Thursday, July 30, 2009

Saddest Day in a While...

Today we said goodbye to our little puggies for the weekend. SOB! Here was our last walk with them before heading out...

We drove to Salinger's house where we would meet up with Brutus' mom and hand the puggies off. The pugs were so excited and didn't know what to do with such a wonderful house. Then they noticed Salinger hadn't finished dinner...

Honestly, you'd think we don't feed them! But no, they ate a second dinner.

Sophie must have eaten to much... look at that face she's giving Aunt Laura!

Then much to our delight, Pugsley and Lola came over, since I had never met her!! Here are the black pugs... Dixie, Lola, and Harles!

The pugs were running around in massive circles just enjoying hanging out and having room to run. (Then Dixie took a massive dump on the floor... but that's a whole 'nother story.)

Sophie was in rare form! Look at her with Pugsley!

Here are the fawns hanging out... Pugsley, Sophie, and Sal!

Here is Heather and Lola... she is just the CUTEST little girl, such a low-rider! I am in love! Check out that cute Michael Jackson glove she's sporting.

Then, Dixie and Sophie took their first trip up and down a real set of stairs!!!!

Check out Sophie NAILING the stairs... I was so proud!

Everyone enjoyed our very impromptu pug meeting.

Look at Low-Lo! Harles was going in for a kiss!

Don't Lola and Dixie look alike? (Right after this picture Dixie also threw up... 2 for 2.)

We are packing and getting ready to leave, but not having them here is just miserable. I am sure Stacy and Laura will be ready to give them back by Monday- but we will sure be ready to take them by then too!

Puggie Snuggies????

Just this very morning I very grumpily stated "I... want... a snuggie." LOOK WHAT I FOUND TODAY.

Yep, Puggie Snuggies. Or Snuggie For Dogs, as they call it. I am VERY SERIOUSLY considering a 4-snuggie purchase (3 dog ones, one PERSON one for me.)

Just an FYI, Brian and I are headed to NEW JERSEY (!!!!) tomorrow for our engagement party / shower and to see my family.

Sophie and Dixie will be staying with Salinger and his family, thanks to his Saint-like Mother Laura. (I bet that peestain post didn't scare her at allllll.) Harles will be staying with his foster mama aka the casa de Brutus and his also Saint-like Mom Stacy, as well as their foster Miley.

Hopefully we still have friends after this weekend away! We NEVER leave the pugs with anyone so I'm just nervous to be away from them and I hope they will not let their bratty sides come out at all during their vacation. I'm also interested to see how the girls handle staying in a house that's larger than a cubicle! (They've never stayed at anyone else's house before, and ours is a less than 1,000 sq feet 2-bedroom bungalo.) (Harley has, of course, since he used to live with Stacy!) I will really enjoy Jersey, but I already can't wait to get home and smoosh their little faces and snuggle with them!

Thanks again Laura and Stacy, you guys are true lifesavers, and amazing friends/pug-people!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guilty Pug

After folding some clothes yesterday, I was in the living room watching TV. Sophie TORE out of the bedroom like she had seen a ghost. With that pug look in her eyes... I knew she had done something bad.

I would have bet my life's savings that I would have found that. And I'd have won.

What a guilty, mischievous, trouble-making little girl!

Monday, July 27, 2009

When she's not gooroo-ing...

People often ask me (Kelly) why Dixie doesn't do "Dah Bugg Gooroo" more often. Well, she likes to give you guys lots of time to think of "qwestshuns" and also... she likes to let loose on her "off" days.

The life of a crazy awesome Bugg is always busy!

We are waiting to be contacted by True Hollywood Story...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Givun dah Ansirz

Hay thar itz dah Bugg Gooroo.

Yoo askz sum crazeee hard qwestshuns an I thinkz hard to ansirz dem!

Withowt furthr adoo, hur dey arr!

Lily and Benson ask, "Can you see me? Those glasses are neat!"

Lily an Benny yes I can seez wit mah spektaklez. Yoo shud get sum! Dey arr all dah rage.

Asta asks, "Can you pleez tell me why I have a polka dotted tummie? Am I a dalmation in disguise? Thank you fow youw considewation."

Astah dat iz so neet! Spotz arr dah sine of delishussniss. Lyke peparohnee on dah peetza, yoo is a favarit of menny!

Pumpkin asks, "When will I finally land an Oscar winning role and knock Brangelina off the cover of People?"

