Thursday, January 8, 2009


The fiance and I made popcorn to watch last night's DVR'd Top Chef. And this is what I found when we were finished.

I once found a shirt that said a list of pug-related things that make people know you are a pug owner. One of them was that "pug hair on food is just seasoning." Unintentional, yes. Seasoning.... unfortunately.

We also began watching a re-run Iron Chef, battle beans. And the Chairman announces "beans" in a hilarious voice. Brian and I mimicked it and the pugs went crazy! We spent ten minutes just saying "beeeeaaaaaanssssssss!" and watching them freak out. Harley was the funniest. He seemed to be extremely distressed over "beans."

Thats what they get for the Harley/bugg "seasoning" in my popcorn.


Puglette said...

oh yes...the "seasoning" we know all about that, we have three shedding doggies. i try to brush off before cooking but i am sure it's there all the same. it's in my crocheting, adds warmth

Unknown said...

hahahaha - this made me laugh out loud. Even when I cook real dinner food, after eating everything on the plate, there never ceases to be at least one tiny pug hair underneath. How does this happen?!? I really feel like Nasa should start insulating space shuttles with pug hair.

Also - I saw the Iron Chef bean battle the other night, but did not see the chairman say BEEEAAAAANNNNNSSSS, but I definitely wish I had. Don't you think they were a little tough on the competition??
J and I decided that the judges should have to do a blind taste test, because we feel like they spend half their time kissing the Iron Chef's a** and tearing down the competition because they're not famous. Oh wells.

Kelly said...

Pearl has a way of seasoning EVERYthing I cook, especially things I have to put my hands down in a lot (i.e. popcorn). I am SO paranoid when I make things for work or company... The seasoning doesn't gross ME out that much, but other people? Probably.

Who knew that Harles was a bean-o-phobic?? He was probably afraid you would feed some to the girls and he'd get farted on!

Nevis said...

I love Iron Chef and Top Chef. Who is your favorite Top Chef??

Anonymous said...

Haha ahh yes.. we know all about that! The bonus is my friends just laugh about it when they pull my dogs hair out of their food! Sigh..

I don't think I have seen that one.. who was the iron chef?

Salinger The Pug said...

Ew...are you sure it's "seasoning"? (hahaha)

OMG...we had a similar Iron Chef Chairman experience...but it was battle HAM! He yelled it out like it was a question..."HAAAMMMM???" So now that's how we ALL say "ham" in our house now and Salinger goes running to the fridge because he thinks he's getting some. Pig.

You stop scaring that SWEET Harles with that BEAAANNSSSS nonsense! That poor baby has been through enough!!! HAHAHAHAAA!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Nice work getting into your humans popcorn. Serves them right for scaring you with the "beans" thing.

My parents watch Top Chef too. They're really into it and kinda ignore me for it. Lame!


Joe Stains said...

We always end up with seasoning in our food too, I can't imagine how much dog hair I have consumed over my lifetime!

Clover said...

Gotta love that special seasoning!! It can't be avoided...

The Devil Dog said...

Mom's memere used to say that you were going to eat a peck of dirt before you died. Mom believes that includes pug hair and other interesting items.
Mom loves Top Chef. This year's crew is an interesting bunch of people.


Liss said...