Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tagged on Tuesday!

I stole this fun game from Rosie's blog! Thanks Rosie! She is such a fun saucy pug (kind of like me) and it was nice of her to post this for us to grab! I put my answers in regular, then Dixie's in bold, and Harley's in italics. Mine are first and of course, the best.

1. What is your name? Sophie, Dixie, Harley
(The following answers must all begin with the first letter of your name.)
2. A four letter word? Seen, Dark, Hand
3. Girl name: Sara, Dora, Hanna
4. Boy name: Seth, Dean, Howard
5. Occupation: Sales, Doctor, Horse Trainer
6. Color: Seafoam, Dark Green, Hot Pink
7. Piece of clothing: Sandals, Dress, Halter Top
8. Food: Salad, Donut, Hummus
9. Item in the bathroom: Sink, Door, Hamper
10. Place/City: South Carolina, Delaware, Hawaii
11.A reason for being late: Some traffic, Didn't get up, Hit snooze too many times!
12. Something you’d yell: SAFE! DON'T! HELP!
13. Movie: Shrek, Dogma, Hannibal
14. Something you can drink: Soda, Diet soda, Hot cocoa
15. Band: Simple Plan, Dave Matthews Band, Heart
16. Animal: Snake, Dog, Hawk
17. Street name: Sesame Street, Dawson Drive, Hawthorne Hwy
18. Car: Sonata (Hyundai), Delorean, Hummer
19. Song: So Damn Lucky, Don't Drink the Water, Halloween (bonus: all DMB songs!)
20. Activity that includes more than one participant: Sailing, Drywalling, Ice Skating

WOW was that hard!

Here is a picture of Mommy, Harley, Dixie and me blogging!!!! Just since it is our blog I thought you needed a picture!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Dah Gooroo givz dah ansriz

WELLL HAIIIII! Itz me, Dah Bugg Gooroo.

Wow yooz gueyz had so menny reelly grate qwestshuns to ask me. I will ansirz dem all now.

Brutus asks, "Why doesn't my human allow me to roam the neighborhood? There are so many places to go and smell. I will come home when I am hungry or thirsty?"

Brootuz, unfourtoonatelee, yoor hooman haz dah job, an cannut do wut she wantz all dah time. She iz jelus dat yoo can an she iz takin it out on yoo. All hoomans do dis. It iz der nayture an we haz to forgivz dem fur it. Dey do dah best dey can.

Rachel and Clementine ask, "Why is it that every time Winston gets within 1'' of my face, he feels the need to share a big, wet SNEEZE with me?!?! I can't tell you how many times this has happened and I don't know what it means?"

Raychul n Cwemmie, dah puggie sneez iz akchully a sine of hi regaurd in duh pug wurld. Sir Harlez, mah brudder, iz nown fur hiz copeeus sneezuz. It iz lyke a gentulman kissun dah haynd of a ladeey. Uptmozt reespekt. Yoo shud be onored.

Ruby Bleu asks, "Two duckies (yes, real duckies) have landed in my pool. A boy duckie and a girl duckie. What should I do?"

Rooby, a gurl AN a boy dukey?? Yoo shud giv dem deir spayce!!!! Dey wantz to do dah dukey kissez an stuf. It iz not polight to wach. Den latur yoo can ask dem if dey reed yoor blog. I heer yoo are verry popyoolur with dah dukey popyoolashun.

Suki Sumo asks, "My brudder has a licking addiction. From morning till night he has to groom me or my parents or his own feetsies. How can we get him to stop?"

Soookeeee, yoor nayme is so fun to saeyyyy!! Sooookeeeeeee! Oh ya dah qwestshun. Has yer brudder Mojo tryd to eetz dah poopz? I do an dah poopz haz kept me lick-free fur 2 yeers an 31 dayz. It iz a grate way too currb a likun adikshun, wich it sounz lyke yoor brudder haz. Offur him sum poopz next tyme yoo can!

Joe Stains asks, "I have had a question for a couple of years now...what in the heck is wrong with Tanner???"

Joe Stayns, I tink yoo haz Tannur all rong. Lyke me, it seemz Tannur is oftun undurestumayted.

I tink dat many wuld no him az Tanhatma Ghandi. I see grate tingz fur him in hiz futyure. Wut an inspyring BT.

Coco asks, "Why do I have to eat special dog food, raw veggies and organic natural nutricious food when my mom eats meats, grease, cholesterol and sugary edible stuff??"

