Friday, January 16, 2009

Too Cool For Words

Goodboy Norman Featherstone and his Woman have started a contest called "Too Cool For Words." Here's what it is:

"I challenge you to dig through your old photos and find the one that best exemplifies you being "too cool for words." These have to be serious photos, no Halloween costumes or silly dress up photos - you have to have really thought your were "all that" at the time, and it must now embarrass the living pug out of you!! Leave a comment on this entry letting me know when you have posted your cool photo. The title of the post should be, "Too Cool for Words." You have until Monday 9am EST to post. Then the judging will begin!!"

All my picture albums from before digital photos are in New Jersey, so I went through tagged photos of me on Facebook (yes I'm on Facebook! woohoo!) and found some along the way looking through them. When I got to this one I knew my search was over. Check me out:

This is from middle school, probably 6th or 7th grade. I am rocking a lot of fashion goofs that I thought were H-O-T HOT! For example- my highlighter-yellow nail polish. Yes that's ACTUALLY nail polish. And my awesome over-alls with the across-the-chest purse. And what's with the beaded choker? If only you could see my braces- I used to get a DIFFERENT color on each brace (as opposed to the usual "all blue" or "all pink") and thought I was awesome. I'm also wearing one of those plastic things that pulls your hair back and kind of hurts. Someone forgot to tell me that my glasses were ugly, and that I should probably tweeze my eyebrows. But no. I thought I was fantastic. Cool smile, too. Ugh. I can barely look at that picture!!!!! And I wondered why I didn't have a boyfriend...

More pug stuff tomorrow- it's been a long day. My office flooded due to a burst pipe and my feet are still de-thawing!


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Bibbies are rockin' the house! If only they were on backwards, they could have been just a *little* cooler!

The Devil Dog said...

We still don't think anyone is going to beat Woman's photo. You are still way cooler than my mom ever was.


Eduardo said...

WAAAAAHHHHAAAAAAHAAAAAA! So funny! love the nail polish!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Kelly said...


Kelly!!! This is TOO funny! I love that we are the same age, because I SWEAR there is a picture of me in this same outfit somewhere!!!

On an even cooler note, I used to spell out things on my fingernails. For example, my left hand would read 'I LOVE' and my right hand would read 'TOMMY'. Yep. Cool.

Anonymous said...

And the platform runners right? or the doc martins?

Yep that was me too, minus the braces and my hair was fuzzy from a perm that i hated so i brushed it out each day! :)
Ahh highschool!