Hmm dat iz a hard won, Pummkeeen. Kan yoo adopp sum puppehz? Or iz der a Brad Pittbull in yoor nayburhood dat yoo culd be seenz wit? Anguleena wasunt populur untell she wuz seen wit hur Pittbull. Pee-s I will bee yoor biggust fan wen ur gettun dah Oscur.

Sequoia and Petunia ask, "My Mothers paints her nails. It sure does smells bad but I was wonderings if we can have painted nails too. Hers looks so fancy when shes done? Have you evers painted yours paw nails befores?"

Mah daddeh wont let mah mommah paintz mah nails. Dey can be vereh vereh pretteh if you yoose dah doggeh nail polush. Yoo shud sweet talkz yoor mommeh into doin yur nailz!

Coco asks, "My mother said she would get me a birthday present in advance. She made plans with a friend to take me to the mall with her once I get my present. Dad says he will never walk with her and me 'riding' that thing. Dear Gooroo, I am dying to know what my present will be. Can you envision it?"

Hai best budd Coco! I haz gud newz fur yoo. Yoor presunt iz an elefunt. You will ridez it lyke dah royalty in Indeea. I bet yoor daddeh iz embarussed becuz yoo arr such royulty.

Clementine asks, "Bugg, the mommy and papi are putting me in agility classes. they are doing this because for some reason, they are under the impression that I need to 'burn off my energy in more constructive ways'.....however, I think it's just going to make me even more agile in my house-couch-bed-winston-romping abilities. What do you think? Will I be so worn out afterwards, I won't be able to move, or will it be like the pug matrix when I come back?"

Clemmeh, yoo will needz to harnuss yoor agiluty chee. Fokus an yoo can be lyke dah matrex. Get distractud by foodabuls an yoo will be worn owt. Fokus mah frend an yoo will be unstopabul!!!!

Winston sez, "Dearest honorable respectable Bugg, I would like to honor you with a gift. I will be shipping Ms. Clementine Churchill to you via priority mail. Please use her at your discretion, although I personally think she is most suited for hard pugual labor. There will be no return address, but you'll know it's from me."

Uh... Winstun? No tankz. Nuthin agenst Clemmeh but I haz mah handz full with mah Sofeee.

Ruby Bleu asks, "My Mom has this big green box with wheels that she keeps in the closet. Well, it came out today and she started putting her clothes in it, but none of my things. Do you know what it could mean???"

Rubeh, gud newz!!! Dat meenz yoor mommeh is puttun stuff in dah box to takez to dah storr to sellz hur stuf fur moneh to buyz YOO morr stuf!!!! Congradyoolashuns!

Hank & Molly's Mom asks, "Here's the deal. Today, Molly O'Mally ran away from home! Before I could stop her, she shot out the front door like a cannon. Her daddy found her in the neighbor's shed. It nearly gave me a stroke as she crossed the street without even looking for oncoming traffic! Why would she do such a thing?? Doesn't she like living with us? Would she rather live in a smelly, dusty shed? I really need your input on this."

Hank n Molleh's Mommeh, it iz won of too thingz. 1- Hank may or may not haz told hur dat der wuz unlimuhted PBR in dah shed. 2- Molleh may or may not haz a ron-day-voo partnur in dah shed. I will let yoo uze yoor imaginashun.

Emmitt asks, "i have always had this question... why don't they make doggy doors leading into the fridge so i can grab a snack whenever i want? my doggy door only leads outside of the house... the farthest possible place from the fridge. makes no sense to me!"

Emmut, yoo iz lookun at dis all rong! Der are manny manny tastee thingz outsyde. Try dah poopz uf othur anamuls, tastee pynekonez, an evun dirt! Yoo will forgetz dah frige in no tyme!

Brutus asks, "Bugg, why doesn't mom take me everywhere with her? She knows I love to ride in the car and hang with her all the time?"

Brootuss, yoor mommeh wud if she cud so considur why she mite not. Do you fartz all deh tyme? Or maybeh yoo is soo cuute dat yoo wud be distractun. Maybeh yoo shud mayke hur get a puggeh carriur?

Tankz all fur anuthur grate installmunt of dah Gooroo!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Paw-Parazzi- making themselves known

We got our first look at some of the photos those paw-parazzi were taking of us a few weeks ago.

Look at me there in the middle, I'm GORGEOUS! Harles is also giving a proper smile. Dixie though... she needs work. This was from our photoshoot at the football stadium.

Here we are with one of our assistants. (Mom's note: that's actually our photographer Erin's husband John! What a trooper!)

