Monday, February 2, 2009


WOOHOO It's Sophie and yesterday was Superbowl Sunday! Our favorite team wasn't in the game but our Mommy and Daddy had our grandmas and our Aunt Nina over for the Superbowl game on TV. And best of all... UNCLE WEBSTER came too! We get so excited when Daddy's family all comes to visit.

There was a ton of food on the table. There was buffalo chicken dip, artichoke dip, taquitos, pistachios, all sorts of crackers, and then even these cinnamon-sugar pretzels that mom made for dessert. Oh and lots of beer. It was hard to not jump on the table.

Isn't uncle Webster good looking? He is so shy around us!

Dixie should have had her own Miller Lite commercial during the Superbowl!!!!

Aunt Nina gave us a lot of attention especially when we were nervous about the game. Mommy wanted the Steelers to win and Daddy wanted the Cardinals. We all were just really concerned about everyone yelling.

Auntie Nina gave Dixie high fives during the game.

I was upset that no one was really giving me treats or beer! WTF!!!! I always get treats and beer!!!!

After everyone left we barked a little for the Steelers then like totally passed out.

Dixie utilized Daddy for a pillow. She looks so innocent but don't be fooled.

We have been passed out pretty much all day. Mommy and Daddy were home today, they planned to be since Daddy was in IU all weekend and needed a break and Mommy had a vacation day she had to "use it or lose it" whatever that means. But she is still really sick and so her being sleepy = us being sleepy on her.

Hope you guys had fun Superbowl Pawty's!!!!!!


Eduardo said...

What a great Superbowl Sunday! Hey just wanted to remind y'all about the picture,(for winning Employee of The Month) if you could e-mail me one that would be great: My Mommy loves pistachios!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Harry Pugalicious said...

Looks like y'all hads a great time watching the game. I watched it with my Mom. We chilled on the sofa instead of doing any big partying. Hope your Mom is feeling better soon!

Kelly said...

What a pawesome party! There are some grrreat pictures in this post! I love the one with Dixie snuggling Daddy... and that last one of all of you! Sooo cute!

Sophie BFF, have I told you how cute your tongue is? I always love to see it peeking through!

Nevis said...

What a great post. Dixie is just the CUTEST thing ever! I love her little innocent face!

Kelly said...

P.S. Buffalo Chicken Dip?!


Pugsley and Lola said...

Hi Sophie, Dixie, and Harley-

Thank you sooo much for reading my new blog!!! I sure enjoyed meeting you guys at the Pug meet up this summer. Stay Cool:)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow sounds like an awesome party!! Gus and Indy had lots of fun and snackies too! lol

I think they might still be recovering....

Joe Stains said...

sounds like the party we were at, so much food, and people yelling for both teams! We sure did like the outcome. We hope your Mom is feeling better.