Coco mah buddeee, dah hoomans dont understaynd dah nootrishunal valyoo and benifitz of dah poopz. Datz why dey wayste der calohreez on dah sugurz an dah meetz. Jusst eat moor poopz. Yoo will be fyne.

Apollo asks, "Why does my Mommy baby talk to me?"

Apallooo, mah Daddeee sez it iz becuz I am uh preshuss littul baybee gurl. I gues dat meens it iz becuz yoo are uh preshuss littul babybee boy. Hoomans are weeyrd.

Mah sissy Sopheee's BFF Pearl asks, "On Valentine's Day, I went on 4 dates. I was fun, yet lady-like. I didn't smooch and tell. I was a real lady! I still don't have a boyfriend. No one has asked me out since then. What's wrong with me Dixiiieee? Do I stink?"

Pearly-Poooo- did yoo cloze dah deel? With uh likk or too? With us pugz beein so lax abot sniffun an likkun, a goodnyte likk nevur hurtz an iz purfektly akseptabul. Did yoo tank dem fur dah daytes? Or invyte dem out agin??? Bein fowurd iz apropriut in 2009. Gud luk! Oh an pee-s of CORSE yoo stynk! Yoo haz uh bootiful stynk on yoo.

Nevis asks, "How do you get all the boy puggies to like you so much? None ever seem interested in my little Ruki...!"

Nevisss, tell Rookiiii to solissit on dah inturnet! It iz wut I didz. A datin contesst iz alwayz gud. Giv it uh try!!!

Mah buddy Hank's mom asks, "My question is this: when Hank and Molly lick each others' faces are they making out? Or just eating each others' eye boogers?"

Haynks Momma, dey ar eetun eech udder's bougerz. If yoo do not haz dah poopz to eetz, den dah bougerz are dah sekund best. Sharin incuraged. I sugest dat dah pugz lern dah noseguard lyke we doo. Dey keep yer bougerz fur yerself.

Clover asks, "Can you tell me how to convince my parents to let me play more in my mud yard without giving me a bath? I am tired of going on boring walks instead of doing zoomies in my perfectly wonderful muddy yard."

Clohvur, dah theum tonyte seemz too bee "silly hoomans." Dey haz no logik. Neway, maykz yur own mudd. Poopz and peez in dah house an den do dah zoomeeez all arond. Den, yoo can eatz dah poopyz and dat will meen no baff!!!! Purfekt. (Pee-S: Clohvur iz makun sum changiz an haz no blog rite now, so datz why der isnt uh link.)

Savun duh best fur last, mah boyfrend Murphee asks, "I know you're my girlfriend and stuff, but can you still answer my question? If so, here it is: why do my farts smell SO freakin' bad, but my sisters' farts don't? We eat the same food!"

Murphee, mah daddee sez evrywon haz der own "brand." Evry brand iz difrnt an yoo juss haz uh stinkee brand. Datz won of dah reesunz yoo iz mah boyfrend!!!! Embrayce yoor brand.

Okeeee datz it! Gooroo outttt!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let Sleeping Pugs Lie

What a busy weekend! Brian and I have been all over the place. And even the puggies are exhausted.

When I looked over at Sophie like this, I said outloud, "That CAN'T be comfortable..."

I guess she just really loves her sister?

Don't forget to send your questions to Dah Bugg Gooroo! She was VERY excited to post yesterday. All your "qwestshuns" will be answered tomorrow evening!

Also, the puggies' really really good friend Hank now has a blog! Can you believe it? The Indianapolis pug blogging scene is taking over the world! Please visit Hank's blog here and welcome him to the dog blog world.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prezunt frum Dah Bugg Gooroo

Wy hellow, Dah Bugg Gooroo heur. Sum uf yoo dogz haz been rekwestun mah pressince. I seez dat yoo noz how faymus I iz.

Dat iz mah moovee postur. I wuz suppozd to bee in dah moovee but mah smartz wur too much an dah prodoocurs let a pursun of limitud intelugince be in it. It floppd. Bad muve, prodoocurs. Pluz, dey spelld gooroo rong.

Mah Mama sed dat if anee uf yoo wantz mah moovee postur fur yur dessktup bakroound den yoo can emayle us fur it. Mah emayle is listud on dah syde of dah blogg. Considir it ah prezunt frum Dah Bugg Gooroo.

Dah Gooroo will also ansir yoor qwestshuns, as pur yoousual. Ask dem an yoo shal reseeve.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

For the Bugg Lovers...

