Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vacuuming? NO Thanks.

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the nice responses about my dad. I had some great "me" time and reminisced with my sisters and Mom, and tried to fill the day with great memories. And... I got sick! Ugh! I started feeling icky yesterday morning, and by nighttime it was pretty bad. Just a cold, but no fun. So today I have been cleaning and hanging out with lots of rest. Brian is in Bloomington with friends (where he went to college) so I'm trying to be productive! And productive means vacuuming- which I HATE. Not a good thing when you own a pug, let alone three. So, this thing is my BEST FRIEND.

It's the Dirt Devil Kone which we bought at Target. I use it to suck up the clumps of pug hair that accumulate daily in corners of our house. It was time to empty the filter...

Clearly, Sophie wanted to help. Or maybe she just realized that there was enough hair in that tiny little filter to create a new pug?

Yep, nearly overflowing.

And into the trash the mini-pug-clump goes. Oh well. We'll have to do it again in another day or so anyway!

I'm off to continue watching the AKC Eukanuba dog show! I turned it on about a half hour in and I'm hoping I didn't miss the pug... I turned it on just in time to see the cutie Frenchie and Boston. The Frenchie came in fourth in its group! But I have to say... GO PUG!


Salinger The Pug said...

We're watching it too!

The Pug was the VERY first adorable guy named "Boo"!

He came in 4th. We think the judge needs their eyes examined. are a VERY good helper!

Harry Pugalicious said...

LOL!!! I'm watching too. How did I miss our group? Maybe I've been doing to much facebooking and not enough tv watching!!!!

Joe Stains said...

wow that is like a mini sucking machine?? It looks like it works pretty well, Mom might need to pick one up

Rosie said...

Haha we watched that too but also missed the Pug.
That machine looks good!!

Pug Posse said...

Mommy refuses to watch those dog shows because the pugs ALWAYS seem to get snubbed! Pugs should have a class of their own and not be in with all the little fru-fru floor mops!
Pug hugs and kisses!
The Pug Posse

Too Cute Pugs said...

Oooh, I want one of those cone things! I hate vaccuming (I have to do it this morning...grumble grumble). I've tried Swiffers and this other rolling sticky broom but nothing keeps up with all the fur.

Thanks for the link!

Unknown said...

I have the "kone" too, but it fills up too fast with all the hair around here, so we went a few weeks ago and bought this bissel pet hair eraser hand held vacumm thing. It is amazing. I'll have to do a little post about it. It has a bigger dirt compartment and is corded, so it's a bit more powerful. It wasn't that expensive either - $35 or something?

Nevis said...

I hate vaccuming, too. That's why I made it a "man-chore" and Terry does it! :)

Yours Truly said...

Perhaps I should invest in one of those. We have a Dyson which sucks up great, however something small would be handy for the daily fur-bunnies!

Kelly said...

Ugh, I just did all of our vacuuming yesterday!

I really hope you're feeling better! I loved that picture of your Dad & Oliver! What a treasure!

Sandra y Coco Pug said...

I hate vaccuming and my excuse to not do it myself was that I suffer from allergies... now my husband also suffers from allergies. I try to keep the apartment super extra clean until the cleaning lady (who does not suffer from allergies) comes.

CoCo said...

Being a Pug mix I shed a lot... and Daddy has to vacuum a lot. I cannot imagine all of you guys in one household with all that shedding.


Anonymous said...

Oooh I have been looking at that one because the vaccuum I have doesn't get all the fur out of the couch.
Although my favorite new toy right now is the swiffer vaccuum!! It is amazing on the hardwood floor with all the pug hair!

I love the shampoo, I also bought the freshening up spray but I don't use that as much.