Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Call the WAAAAAmbulence!

Bad bad bad bad news!!! Uncle Andrew became available so Brian is taking the girls over there as we speak! I had no time to prepare and I'm very nervous that they'll either run away, or choke and die. Plus, our neighbor made it "all better" by telling me a story about how when he first left his dogs, one jumped through a window, and the others escaped after a storm knocked open the door! Any words of support or reassurance, or GOOD stories about your first time away from your furry kids, would be very very welcome right now.

Our flight to Tampa leaves at 8 am tomorrow morning. This is going to be a six-beer night for me if I'm going to be dealing with this! (And no pugs to want to lick the bottle... WAAAAAA!)

DOGS WITH BLOGS! (and some pug impersonations)

Great news! The girls' blog was accepted to the "prestigious" (I think so) website, Dogs With Blogs! Please go check them out. There are lots of puggy friends on there, as well as EVERY other breed you can imagine.

The girls celebrated this morning by impersonating their favorite people.

Sophie was "Sophi Wan Kenobi"

Dixie was my grandma... no really. She looks JUST like my grandma. How did she know?!?!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MAD Pug and Bugg!

Mommy is making me post this picture as punishment.

Whatever. She was all playing on the computer reading our friends' blogs. We liked the way her laundry smelled!!!

Okay, okay. I liked the way it smelled. Dixie just drove the getaway car.

This is my guilty face, apparently.

But Dixie gets to circle the clothes like they're hers!!!! Not fair!

We are mad because we overheard Mommy and Daddy say that they are LEAVING US!!!!! They have never ever left us with anyone else before, ever. They are going to some place called Florida and we are staying with Uncle Andrew. We have never been there, so we hope it is nice and we will get our own room there too. Mom just laughed when I wrote that and said "doubtful!" I don't know what that means either! Grr! I am very frustrated. They are leaving Thursday, but dropping us off Wednesday night. Now I will have to hog the humans until then. And continue to eat laundry in protest.

Memoir Meme!

Sophie here- and we are SO excited!!!! Bella and Perogi tagged us for the 6 word meme!

Here are the rules:

1.) Write your own six word memoir.

2) Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like.

3.) Link to the person that tagged you in your post, and to the original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.

4) Tag at least five more blogs with links.

5.) Don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

6) Have fun!

Since Mommy is working, I get to write the memoir meme's. She probably won't like them- OH WELL!


Beautiful, important pug with untapped potential.


Part pug, part boston, all stupid.

PERFECT! I should be a poet! Also, those are pictures from the PETCO Valentine's Day Pet Party. We didn't win for best kiss, me because, duh, if I kissed, I couldn't look at the camera, and Dixie because alien babies are not considered pets and thus disqualified.

I will tag: Clover, Giggs, Goodboy Norman Featherstone, Louise, Jemima Jones Beck, Ike, Pearl and Opal, Suki Sumo, Ruby, Oscar, Rocky and Ozzie, Weeny and Daisy, Frances, and Winston (and his stray).

This is my first meme, and Mommy hasn't done any. I figured I would tag a lot of people who I know have updated recently or commented us. If you already got it- then let's just make that Dixie's fault! I LOVE MEME'S! Maybe cause it's my two favorite words... me, and ME!

Monday, April 28, 2008


I don't have time to post much- poor puggies didn't post at ALL today- but we all have a case of the Mondays and it's past bedtime already (before 10 Eastern time? SAD!!!!)
I just wanted to share some photos taken tonight with the new cam!

Sophie wanting some treats... naturally.

Check out that bugg tongue!

Stick that tongue back in, Soph!

Dixie looking pretty as per usual!

Me and my babies!

Hope you all are having a great week- from us all!

More Pug LOLz

I got the camera! It's beautiful and amazing, I couldn't be happier. However there are no pugs to photograph here at work! So, since I made them a while ago, I figured I'd post some more of the LOL pugz I've made.

This is Sophie being silly in front of the camera at a pug meetup.

This is Dixie being silly as well... but with her stinker! That's her with another bugg, June Bugg.

