Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Belated Hello & Goodbye

Hi everyone- Kelly, the pugs' mama here.

Sorry for such a belated entry - it's been almost six months since our last! I was doing a wedding blog and after the wedding, started a Wordpress blog, kjpugs: Ordinary in Indiana.

It's an everything blog, lots of pug stuff but also life stuff. It's a little more REAL than this blog so if you're easily offended, you might not like some of my content/language. (Wow... that makes it sound horrible! It's not like a dirty blog, just sometimes I cuss or make an off-color joke. Promise!)

If you guys want to keep up with my blogging, feel free to visit me there! I'll keep this blog of course and probably do a post here and there to let you guys know if anything important/exciting happens for us and the pugs.

I have so loved the dogs with blogs community! Stopping this blog was a really hard decision for me. But with the wedding, and now with working two jobs again, it's become hard enough to keep up with one. I treasure the friends I've made and am so thankful for the support you've all given us through our good times and bad.

Pug hugs!

Kelly, Brian, Sophie, Dixie, and Sir Harles