Friday, May 23, 2008

Dixie is a STUPID ALIEN.

Last night Mommy finally got around to that laundry she had been meaning to do. It is in the dark scary dungeon place under our house. Whenever she goes down there, we sit and watch and make sure she is ok- but we never go down there. This time, though, things went horribly wrong. Well, before they went wrong, we sat there like usual.

Mommy said, "come on down!" And we said no, of course. She said "it's not too far to walk!" and we looked down, then politely agreed to disagree.
Dixie, being the stupid ALIEN that she is, changed her mind and started to venture down the stairs!!! I was like, "are you DUMB!?!?!"
Mommy kept having to beg her to walk further, and she would walk her front feet but not her back ones. I thought about tripping her but I was too scared the deep pit under the house would get me.
Then, she made it! She got all the way down there and helped Mommy with laundry. I was ALL ALONE at the top of the steps! It's not my fault I don't like stairs... I have bad knees.
Oh and all you worry-worts, just so you know, Dixie and Mommy both made it back up safely. Who knows what stunt that stupid punk will pull next time.


Martha said...

I don't think I would have gone down there! Who knows what could have happened. Scary! Love, Martha

Ruby Bleu said...

So I'm not into scawie pits, but I'm even LESS into stairs with holes in them. You are so smart Sophie to stay where you were.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Duke said...

You would actually trip your sissy and make her fall down the stairs, Sophie?! Mom always tell us that the boogie woman lives in the basement! I guess she doesn't live in yours if your mom and Dixie are brave enough to go down there!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Nevis said...

Dixie may be a stupid alien but I love her. I think all of your posts should start with some form of Dixie-insult, "Dixie is stupidier than dirt" / "Dixie is uglier than a can a worms", etc. That would be hilarious.

Archie and Melissa said...

ooohhhh tooooo cute!
I love sophie and dixie!
great pictures!
Have a safe and Happy Holiday weekend!
:) Melissa and Emmitt

Petra said...

Hi Sophie and Dixie! Thanks for visiting my blog; I added you to my friends list. I LOVE making new friends!

I don't blame you for not going down those stairs, Sophie. I'm kind of a scardy-cat sometimes and I don't think I'd go down in that dark dungeon either.

Myeo said...

The stairs look scary. It is really brave of Dixie to go all the way down.

Boy n Baby