But guess what? The price DOUBLED. She is very sad and mad about it. She is paying nearly fifteen-hundred! You know why?

Not a wreck... not vandalism... a MOUSE.

A mouse had pretty much wrecked Mommy's engine, took the stuff off the wires, and built a little home from her air filter. There are now mouse traps in the garage.

We hope Mommy has FUN in San Antonio... don't forget about us while she's gone! We are spending some pug-on-one time with Daddy for the next few days. Chat with ya bloggers next week!!


Plans changed again and now I am going to Texas. Fabulous. Isn't that considerate? I'm not in a good mood and I am stressed out. You'll hear from me again probably Tuesday.

9-11: Never Forget

Seven years ago, I was still in High School. (yikes!) I lived about 18 miles east of the World Trade Center. I was in gym class and I remember one teacher whispering to our gym teacher, and our teacher gasping and saying "who would do such a thing." I thought it was a dispute between students or something of that nature. We were brought outside, but quickly brought back in. We had no idea what was going on. I heard it in the halls, because the kids in woodshop got to watch TV and saw it happen. I went to my 3rd period class and we discussed it briefly- but our principal MADE EVERYONE GO ON TEACHING. I had an algebra quiz. I watched my friend Amanda run from her 3rd period class crying, since her dad worked in the towers. (He got out safely.) Smoke floated over our town from the burning buildings. I went to lunch and saw siblings and parents run in and grab their kids- since we weren't technically supposed to leave. It was the worst job they could have done handling such a horrible tragedy. The principal felt "lockdown"- no internet or TV access allowed, no one leaving, day going on as normal- would be best since most peoples' parents worked in or around the city. Instead it was mass chaos. In my last period class, history, our teacher let us watch the news since his TV couldn't be seen from the hall. I saw the ash raining down and for a moment thought they had attacked somewhere it was snowing, because I had never seen anything like that. My friend Erika drove me home and my dad and I watched the news on our brand new 70-inch TV screen that we had just gotten as a gift. It was so hard to look at. And it will never be something that I forget. Luckily, no one I know lost anyone close to them. However, many people lost their lives, their loved ones, and their friends. So, let's all think of these people today and say a prayer for their futures.

To bring the room back up a bit, Ike has ruined my travel plans for the weekend. And not Ike the dog! I will not be going to San Antonio for work tomorrow because the events are canceled due to Ike. Therefore, I get to spend more time with Brian and the girls! I know they needed me in TX, but we've gotta roll with the punches. Plus I really need a weekend with Brian!! We've been so busy lately we are looking forward to spending time together.

Also, it looks like we have some cool new bloggy dog friends! Ruby the Mini Dachshund is our new friend! Also, we got a comment from Coco, whose blog is under construction- keep looking for an update, and be sure to welcome them both to the fun world of Dog Blogs!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Prezzies from Uncle Oli

Sophie and Dixie here... we interrupt this episode of "The Bugglorette" to bring you great news- Uncle Oli sent us PREZZIES!!!

Well, okay. He didn't really. Gramma did, from New Jersey! Uncle Oli went to the Rainbow Bridge a year ago next Saturday. We sure wish we could have met him, we were like, pretty much the same age as him! But he had lots of cool clothes and Gramma gave them to us, along with Oli's old blankie.

They only seem to fit dah bugg...

Above is Dixie in the green sweater... below here is our late great uncle Oliver in November 2006!

He was super good looking in it! Also Sophie tried on the scarf from Oli.

There are no pictures of Oliver in the scarf because it was seen by him as JUST a toy. We fought over how good we looked!

We are sure some good looking puggies!

There was also a MESH JERSEY in the box! A jersey from Jersey!

Above is the bugg today, and below is Oliver in May 2006. Don't they look alike, a little!

Look at how Oliver's little chest hairs stick out! Boy we wish we knew him. Mommy found this super cool video of him, she totally forgot about it and it made her eyes kind of watery to look at. In the video he did the coolest trick, his "triple axle!" Watch the video to check it out!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Bugglorette

Hi it's Sophie. I found a way to solve this whole Mommy spoiling Dixie and ignoring me problem.

