Friday, May 23, 2008


Hi hi it is Sophie... and I is very excited! I just found out that my Aunt Melinda is coming to visit! That is my only aunt or uncle I have not met! She is going to be a senior at Fordham University and Mommy says she is very very smart and cool. I also hear she likes pugs... just one more helpless human for me to turn against Dixie!!!

So of course I have to look pretty for Auntie Minnie (that's what Mommy calls her- Minnie.) Which means... FURMINATOR!!!! Mommy took me outside because I shed a LOT.

She puts on my tiny collar when we do this, so I am still on a leash, but she can brush me. And OMD... I hate it because it hurts my neck AND makes me look SO SO SO CHUNKY!!! I am only 14 pounds, peoples!!!!

This is just a little bit of what came off when she FURminated me, and the rest blew away. It's colder without it!

Dixie, as per usual, ruined my fun by whining inside. Because she is part pug, part BT (all stupid!) she doesn't shed at all really, and doesn't need to be FURminated. (Mommy heard that black pugs don't shed as much- is that true, black puggies?? What about BTs???)

We are looking spiffy for Auntie Minnie's visit and we can't wait!!!!!

OH YEA and we have to ask you all for help!!!! Our friend from our Meetup for Pugs here in Indy, Salinger, has been reading my blog. He really really likes it, and is thinking about maybe starting his own! I think he's fun and cool and should totally 1) be my boyfriend and 2) make a blog. Because he's fun, he submitted TWO pictures for the SNPM challenge 2! I am saving one to put on the flickr page, but here is another example of his work:

HOW COOL IS THIS PUG!!! OMD he totally stole underwear and didn't even put it down when his Mommy caught him... that's my kind of pug!!! Plus... he's a Colts fan! Please leave comments if you want Salinger to get a blog!!!!! Maybe then he will! Thanks puggie friends- have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!


Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Sophie...
So much fun for you to get to meet your Auntie!!! W00t! And tell your mom I shed like crazy :( Little black and brown and white hairs EVERYWHERE!!!

That Salinger is SO hot!!! he totally needs a blog that way I can help convince him to be your boyfriend!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Nanette said...

Well of course Salinger should have his very own blog! Stella wants to know what hobbies he has aside from chewing on sexy undies.

Duke said...

Salinger's life will never be the same once he starts blogging! He'll have hundreds of friends! Do you think that'll work, Sophie?
Have fun with your Aunt Minnie!
We're going to be sending our "trouble" photo to you this morning.

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Myeo said...

Salinger is soooooooo cute. He sould start his blog! we want to get to know him

Boy n Baby

Nevis said...

Salinger is a great name. Tell him we shall have great fun in the blogosphere and we shall catch pugs in the rye.

Salinger The Pug said...

Ok mommy got ambitious and started my blog for me! Check me out! Be kind though...she's still getting the hang of this!

Joe Stains said...

I am having a tough time getting a picture for the guilty entry?! what am I to do?!

i hope you have fun visiting with melinda

Archie and Melissa said...

hi sophie and dixie!
please tell your mom that emmitt sheds in chunks too! salinger is a wonderful puggy and should absolutely have a blog. when emmitt saw his submission i heard a little "uh oh!" i know he is planning another "i'm in trouble" picture so he even has a chance this week. i tried to reassure him that his submission is good too, but he just kept turning his little head in no circles.
poor puggy. he is planning something big. i better get my camera out!

The Devil Dog said...

We black pugs do not shed anywhere near as much as fawn pugs, but we do shed. We will welcome Salinger to the blogosphere. Great news about your aunt. Lucky doesn't like being brushed either.


Anonymous said...

Clementine (black pug) doesn't shed 1/100th as much as Winston does, but her hair that does shed is so coarse that it literally adheres itself to whatever surface it touches. It's almost impossible to get out. His is so fluffy you can vacumm or lint roll it right off.
It's a trade off, I guess. Great pics!