This is Sophie giving me a drunk look!

That's it for now... hopefully I'll get the camera up and running before tonight is over... I HATE Mondays!

LAB Results?!?

Hey everyone, Mommy here, since the Pugs are at home "working" and I am actually back to the grind at my real job. I took the quiz "What Dog Breed are You?" quiz recently, and you would NOT believe the results...

I'm a LAB!?

The results said:

Your family is what makes you tick, and you never "flea" from an opportunity to hang out with the whole gang. A family picnic complete with hot dogs, deviled eggs and a refreshing swim in the lake is hard for you to stray from. Your sparky temperament and dogged intelligence mean you are not only a blast to hang out with, but great to work with as well. Your close pals appreciate your patience and forgiveness, knowing you'd rather let sleeping dogs lie than dwell on the mishaps of the past. Your dashing good looks may one day lead to a modeling career, if only you can tame the unfortunate clumsiness that sometimes causes you to go flailing from the catwalk.

Bill Cosby, Jackie Onassis, Dr. Phil, David Beckham

KELY PROFESSIONS: Doctor, Sales Executive, Teacher

I can understand some of the stuff, but I am most certainly not "patient and forgiving." I took the quiz twice though just to be sure, picking some other answers that were previously ties. I guess, minus patient and forgiving, the description makes me sound like a pug, so I'm okay with that. Pugs are SO loyal to their families and want to spend time with the humans/dogs they care about. And pugs are VERY sparky, not to mention that they love hot dogs. (Duh! Well, all dogs do...) Plus, pugs make great models. Haven't you seen them in all sorts of commercials and movies lately? All this being true, I can accept the "Lab" results. Tee hee! Sophie's not the only one who can make funnies!

Also, I am SO excited because I am getting my new camera today! My old one, a Polaroid brand pink digital camera was pretty good, but has had a lot of... issues... lately. For the past six months it has decided to be temperamental, and turn itself off randomly without even retracting the lens. So I could put in some new batteries, go out with friends, and an hour later it won't turn on. I have probably gone through hundreds of batteries on that stupid little camera (her name was Petunia.) I ordered a Canon Powershot SD1000, which has a rechargeable battery! My old camera was a Canon so hopefully it will be a success. I can't wait to post pictures of the girls with my new digital camera tonight!

I hope you all enjoyed the pug pictures and the video from this weekend. Visit and take the quiz, I want to know if anyone is a pug!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Funday... sort of.

Today was an alright day. We hung out all morning, played, chased our toys, and licked a lot. Then Mommy said we were going to go in Daddy's car to PETCO, so we said "YAY!" Then she said we were going to get our nails clipped.

This was our reaction.

See what I have to deal with on a daily basis?

The nail clipping was just okay. The girl was new and made one of my toes bleed, and it made Mommy scared. But we felt okay afterwards and Mommy and Daddy took us to one of our favorite places- THE MONON!

This is me walking on the Monon- hey, watch your angle Mommy!

This is Dixie walking on the side of the Monon.

We left LOTS of pee-mail for other doggies and read lots of pee-mail too. Then, after we left, Mommy and Daddy went into a place to pick up food. They left us in the car while Mommy gave Daddy some money- and when she came back out, she found me trying to drive away!

Luckily Daddy had the keys. We all went home and have been laying around since. Hope all our other dog blogger friends have had great weekends!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pops is Home!!!!


Daddy finally came home! Naturally, he gave me some love first!

Then, Daddy told Dixie how stupid she still is! Or something like that.

Mommy was soooo happy to see him. He brought her some cheese which they enjoyed. It was "Three-year aged sharp white cheddar." Look how pretty it was!

Unfortunately, we only got a little, little bit. We begged a LOT but we didn't eat too much of it. Mommy and Daddy had crackers and cheese. Then, Daddy teased Dixie with some beer (she is SO dumb!) and I did my Paris Hilton pose.

We are so so so so happy! I don't even hate Dixie that much right now because I love our little family. I am so glad we are back together!