It's time to find the Bugg a boyfriend.

That's why I will be hosting the first (and hopefully only) season of...

It will be perfect! You single doggies can woo her and she can choose (with my guidance, naturally) who to be with!

Who wouldn't want to be with this fine piece of bugg?

Of course you probably want to know more about her. This would be her ad in the personals:

SBF (single brindled female) seeks single male for lifelong relationship. All breeds welcome. Must love running in circles. Cross-eye a plus. Enjoys fine poop dinners, pumpkin, and smelly shoes. Halitosis is being treated, minimal shedding.

Any takers?? Woo away! Maybe you can get a treat and be one step closer to being the Bugg's boyfriend! And then... the humans will be mine!!!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mad at Mom

Hi it's Sophie Sophie. We had a busy weekend and I am a little (ok, a lot) mad at Mommy!!!!! Well it all started out innocently. We had a pug meetup and this little rascal ruined the puddle for us all... all of a sudden I heard everyone scream "noooo!" and all the humans ran over there with their cameras... after that, they guarded the puddle.

There were treats being given out and it was like, a total free-for-all. I was not yet mad at Mommy at this point.

The puppy french bulldog/pug mix, Roscoe, was there and looks a lot like Dixie. The two had a lot of fun playing together!

Dixie made a stain on the pavement... how very Dixie-like of her.

But THIS IS WHY I am so mad at Mommy. Look at what she did!!!!! SHE PICKED UP THIS 4-month-old pug named Frank and WOULD NOT LET HIM GO!!! She was like, all over him like Dixie is all over a fresh poop.

He looks like a cross between Mea and Cosette. But, you know, he's a boy. Well so that made us grumpy. But then Mommy made THIS THING to take to PETCO. Which made me less mad at her, because we love going to PETCO.

WRONG. She just took DIXIE, not me. She said something about another volunteer going and bringing three of her 13 pugs (4 hers, 9 fosters) and that I am not a very social pug. I didn't care so I hid her camera (no pictures from PETCO!) and then sulked.

Daddy was much nicer to me and we hung out and then I went with him to get lunch and we are bestest friends and I know Daddy would NEVER EVER do that to me. GRRR. When Mommy came how she brought vanilla Frosties from Wendy's and Daddy (NOT Mommy) shared some with us.

I will only speak to Mommy now if she is offering treats or other eatables.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sweet Potatoes, and Bugg's Tech Advances


Okay. So I may have mentioned before about Sophie's chewing tendencies. Her paws/legs get itchy and she chews on them, and sometimes they look less than stellar! We decided to try wheat-free since wheat is a common culprit. I also didn't want corn... I'M "allergic" to corn (some corn makes me sick) and so that means it could happen to her too! I loved this food I found at PETCO.

It's "Sweet Potato & Venison Formula" by Natural Balance. We also got the treats. Brian and I are big on sweet potato (and butternut squash a little more now, but I digress...) There was sweet potato and fish as well, but their breath smells kind of fishy every once in a while which is GROSS, and I didn't want to encourage that. The whole limited ingredient idea is great, so I am hoping this helps Sophie. I LOVE what great "carbs" sweet potatoes are, the are quite healthy and packed with good vitamins for them, and they're also pretty easy to digest.

Here's their meal, they get a little more pumpkin to help encourage them to like newer food. It actually kind of smells like sweet potato! They totally want it...

Little beggars!!!

It's chow-down time! Oh, also, I read Nanook & Pooka's blog today, and decided to see if Natural Balance was on the PETA Caring Consumer website. IT IS! That made us feel even better. I guess we will see how it goes!

In other news, Bugg has discovered technology. Looks like she has a phone call?

Whoa! She totally hit ignore on that call! What a phone snob!

Nevermind, she's had a change of heart and is texting them back. I mean, who wouldn't want a text from "dah bugg!?"