Tuesday, September 29, 2009


One of my best friends forwarded an Anthropologie e-mail to me yesterday. I have never shopped there but now I might have to! Check this out- "good dog tees!"

You can find the tee-shirts here. Here's the pug shirt:

There are also other breeds, like chihuahua, french bulldog, and some pretty terriers. Go check it out!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

RIP Pegetables

Since our good pal Sal is willing to kill for them, we talked Mom and Dad into picking up a bag of Pegetables for us!

We actually haven't had treats for like, a month (I KNOW!?! Has anypug called the authorities yet?) so we were happy to gnaw on these peggies.

I got a corn pegetable.

The package says something about "do not let pet gulp. Gulping can be fatal." WTH does GULPING mean? Apparently Harles did it since his pegetable was like, all the way in his mouth and Mom took it away. We chewed politely... chicks rule!

Dixie had a carrot pegetable and ate it politely as well.

I got that corn down to a shank, sort of like Tanner does a lot.

Dixie worked on like, a carrot shank? BOL! That's so dumb!

But then Mom took them from ALL of us since we could fit them all the way in our mouth and it scared her. The celery was Harles', he really went to town in the 2.6 seconds he had it.

I was like, what the bark? WHERE are our pegetables?!?!?! (ps check out Harles' little teeth nubs in this picture!!! I BOL'd for like 2 HOURS!!!!!! BOL BOL!)

We had to stare at the Pegetable bag for like, forever. Mom said she's giving them to Sal since apparently he can handle them and we can't without threatening choking and dying.

This is total crap!!! Life is tough.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Boredom Tongue Friday

Today is Friday and these pictures show how BORED we are.

I We have NOT been paid enough attention lately! What is that about! Pffffft!

I am sad about this. Dixie is suspicious.

Now Dixie is ANGRY and I'M suspicious.

Harles is showing Friday boredom who's boss!

Gee I really hope we aren't neglected this weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sweet Mister Harles

Brian and I had leftover pumpkin and gave it to the pugs recently as the first pumpkin of the year! We put it in their dish...

Then, we topped it with kibbles.

We starting thinking, and hypothesized that Harley hasn't ever had pumpkin with us! We went pumpkin crazy last year in early fall, but fell off right around October. So, I had to record this special moment.


"Seriously Mother, leave me be to eat my kibbles!

I am so glad Harles is my little baby. I love calling him "Mister Harles," pronounced more like "meeeester harrrrrlezzzz!" I obviously don't have a picture of this, but he found his sleeping "place" recently. I noticed he tried to get under the blanket whenever he was given the chance. Recently, I decided to let him go under the top blanket- and he fell asleep like that, under the comforter, on my legs! He just loves to burrow for some reason! Now every night he just begs to immediately get under the blanket and scurries to my feet. There are no words to describe how adorable this is!

Harley isn't like the girls, who give kisses and get in your face for attention. He's more cumbersome and private, and never gives kisses. But he follows me everywhere and "guards" me in the shower. When Brian takes them outside, he runs to find me to make sure it's ok, until I say "go, go ahead outside!" and he runs to find the others. I love that all our puggies are different, but lovable in such amazing ways!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ryed Wit Mommeh

Hai itz dah bugg, not dah gooroo juss dah bugg BOL!!!! Dah gooroo iz on vakayshun I gess.

Dis mornun mah mommeh putz me in da kar.

She den wuz lyke puttin stuf in dah siide of duh kar? Lyke frum uh toobe?

Den we went too dis playce whur she talkked intoo uh mahsheen an den a nyce ladee gaves us sum drinkees an pugkin bred.


Den we wentz too anudder mahsheen an dah ladee thur sent us stuff throo a toobe incloodin a TREET!

I wuz so happeee! It wuz not uh woooussy treet it wuz lyke uh grate dayne treet I nommed it.

Den we drove an mommeh gotz uss a biiiig bag uf fudablez.

Den I wuz tyred.

Den we wentz hohme an I sleepz!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Pug Element for the Wedding...

After Brutus' post about Lili at Doggie Drawings, I knew I'd need to get one. However, I saw this post and decided exactly what...

That's Oliver, my dearly missed Rainbow Bridge pug, and Sophie! We are mostly using fawn pugs for the wedding stuff since most non-pug-crazies only associate pugs with fawn. These two never met, which I think makes this special. We are going to display a print and also I am attempting to DIY these puppies onto water bottle labels in our out-of-town gift bags, and also onto champagne bottles for the toast- one per table! Isn't Lili so talented?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Photo Montage of our Weekend

This was a majorly low-key weekend for us- and the pugs embraced that! Check it out...

The best for last- insane Bugg head tilts!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Never, Ever Forget.

If you don't know my story about 9/11/01, read it here.

I'm feeling a little peeved today. I noticed a flag downtown here (Indianapolis) that was not at half-mast. If there is ever a day to fly your flag at half-mast, it's September 11. I really just hope this building forgot they even had a flag.

A few days ago, my friend (also from NJ) had to exit her apartment building in Chicago because there was a small fire. While standing outside in her pajamas, waiting to be let back in, she overheard a girl say "I bet this is what it felt like on 9/11." Words cannot express her anger or mine upon hearing this. My friend's parents actually worked in NYC and had to move heaven and earth just to get home- this was the situation for many of my friends, since my town was essentially a NYC suburb. I had to watch a friend cry, not knowing if her Dad had made it out of the towers- where he worked. (He did.) I had a friend whose Dad worked in the building next to the towers (which later collapsed) and hadn't heard from him. (He was also luckily safe.) Smoke blew over our town in the sky... it was not just a television image you could turn off. How dare anyone even try to imagine what those people went through. People jumping out of buildings to certain death- nothing like a stovetop fire in a Chicago walk-up. I hope that this isn't the memory of 9/11 for future generations.

Ok, off soapbox. God Bless America.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oops I Ate It!

Hey it's Sophie and another Diva, Miss Pumpkin, gave me us an award! Check it out:

When accepting this award, you must blog about the food you have stolen when your humans were not watching…If you have never stolen any food, you must be a really good pup!! You can accept this yummy tray of cookies as your reward! Next add the logo of this award to your Blog (optional), then nominate at least 5 other furry blogs and let them know by leaving a message on their Blogs…

So Dixie and Harley are pretty well behaved or pretty dumb depending who you ask, since they haven't snuck any human foodables before that Mommy or I can remember. Actually, now that I think about it, Mommy and Daddy are TOO good about keeping us away from the food! The only thing I tend to steal is gum. Sometimes Daddy will take his chewed gum out and leave it on a plate and I just hone right in on that I tell ya!!! Then they know I did though because I am just smacking my jaw enjoying it and they always, always notice and take it away from me.

The pug Oliver who came before us apparently used to steal foodables all the time. He was taught to sit on chairs (lucky!!) and so he would climb on the table like Roxy and eat things he shouldn't, like chocolate chip muffins! Once he took a whole coffee cake out of it's box AND sealed bag and ate it before any humans could even see it! He also ate the cleaning lady's lunch whenever she left her purse on the ground, BOL! Momma's Momma found stuff in his crate a lot too, like a red jawbreaker once, and fairly often- coconut macaroons! They were confused since apparently they never bought coconut macaroons? BOL BOL! I swear I wish I could've met this guy! What a character!

So it seems a lot of our friends have gotten this award so we tag anyone who hasn't gotten it yet!