I'm still waiting for my 14 pounds of T-Bonez and 3 bags of Nutro treats though.

We are BORED without Daddy!

Still day 3. I am letting the hostage do more stuff though.

We started reading this really cool book that Mommy has, called Fabulous Pugs. It's by Lisa Knapp and has all sorts of pictures of her pug Charlie, dressed up as famous pug people, from Genghis Pug to Notorious P.U.G.

Here is Dixie reading about Pugahontas.

Here I am enjoying Marie Antoinettepug.


Hostage Situation Day 3

Today, I caught the Bugg Hostage doing a new trick- looking out the window from ON TOP OF OUR CRATE!!!!

That of course was unacceptable. So I had to punish her with intense lick torturing.

The lick torturing knocked us out though, and now we're back to napping. It's only 10 am! This looks like it will be a long, long day.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bark Show Hosts?!?!

We are ignoring Mommy's post- there is NO WAY we could be forced into "bikejoring." We don't even weigh more than 30 pounds total. I challenge anyone to find a bike we could pull. I'll be expecting those treats ASAP, Mommers.

Anyways, since Dixie is stupid and boring, and Mommy is being very Dixie-like, I decided to check out what was new on Much to my delight I found a brand new quiz- "Which Celebrity Is Your Pet?"

I decided to take it... it was 13 questions long, but they were easy. The first was my name- even DIXIE could figure that one out. A few minutes later I got my results- I'm OPRAH!'s quiz results said:

"A true rags-to-riches story, Sophie is a comeback pet who has not only survived a troubled start, but uses her success to lend a helping paw to others. Well-rounded and hard-working, Sophie has re-written the rules of stardom and continues to spread her influence throughout the animal kingdom. Still a down-home country girl, Sophie's one weakness is the chow that she knows from her youth, and she's not afraid to gobble up a little gravy every now and then. Sophie manages to keep her positive reputation intact, despite being hounded by the press and her thousands of diehard fans everywhere she goes. Sophie is smart, creative and innovative and has used these qualities to build up an empire the likes of which have never before been seen."

How did they know about my need to chow down!? And that I came from a horrible puppymill? AND that I have diehard fans in the thousands??!?! Wow... I never thought a quiz could describe me in 13 questions!

So since it was so accurate, and I'm still bored waiting for the Bugg's ransom, I made Dixie the hostage take the quiz. It took her like, 3 whole hours, but finally she got the results... she's ELLEN DEGENERES! Not shocking. This is what said about her:

Turning on the charm wherever she may be, Dixie can ham it up with the best of the best. She's not afraid to stand up and be the center of attention, even if it means getting egg on her fur. Dixie will do her shtick in any size venue, from small clubs and coffee houses to large parks with huge audiences. A true lover of animalkind, Dixie generously shares what she has with her fellow furry friends. Dixie's highly recognizable vocal style is known throughout the ‘hood, and her many fans gather ‘round to hear her snuzzy tails, sure that every episode will be unlike the rest.

This is weird... I mean, we all laugh at Dixie, but not WITH her! Although, Dixie's dance skills are for sure a lot like Ellen's. Who knows how well the Bugg can read though, so her results might not be 100% right. Just like Dixie isn't 100% right...

Great, now she's glaring at me! I have to go lick torture the hostage, but PROMISE you'll go to and take THIS QUIZ! Then post your results to our blog. If Mommy took the quiz I bet she'd be a mean celebrity. Like Michael Vick. Oh, I'm going to get it for that one!

Hostage Situation Day 2

Mommy here, Sophie and Dixie are on a communication protest right now. This is the sad pathetic look they gave me today.

I'm not caving in to their obscene demands. They are now demanding 1 bag each of Nutro apple, berry, and carrot treats. One bag MAYBE, but three? No way. Dixie also asked for a pony, but I'm not so sure that will work out in her favor... ever.

