Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vacuuming? NO Thanks.

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the nice responses about my dad. I had some great "me" time and reminisced with my sisters and Mom, and tried to fill the day with great memories. And... I got sick! Ugh! I started feeling icky yesterday morning, and by nighttime it was pretty bad. Just a cold, but no fun. So today I have been cleaning and hanging out with lots of rest. Brian is in Bloomington with friends (where he went to college) so I'm trying to be productive! And productive means vacuuming- which I HATE. Not a good thing when you own a pug, let alone three. So, this thing is my BEST FRIEND.

It's the Dirt Devil Kone which we bought at Target. I use it to suck up the clumps of pug hair that accumulate daily in corners of our house. It was time to empty the filter...

Clearly, Sophie wanted to help. Or maybe she just realized that there was enough hair in that tiny little filter to create a new pug?

Yep, nearly overflowing.

And into the trash the mini-pug-clump goes. Oh well. We'll have to do it again in another day or so anyway!

I'm off to continue watching the AKC Eukanuba dog show! I turned it on about a half hour in and I'm hoping I didn't miss the pug... I turned it on just in time to see the cutie Frenchie and Boston. The Frenchie came in fourth in its group! But I have to say... GO PUG!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sad Day

Hi Bloggers, Kelly the Pug Momma here. I'm feeling down today since it is the five year anniversary of my Dad passing away. I'm having some great "me" time tonight to just cope, snuggle, watch TV, and not do ANYTHING... which is exactly what I need.

Here is a great picture of him and Oliver taken in November or December of 2003. I loved them both so much and he loved PUGS so much, especially Oli. Everyone take a moment today to tell those people who are special to you how much you care!

Thanks for letting me share. I promise, back to the usual non-depressing blogging soon. We have lots of awards that we'll post about tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hi everyone it's Sophie again... guess what Mommy and Daddy got a SNOW DAY from work!!!! Yea our alarm went off this morning and I'm used to it since it goes off 3 times total before the paw-rents actually get up. But then Mommy got a phone call and Daddy got something on his phone and we stayed in bed till NINE instead of SIX!!!!!!!!! Which was cool. Till we realized... OMD we had to pee.

Look at it outside. I mean, it's about a foot of snow.

They put us outside and laughed and laughed and we RAN right back in. I have never been so cold in my life.

Then they spent a while outside with rakes. Which to us was so stupid because don't they have snow shovels? They made a path for themselves to walk to the garage- silly humans, you are DEFINITELy not driving anywhere today! (Pee-S, in the picture below check out how high the snow is... to the SEAT of the chairs!)

Finally, thank doG, Daddy made an area for us. With a freakin' rake.

We ran out and peed and peed and Harley poo'd.

Mom just kept taking pictures it was kind of obnoxious because we were cold.

Then Daddy had this crazy idea to turn Dixie into "Survivorbugg" you know like "Survivorman," that show we watch sometimes.

Yep she got placed into the snow. Let's see if she can get out.

Assessing the situation...

She survives!

It all happened so fast... about 2 to 4 seconds. But I'm sure she's scarred for life.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Working With The Snuggle Puggle- 4th Day!

Hi everyone it's Sophie, gosh is my Mom LAMMMMEEEEE or what I mean she barely has enough time to pay attention to us the past few days and is being super boring. Don't tell her but we made Bugg destroy some of her books as payback.

So anyways since it's Tuesday today we worked for Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle by being arctic explorers. Now, we didn't necessarily want to be arctic explorers, in fact we were planning on stripping again but Mom came and like THREW us out into the backyard and this is what happened- we ran right back in. Soooo she got us and like literally FORCED us into the backyard.

We realized, "ok, a job is a job and in this economy if we have to be arctic explorers to put kibble in our bowls then so be it." So we stayed close to the house and inspected the winter wildlife growing there. Harley also inspected Dixie's pee-pee.

Harley was the bravest explorer and walked down to where the snow was falling all the way so it was like INCHES deep. Check him out!

He came back and was LITERALLY just like covered in snow. He of course took samples for our research.

I walked "the line" aka Mommy's tire line and kept my feetsies from freezing off.