Mom made us wear stoooopid shirts but we still rocked them.

How lameeee they caught us with the pawrents! Major embarassing! At least they caught my awesome noseguard!

Don't forget to submit your questions to Dah Bugg Goorooo!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dah Bugg Gooroo Reeturnz.

Hellow iz dah bugg gooroo an i iz bak. I haz hurd dat yooz bin missun me an mah... HAY!


Okey datz bettur. How roode.

Enny wayz yoo no dah dril. Yoo sendz me yoor burnun qwestshuns an I wil ansirz dem fur realz. Askz me qwestshuns abowt yoor pawrents, yoor bwutherz n sisturs, yoor poopz, anyting. I noz it all. Sewiussly. I wil tayk dem until Sundey afturnoooon den I ansirz dem!

Gooroo owt!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pug Prayers Requested

As many of you know, Walter the pug was hit by an SUV and survived. However he is facing some challenges. His momma has been struggling to keep it together, as would be expected when this is what your vibrant pug is dealing with:

Please visit them and send some love their way on the blog. Also, if you pray, send pug prayers (or other dog prayers) to Walter for healing, and to his mom for rest and reassurance.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009


So, technically I have missed my whole posting every day goal. Working two jobs makes it harder, and this weekend was ridiculous! However I'll have at least as many posts as days in July, so I still will consider it a success!

I came home from work today and promptly passed out. Bugg decided to borrow my necklace!

Doesn't she look buggieautiful?

Saturday, July 18, 2009


You all had some great stories about the pugs' walkies! (Kelly's mom here- and sympathizing with all of you who have to walk 2+ dogs daily!!)

Just thought if anyone could appreciate this, it would be you. Harles and Sophie were WAY tangled but as I went to take the picture (camera was withing my reach) Harley managed to untangle himself. Still an impressive job! (Sophie = blue leash, Harley = red leash, Dixie = gold leash in our house!)

Do you have a walkie routine or special leashes?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Walkies

Today I took the puggies for a nice walk after dinner. Walking all three alone is an... interesting experience. They just can't get anything out of only using the backyard as their bathroom... they need stimulation. And I provide!

Below is how they walk after the first pees... Dixie and Harles near the grass...

Sophie in the middle of the road, ready to go back at any point.

Anyone notice what's wrong with this picture? Notice a... misspelling?

If you can't tell, CONTRACTOR is spelled wrong. I spent enough time staring at it that Harles then managed to walk under and through the stakes.

Yea... that was fun to un-tangle.

Anyone else want to share their favorite walkie route?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Brian and I have been SUPER busy this week for some reason. So what happens when we finally get to spend some time on the couch?

Maximum. Velcro. Puggitude.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Excuse Me?

Monday? YUCK.

We are still tired from Saturday. Wake us up in a few days, k?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mini-Pug Meetup Pics!

Ok finally we aren't too tired to post about our fun times with our puggy friends! Here is our buddy Gus:

Here a pug is getting some butt scratchies and the non-pug Tootsie is hanging out. I did NOT like having a snouted dog there... clearly they have a sniffing advantage against us flat-noses!

See I was kind of meant to Tootsie and barked a lot...

Apollo is Tootsie's brother! You know Apollo!

Here are some of the other gals, Molly O'Malley and Miley!

And Hank was sitting around waiting to get his PBR!

Lilo tried to get some food from my Mommy... she shoulda known Mom is hard to get food from!

Why did Dixie look sooooo happy!?!?!

Oh maybe because we had like a zillion pugs all around!

Molly tried getting some food from her Momma too... Hank must've said she was serving out PBR!

Sal of course was cuddling up with the ladies.

Daddy offered some foodables to Dixie to see if she's take it.

She eats her own poop so clearly she gave this a sniff without a second though.

Mom was SO RUDE and cuddled up to my ex-boyfriend?!?!?! Such betrayal!

Dixie then betrayed our family to hang out with Salinger's family! Here she is with Sal's mom.

Then made GooRoo faces with Sal's dad.

Here, Dixie and Sal's dad show off their tongues.

Here is Salinger and his Mom with Dixie and our Mom.

Here is the whole group! The picture we posted earlier, Mom is holding Dixie's harness... she got right out of it!

This wasn't even all the pugs!

Mom was sticking out her tongue at Miley... she is such a cute little Diva-in-Training.

Here I am looking gorgeous.

Here is a newer blogger, Yoda!

When we got home... this is what we did!

Yea, so we slept for hours and hours. We are still taking naps! How was your weekend?