I'm hoping this post will change their minds. Yesterday, one of my favorite websites- Mental_Floss- posted a great article on 8 Sports Your Dog Can Play. Now, I'm not sure whose dog they are talking about, because there is not one activity here that Sophie or Dixie could/would partake in. I particularly like the second one (dancing), and while Dixie I'm sure would volunteer, it would probably look worse than a drunk white guy dancing. (Sorry Dixie, you know I love you!)

Girls- if you don't shape up and downsize those demands, I'll make you do dog sports. More specifically- bikejoring. Think about it!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bugg for Ransom

Mommy told me that Daddy will not be back until SATURDAY. Today is THURSDAY. This is unacceptable. The bugg is officially being held for ransom. I am demanding Daddy's return and/or 14 pounds of T-Bonez.

So that Daddy and the public know I am serious, here is a photo of me, a sign, and stupid Dixie Bugg's butt.

Here is the stupid hostage. She asked me to type this message for her:

"I iz wunderin wen daddee wil be bak fur gud? Sofee iz bein meen ta mee."

Also, I have released this video to the press so that they know what sort of licking torture I am capable of if I don't get Daddy back ASAP.

Hopefully, this will work. He better bring some treats from Wisconsin... I LOVE KENOSHA CHEESE!

Safe, Healthy, and Happy Pug Pups!

Hi all! Pug & Bugg's Mom here!

I am so enjoying all of the pug bloggers out there (and pug mixes, like the many puggles and buggs out there too!) Keep up the great work, comment if you've been here, and if you're not in my list of links, let me know!

One site that I am LOVING is Urban Pug. I found it a while back when a friend sent me a photo of an albino pug, which was in one of the Urban Pug photo galleries (check it out if you have time- the photos are great!)

A week or so ago they posted an entry titled How To Get A Free Pug Puppy. I'm sure this was to entice people to read, but the entry reveals why pug prices are where they are, and gives you some information that might change your mind if you're tempted to use a breeder that is selling pugs for cheap. Of course, being involved in pug rescue, I know that not even rescue dogs come free! And many of the rescue dogs are in rescue because they were bred by unethical breeders, leaving them with disabilities and disease. I think the entry is a worthy read, along with How To Find A Pug Breeder. There's so much information in there that could help anyone looking for a dog, pug or otherwise.

Thanks for the great reads- we love you Gizmo and Gadget! (and Martine!)

And since the girls are sad about Daddy going on a business trip (he's in WI, IA, and IL until Saturday) I promised I'd post another LOLpugz picture to make them laugh.

I guess "Safe, Healthy, and Happy Pugs" don't drink wine, but *disclaimer*, the bottle was empty!!!!

New Harnesses!

Sophie here, and I'm ready to preview our new harnesses! Mommy and Daddy bought them for us at MITP, they are made of cotton and are very pretty! I like mine better than my old purple one.

Daddy says I look like an "Irish" pug now. Mommy likes them too! Mommy tried to take me and stupid Dixie bugg for a walk yesterday in our new gear, but then started by looking at the flowers that are popping up in the yard. I absolutely did not like that.

Daddy gave us extra treats this morning and then said goodbye, but he said it a LOT... Mommy said she will miss him... I think this means he is not coming home for a while? I heard the word "business trip," but I do not know what that means! If he is not home tonight I will be quite angry and might trade Dixie to get Daddy back. Or maybe I'll hold her for ransom. That sounds like a lot of work, so I sure hope he's home soon! If any of you see him out there- tell him to bring me some treats!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

March in the PUGS!

Mommy FINALLY gave me the March in the Pugs event pictures! Mommy volunteers for KPR and was really excited to help out with the event. She bought this candy called Tootsie Rolls, but me and Dixie weren't allowed to eat it. She made a yummy looking cake for the MITP Cake Walk... check it out!

I think I don't want to eat Tootsie Rolls now since they look like POOP!

Mommy made another cake too, but forgot to buy the white powdery stuff to go on top. Before the event we stopped at a store and daddy went inside to get it. Boy, did we miss him!

