Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hi everydog it's Sophie, my mom wanted to do a Wordless Wednesday but I said "NO" and threatened to pee on her shoes if she didn't let me post. So she gave me the computer and I worked for hours to make this for my BFF Pearlie Poo!

If you can't tell it's pictures of me and Pearl celebrating her birthday!! Everyone go visit her bloggie and tell her Happy Birthday! She is 3 but I think she looks not a day over two and a half!!!! Happy Birthday Pearl!!!!


Kelly said...

SOPHIE! You brought tears to my little puggy eyes!!!!! What would I do without you?!?

Thanks for being the BESTEST friend!!!

P.S. Do you really think Harry was flirting with me?! OMD What do I do?!!!

Nevis said...

Sophie, you're such a sweetie. Don't let what Dixie says about you bother you. :P

The Devil Dog said...

Sophie, what a great BFF you are. That was a wonderful post.


PS Harry is CUTE!

Kelly said...

Well Soph... Nevermind. I saw some disturbing info on Harry's blog. I guess he has committment issues! *sob sob* :(

Kelly said...

P.S. PIPPIN IS TOTALLY HOT FOR YOU!! Look at his post today!!

(Sorry for all the emails/comments! I feel like I am stalking you a little!)

Jodi's Book Reviews said...

We just wanted to stop by and say hello, we live in Indiana too. We also use to have a big puggy sissy but she went over the bridge this summer cause she was very old, and oh how we miss her so, our human still cries allot at nights, we can hear her. We hope you will have a good weekend with your humans.

Clover said...

Oh Sophie, what a sweet gift for your BFF! I am sure she absolutely loved it!!
Love Clover xo