It was a super-dangerous mission but we got a lot of exploring and research done. Maybe next week we'll be strippers again if it's warmer.

Censorship Bugg

Pug momma here. Sorry for the lack of posts, I've just been overwhelmed by everything lately- work and the wedding namely, and then with other stuff piling up, I've been trying to relax when I can and I haven't been in a fun creative bloggy-mindset. Especially since the pugs have destroyed nearly ALL the books on our bottom bookshelf in their room! We have assumed it is the Bugg and are calling her "Censorship Bugg" and imagining her destroying books she doesn't approve of. I don't have any pictures for this short little apology-entry, but just imagine Dixie Bugg ripping apart a book on Art History... makes you smile, doesn't it?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hi everydog it's Sophie, my mom wanted to do a Wordless Wednesday but I said "NO" and threatened to pee on her shoes if she didn't let me post. So she gave me the computer and I worked for hours to make this for my BFF Pearlie Poo!

If you can't tell it's pictures of me and Pearl celebrating her birthday!! Everyone go visit her bloggie and tell her Happy Birthday! She is 3 but I think she looks not a day over two and a half!!!! Happy Birthday Pearl!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Working With The Snuggle Puggle- 3rd Day!

Hey it's Sophie, we're here working with Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle again this week. This post is not for the faint of heart. See, Eduardo never really specified restrictions on the types of jobs we could have. And we went a little... risque... this week. Since we are naked from our bath- STILL- we decided to try our hand at stripping.

Harley was bathed in kisses. Dixie let it all hang out.

And naturally, I counted the cash.

Ca-ching! That's some treat money! Although I don't think we'll be stripping again- we don't want to tarnish our reputation!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sleek 'n' Shiny Pugs!

Hey everyone, it's the pug Momma! Check out these smooth and sleek puggies! Since their baths we've left their harnesses off and their beautiful coats have overcome their wintery dry ones.

Check out Dixie with her gorilla!!!!

I can practically see my reflection in Harley's fur!

Let's play some "I Spy" in the bottom picture- do you see a noseguard?

I made a crazy noise and look at that shocked bugg!

And Harley has been doing a lot of air-licking today too. Must be the lack of the pug stink in this house!

Hope you enjoyed the lovely photos of the puggies!!! I also have some good news- remember the "Too Cool For Words"contest? That Goodboy Norman Featherstone's woman held? Guess what- I won!! With that "beautiful" photo of me in yellow nail polish! My prize was to be able to have the next photo contest... so look for that in the next few days!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Pretty Okay Weekend

Hey everydog, it's Sophie. Sorry I haven't written. I've been pretty upset about me and Salinger's breakup.

Thank DOGNESS for my BFF Pearl, she flew to Indy to treat me and my peeps to a spa day. You can see pictures she took here. She made me realize that maybe this was a long time coming. I was watching a show with Mommy this week and realized there are bigger, better dogs out there.

See, they're even on TV!!!! So I'm a single lady now... but I'm okay with it!

While I was getting pictures off Mommy's camera I saw some pictures from our friends' house (where Pippin, Jasmine, Eli, Bernice, and Ernie live.) Mommy said they got a foster pug, which means they'll keep him while they look for a new home for him. I was like, oh my dog- he is SO skinny!

His name is Eddie which all the Mommies came up with (including my ex's Mommy but I like her so it's okay.

All the pugs were all over him in the pictures! He is TINY compared to them. In the picture is Eddie (in the middle) and, going clockwise from the black one, is Jasmine, Eli, Ernie, Pippin, and Bernice.

Mommy gave us a bath tonight with Daddy. It's cool cause we've been stinkin' up the place while he was gone. I'm so glad he's home again finally!

Harley looked so happy to be bathed. He feels soft now. And he's been like, a super Momma's boy lately.

I'll end it with a beautiful picture of the lady-pugs of the house. I'm so glad our whole family is back again!!!!! We SO missed Daddy!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Llama Friday (!!!!!!!!)

Ok, ok, another non-pug post. But Vikki from The Pug Posse posted a "Llama Friday" entry and how can I resist! My favorite animals in this order are: Pugs, Llamas, Giraffes, Seahorses. Let me just make this clear:




I think my face in the below picture proves it.

