Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Working With The Snuggle Puggle- 1st Day!

Today is our first day working with Eduardo, the Snuggle Puggle!

We normally snuggle:

We are quite talented snugglers. Well at least I (Sophie) am. Clearly Dixie and Harley need some work but I have two PhD's in snuggling. Well, the equivalent of that anyways. So, we agreed to do stuff like so we'd be "temping" at other jobs. Check out today, we were beauty school employees.

I did a lot of work on Harley, see, since I was the beautician.

Dixie modeled and did some supervising. I made Harley look beautiful. Trust me- hard work.

Clearly it was a success and we did a pawsome job. We will be offering our skills for our Mommy and Daddy's wedding. And- at a reduced rate of only 3 treats per second. (For the date they picked out, their wedding is exactly FOURTEEN MONTHS from tomorrow. THATS LIKE FOREVER!! At least I now have time to hone my licking skills.) Thanks for asking us to work with you, Eduardo!


Duke said...

You Puggies all have brilliant futures in beauty careers! We can tell!
Your mom is going to need all of those months to prepare for the special day - our sissy sure did!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Salinger The Pug said...

So March 7th 2010 is the big date???

Whatchoo MEAN Harley needs work? That boy is BEAUTIFUL!

Umm...oh yeah...Sophie (my girlfriend)is gorgeous too!

Nice work guys!


Kelly said...

Sophie! You are the QUEEN! If anyone should be handing out beauty tips, it's you. Harles looks like Nick and Carmendy just finished with him!

Eduardo said...

Great job y'all! Harley looks beautimus! I know your Mommy & Daddy are going to be so happy about ONLY having to pay you 3 treats per second! My Mommy is so lucky I don't charge her that for my snuggling & kissing skills! My Mommy wishes she would've taken 14 months to perpare for her wedding, but she wanted the same wedding date as her grandparents & so they got married just 5 months after their engagement! It was a great wedding though!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Unknown said...

We give these hard working puggies three thumbs up and circle snaps! AnnieBelly wonders if she can drop by for a spaw treatment later. her face hasn't been licked in WEEKS!!!
Way to go puggies, Gettin Your Snuggle Puggle on Fur Eduardo...

Nevis said...

HOORAY for picking a wedding date!! :)

Sandra y Coco Pug said...

Hi! nice job! I am sure that your mom's hairdo for the wedding will look gorgeous with all your licking (and no gel or hairspray required!)

Anonymous said...

Sophie I bet that by the time the wedding rolls around you will be able to charge double or triple your current fee. lol and that's a lot of treats.

Bisket said...

My alphas are getting hitched too - but in 2010. That's like 12 and a half dog years away. I'm going to need a date! Better start writing that letter to Bette Midler. But I DIGRESS!

I'm adding your blog link to my "Admirers" list on my blog. Hope you get a ton of clicks (and licks)!

love, Bisket

Joe Stains said...

Tanner tries to lick me all the time and I cannot stand it. Maybe I should send him over your way??

The Devil Dog said...

You did an awesome job working for Eduardo. I think your beautician skills are going to be in high demand for the upcoming wedding.