Monday, May 5, 2008

P.P.O.W.'s Back in Action!!!

Us P.P.O.W.'s (Pug Prisoners of War) are back at our house!!! We got in, kissed Mommy and Daddy a LOT- (they are very red, and peely...) and then I decided to blog immediately about our experience and a little about Mommy and Daddy's.

Look, here I am hard at work, and what does Dixie go and do?

She promptly gets herself stuck in the computer cords. What a dumb Bugg!

So anyways, Mommy and Daddy went to some "fun place" called Clearwater, Florida, and left us with Uncle Andrew, aka PRISON. Don't worry, I pooped on his floor AND peed on his bed, so I think that's why we were allowed to leave after a few days. Besides that, Andrew was okay. He made fun of us a lot though!

Meanwhile, the humans were having a blast without us! They were on a beautiful beach- they keep saying they wish we could have been there. The sun is what made them so red. Mommy's back is all peely- it's like she is shedding like me!

That was from Mommy on her FIRST day of being red- it looks so so so much worse now. She got the redness here...

This is the beach where Mommy and Daddy spent their time without us. HOW RUDE! I don't know why anyone would want to go in WATER, though. They also went to this pretty garden in St. Pete, and Daddy found the PERFECT place for us to sent pee-mail!

We really wish we could have gone but we heard it was HOT HOT HOT!!!!! I am so happy that our humans are back with us. Time to go spend some time with Mommy and Daddy, but I am sure Mommy will update you tomorrow!!!!!


Joe Stains said...

That stinks! I can't believe you guys got left at home!!

Ozzie, Rocky and Lola said...

It looks like your parents had a wonderful time, even if you mom does look a little like a lobster now! Glad you guyz are back home though, we missed your adventures!
Ozzie & Rocky

Clover said...

Hi Sophie and Dixie!
Looks like your mom and dad had a great time! It does look like it was a perfect place for you two too!! Maybe next time?
Love Clover xo
P.S. Haha for pooping at peeing at uncle Andrew's!

Anonymous said...

You peed on the bed? Uh oh! :)

Glad your parents had fun even though your mom got burnt.