This was from my one and only Llama-encounter, at the State Fair here in Indy back in summer 2007. He didn't like me that much. It's cool though... nothing can stop my obsession.

Do you have an animal you love besides pugs? (Or the type of dog you are?) Then post about it!!!

Too Cool For Words

Goodboy Norman Featherstone and his Woman have started a contest called "Too Cool For Words." Here's what it is:

"I challenge you to dig through your old photos and find the one that best exemplifies you being "too cool for words." These have to be serious photos, no Halloween costumes or silly dress up photos - you have to have really thought your were "all that" at the time, and it must now embarrass the living pug out of you!! Leave a comment on this entry letting me know when you have posted your cool photo. The title of the post should be, "Too Cool for Words." You have until Monday 9am EST to post. Then the judging will begin!!"

All my picture albums from before digital photos are in New Jersey, so I went through tagged photos of me on Facebook (yes I'm on Facebook! woohoo!) and found some along the way looking through them. When I got to this one I knew my search was over. Check me out:

This is from middle school, probably 6th or 7th grade. I am rocking a lot of fashion goofs that I thought were H-O-T HOT! For example- my highlighter-yellow nail polish. Yes that's ACTUALLY nail polish. And my awesome over-alls with the across-the-chest purse. And what's with the beaded choker? If only you could see my braces- I used to get a DIFFERENT color on each brace (as opposed to the usual "all blue" or "all pink") and thought I was awesome. I'm also wearing one of those plastic things that pulls your hair back and kind of hurts. Someone forgot to tell me that my glasses were ugly, and that I should probably tweeze my eyebrows. But no. I thought I was fantastic. Cool smile, too. Ugh. I can barely look at that picture!!!!! And I wondered why I didn't have a boyfriend...

More pug stuff tomorrow- it's been a long day. My office flooded due to a burst pipe and my feet are still de-thawing!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Working With The Snuggle Puggle- 2nd Day!

Hello dear readers. It is Sir Harles, here to tell you about our second day working for our comrade, the Snuggle Puggle Eduardo. Due to my sister Sophie's sickness, we spent today working to clean up after her.

I manned the spray bottle. Should dear Sophie have an unfortunate incident on the carpet, I was ready and willing to destroy the stain. Dixie also helped with the paper towels.

Luckily, our work was for naught! For the first time in a while, Sophie did not express her bladder on the premises! Our full work day while our Mother worked was uneventful, and thus, a success!

However, our mother arrived home with bad news. Look what she found out Miss Maggie's blog:

Oh, infidelity! Sophie's beau Salinger is cheating with his on-and-off live-in pug, Maggie. Miss Maggie is new to blogging, and when our Mother began enjoying her blog today, she discovered Salinger's adulterous habits. Sophie was too upset to even blog. I am appalled at the un-chivalrous behavior! What is Sophie to do?

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Scawy Vet Visit

Mommy took me to the vet today. I've been peeing a lot since I always have to pee and it hurts a little. I peed on Mommy and Daddy's bed and Mommy noticed it had like a fine sugaryness in it. She said it was crystals and took me to the vet. We had to do a lot of waiting. Look what I saw while I was there:

Ideal weight of a pug 14-18 pounds?? I'm 16 pounds and people think I'm tiny. This does not seem right!!

We also saw a sign that reminded Mommy and me of our Airedale friends!

I was very anxious to talk to the doctor. She was the same one who took care of my mast cell tumor. She told us she was very concerned, that I have had a UTI before this year and that my pee pee was full of white blood cells and crystals. Last time, there were no crystals, which means I am worse. She was worried I could have stones inside me. I said I wasn't eating any rocks but she said I could still have them- I was pretty sad. They had to take me back for X-Rays. I've never had one before and it was really stupid it was just like a picture. She showed Mommy the pictures and lucky me there were no stones!!!!!

We were happy that there aren't any stones. I have antibiotics though and now I have to eat new food. And I get very sad when I think about this- no treats for a few weeks!!!!!!! Ugh! But then I will stop peeing in the house so Mommy and Daddy will be even happier. That's better than treats!