Oh the Bugg has had one of those weeks! Look at how adorable she was today... we added some props, haha.

A few days ago, I started calling Bugg "Buggy Houdini." Listen to the TWO stories of what she did:

First, when I was cooking dinner, I looked down... and there was Bugg's harness. There was no struggle at my feet, and they have NEVER gotten their Buddy Belts off before on their own. Then that night, I hooked them all up for their walk. It doesn't take a genius to hook up a leash- I definitely secured them all correctly. I open the door, they all three run onto the porch. Then I notice Bugg is just standing there, waiting to walk- completely unleashed. How it came unhooked, I have no idea.

The magic of Buggy Houdini!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hi everyone it's Sophie Sophie. Today is a VERY important day. It is my BEST FRIEND Pearlie-Poo's gotcha day!

To celebrate I made some shart-less shartwork for my bestie. I took one of daddy's CD's and added Pearl to it! It said her name already so I figured she should have been on it to begin with.

What do you think?

Happy Gotcha Day, Pearl! Oh and FYI Pearlie's Mommy's birthday is next Tuesday, can ya believe it? What a cool week for Pearl and her family!

Exhausted Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Harley's First Monon Walk!

Sorry about not writing much. I (Kelly) have been feeling in a funk, just kind of down because of the whole unemployment thing. It's hard to face that I am applying for so many jobs and not getting them! I was just turned down for one because I didn't have as much experience as the other person, even though they "loved" me. I'm 23... how much experience can I have, really? I can't get more if no one will give me a chance!"

Anyway, enough of that rant. Speaking of being 23, I turn 24 on April 2! Fiance knew I was feeling down and bought me my birthday present early- a Wii!!!!! The Bugg just LOVES freaking out over it.


Today we decided to enjoy the nice weather once Brian got home from work. We haven't been to the Monon Trail since probably September, and we got Harley in October. That means- it was Harles' first Monon!!!!

The pugs had a GREAT time. They practically pulled us. Of course we stopped and got them water at the halfway point.

Harles was SO excited that he lead the way. He was practically running after the dog there in front of him (can you see it way far up the Monon?) Look at his ears flapping away! He almost looks like a Frenchie!

Needless to say, we have some tired puggies. I guess they decided not to work for the Snuggle Puggle today since Mommy's unemployed- they're going to be too.

Looking as silly as the Bugg here does take work, though!

I love using the macro setting on my camera to get up close pictures. The only thing that stinks is the shutter speed is slow which means if they move at ALL, it's fuzzy. Sophie's was the best, but Harles always seems to move. He sees the camera light aim and gets all confused!

Now that I'm feeling a little more positive and upbeat (and have a Wii!) look for more updates soon!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mommy's Updates

Kelly here- Sophie was right I have been lazy! Lots of naps!

First I have to plug- TODAY IS EXACTLY ONE YEAR UNTIL OUR WEDDING!!!!! Woohoo!!! We officially picked March 20, 2010 in January. We really are happy to now count in months and days, no longer "one year and" countdowns.

Also, take a look to the right at my list of friends! I finally updated them! Please check and make sure you're there (some are by blog name and some are by doggie name... I can't get my act together!) I use Google Reader so I hadn't been updating- but I want all of you to know all my blog friends! So please check 'em all out!

Additionally... I am shocked and excited about the Indy blogging scene! The Indy pug bloggers are myself, Laura, Vikki, Stacy, Heather, Jessica, and Jami! We all attend the pug meetup here. I cannot believe that it started with just me. I had no idea how wonderfully crazy these ladies were until they started theirs too! I now can't imagine my life without my pug friends! If we can just get Sarah to start one (her main pug is Hank who can say "I Love You!") then I'll be the happiest girl around! And now maybe we can make all our bloggy friends visit Indy!

I'll leave ya with this CRAZY video of the Bugg... Dixie and ONLY Dixie gets really worked up over this Dell commercial. She will wake up from a deep sleep at just the first sound of it! This is actually a MILD reaction from her.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lazy Mommy and LOTS of Birthdays!

Hi everyone! It's me, Sophie Sophie. Wow what a crazy week. Today is our grandma's birthday!!!!

She calls us her grandpugs. Besides pugs she is definitely not a grandma. This is her profile picture on Facebook (sort of like Dogbook for you Dogbook members) and as you can tell she is a pro swing dancer! She dances like crazy and is really really good at it. Sometimes when I chase my tail I pretend I am dancing like Grandma! We love you Grandma, Happy Happy Happy Barkday!