When he came back, we FINALLLLLY were on our way. It seemed like it took forever to get there. After we got some yummy treats, Mommy saw a puggie that looked familiar- it was PIXIE! That's the pug-celebrity I told you about. You can read about Pixie here. Pixie's mommy said that she is a "5,000 dollar pug!" I don't know what that means, but I do know she had two surgeries to her legs. She didn't really walk but I got to say hi to her! Here I am giving her a little kiss!

I think she looks like me a little!

After meeting Pixie we met another tiny pug- a baby named Peanut. I really liked her because she really got in Dixie's face.

I think we need another pug like Peanut around here. We could gang up on Dixie!

That's all from the pug event! Wish you were there!

We r LOL pugz?

Mommy says its embarrassing how many posts we are posting in just the first day of our pug & bugg blog. Us pugs think its neat! Since mommy's camera is still broken, she is letting us post these pictures she made of us. I (Sophie- since I am smarter than Dixie I always type!) think they are funny, but I have good grammar so I would not talk like that. Dixie is another story though. Mommy makes theses pictures at the I has a hotdog website- there are some funny pugs on there! Check these ones of us out for yourself!

This one is me in my bunny ears. I really, really, REALLY do not like them!

This one is of Dixie sitting weird again. She always does that!

Superpug here is Mommy's old pug Oliver. He went somewhere called the "Rainbow Bridge" in September 2007. I don't know what that means though. I never met him, but he sure is cute!

That's all we have time for now... I have to go lick Dixie some more. A pug's day is busy! I hope mom posts the March in the Pugs pictures soon! I met a pug celebrity... I bet you can't wait to find out who!

I'm Pugged! (and Bugged!)

Kelly here! Two weekends ago was KPR's event "March in the Pugs" in Lebanon, Indiana. A broken camera has hindered the loading of pictures, but I should have them up soon! Although there was so much fun to be had with all the pugs and pug-mixes that Sophie and Dixie got to meet, we really enjoyed shopping the vendors available too! Besides spoiling the gals with some treats and new harnesses, we spoiled ourselves (mostly me) with a T-shirt, nail file, quilted purse, puggie poster, and some human food. On the T-shirt table we noticed this great list:

Top Ten Ways To Know You're Completely Pugged:

10. Dog hair is now a fashion statement.

9. You cannot type the word "pub" without accidentally typing "pug" first.

8. More than half the kitchen counters contain dog treats.

7. Your dog has cuter clothes than you do.

6. Your house looks like you run a doggy daycare.

5. There are more dog blankets than people blankets.

4. You think it's cute when your dog snores louder than your partner.

3. Pug hair in your food is now "just another condiment."

2. You introduce your pug as your "furry kid."

1. When you're out too long, you call your answering machine just so your pug can hear your voice!

How true is that! Enjoy the list, look for some pictures posted by the girls very soon!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We're a few cards short of a full deck...

... but that's why our mommy and daddy love us!

Note: you'll see lots of tongue on this blog. It gets pretty steamy around here sometimes. Luckily, no spill gets left uncleaned by our little pink lickers! We need a sign for visitors: "Warning- expect unexpected wet spots." We don't mind... hopefully our mommy and daddy's don't either!

Meet Pug & Bugg!

A big hello from Sophie and Dixie's momma, or as you know them now, "Pug & Bugg!" Here's a little bit about the girls:


Made-up Birthday: June 27th
Type: Fawn female pug
Rescued From: Puppy mill in southern Indiana
Hobbies: Picking on Dixie, chewing mommy's socks, shedding, running in circles around the coffee table


Made-up Birthday: June 5th
Type: Brindled female Bugg (Pug/Boston Terrier)
Rescued From: Puppy mill in southern Indiana
Hobbies: Resting, making funny faces, bugg rubs, maintaining my shockingly bad breath

Our girls here are a bonded pair! We (me and my boyfriend Brian) helped transport them while volunteering for Kentuckiana Pug Rescue on December 1, 2007. It was love at first lick! We adopted them less than a month later, just after moving into our first house. Glad you got to know us a little... keep looking for new and interesting puggie-posts from the girls themselves!