Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Working With The Snuggle Puggle- 4th Day!

Hi everyone it's Sophie, gosh is my Mom LAMMMMEEEEE or what I mean she barely has enough time to pay attention to us the past few days and is being super boring. Don't tell her but we made Bugg destroy some of her books as payback.

So anyways since it's Tuesday today we worked for Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle by being arctic explorers. Now, we didn't necessarily want to be arctic explorers, in fact we were planning on stripping again but Mom came and like THREW us out into the backyard and this is what happened- we ran right back in. Soooo she got us and like literally FORCED us into the backyard.

We realized, "ok, a job is a job and in this economy if we have to be arctic explorers to put kibble in our bowls then so be it." So we stayed close to the house and inspected the winter wildlife growing there. Harley also inspected Dixie's pee-pee.

Harley was the bravest explorer and walked down to where the snow was falling all the way so it was like INCHES deep. Check him out!

He came back and was LITERALLY just like covered in snow. He of course took samples for our research.

I walked "the line" aka Mommy's tire line and kept my feetsies from freezing off.

It was a super-dangerous mission but we got a lot of exploring and research done. Maybe next week we'll be strippers again if it's warmer.


Harry Pugalicious said...

brrrrr it's cold where you lives!!!!

It was in the 60s here today but the Mom says it's gonna get cold again tomorrow.

Puglette said...

oh gosh! you were excellent explorers! i am so glad you remembered the buddy system and stayed in a pack. when it's a total whiteout you need to stay close to your snuggle buddies.

Kelly said...

Hi Soph! You were so cute out there exploring... you totally looked like a snow angel!