MONDAY, the 16th, was DADDY's birthday!!! Mom and I decorated the house for him and then we baked him a cake. Mommy says next time she'll do this as a sheet cake- it's a new from-scratch recipe that is in a cake book she has. She said the icing was a little like donut icing! YUM! I wish she had shared. The cake was a spice cake. There are 2 candles, one that's a two and one that's a seven, because Daddy is now 27!

Mommy got Daddy a phone for his birthday and we got him a case of beer. How does he repay us for our GENEROUS gift? Goes to Benihana with his friends and Mommy. They showed us the pictures at least. This is from the eggs they used to make fried rice.

This is one of the guys who cooks! He was playing the drums for Daddy cuz it was his birthday!

Because Mommy is unemployed you'd think she'd blog more, right? WRONG. She has been doing a lot of errands and applying for jobs and a lot of napping (LAZY!!!!) so she hasn't paid nearly enough attention to the dog blog world. Because she's so neglectful I decided to post some lovely photos that have been sitting on her camera.

This is baby Harles' face up close!

This is me and Dixie looking confused. We LOVE the sun! Since Mommy is home in the day we get to bask!

This is me and Dixie sleeping. Thanks for interrupting our mid-morning nap, MOM.

This is a picture of Dixie with a toy her boyfriend got her. And then look at the hot dog toy Clover got us... it was placed there by accident!!! BOL!!!!


Check out that Bugg tongueeee ewwww!

Harles up close and personal! Look at that beautiful pug in the background...

Ok! That's all for now. Hopefully she'll drop this boring act soon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March in the Pugs 2009!

On Saturday, Mom and Dad took us to March in the Pugs! We were LATE since Mom and Dad stayed out late Friday for stupid JODI. When we got there, Ernie was getting ready to run a race. Guess what- he won! He sort of speed-walked to victory, go figure. Here he is with his mom!

Our buddy Lilo came too! SHE JUST STARTED A BLOG! Please go check it out and welcome her! Look at her cute nose-guard and her Hooters Girl outfit!

This bulldog, Reggie, came dressed as a pug. He looked like a FAT pug!

The Pug Posse dad got really tied up in leashes!

Mommy put our costumes on us.... we were find with this until the hats came on.

We were the Three Pugmigos again. Mom was VERY SERIOUS about us winning the costume contest for the 4th time.

Our pal Pugsley came to the contest dressed as a LION!!! Cool right! That's him with his mom!

The hats went on. Ugh. Next costumes are going to be hat-less.

Dixie and Harley wore the hats too. They fit them better but mine goes over my head too much.

This is part of our MAIN COMPETITION. This pug is Layla, she has some use of her front legs and none of her back legs. She does make a gorgeous pug-maid!

We all waited with Mommy until the group contest started.

LOOK AT THESE GUYS!!!!! They have a pug pirate, Layla the pug-maid, and then their owners are pirates too with an ocean and a ship! Who do you think won?

Before I tell you, here are some other contestants! These are the dancing pugs!

The pug pirate crew...

Ok ok we will tell you... we TIED for first place!!! Obviously the pirates tied with us. We were REALLY lucky to tie. Pee-S check out how badly I can't SEE!

Pugsley was ready to get out of his costume.

Here is a dragon!

And here's a pug from the "Chinese New Year" group!

Here's that pug pirate. He was so cute!

Eli entered in the kissing contest. They came in first place!

This is Rocco and he came in second!

Pugsley entered with Laura (Salinger's mom) and they came in third... wow did they enjoy the kissing contest!

Dixie managed to steal a rawhide for a minute!

Mommy and Daddy entered some raffles and won this Eye-Yoo basket!!!!!! We don't really get it.

Gus almost lost his Pug Posse bandana!

Here is our whole family. We love them so so much!

Harles was RUDE and tried to sit on Lilo's Mommy's lap... WHILE LILO WAS THERE!!! He was getting butt scratches though so who can blame him right?

This is Pixie... we have wrote about Pixie the Puglebrity a few times. We love when she comes out and shows people that she's around now and enjoying life because of KPR providing her surgery!

On the way home Bugg got the front seat.

And we all pretty much pooped out... especially this front seat Bugg!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for our Daddy yesterday! We had SUCH a fun day and we bought him a case of beer and a card! Mommy got him a new phone and decorated the house AND baked a cake! Maybe she'll show you guys later????

Ok peace out, time to go sleep some more!