Monday, January 19, 2009

Sleek 'n' Shiny Pugs!

Hey everyone, it's the pug Momma! Check out these smooth and sleek puggies! Since their baths we've left their harnesses off and their beautiful coats have overcome their wintery dry ones.

Check out Dixie with her gorilla!!!!

I can practically see my reflection in Harley's fur!

Let's play some "I Spy" in the bottom picture- do you see a noseguard?

I made a crazy noise and look at that shocked bugg!

And Harley has been doing a lot of air-licking today too. Must be the lack of the pug stink in this house!

Hope you enjoyed the lovely photos of the puggies!!! I also have some good news- remember the "Too Cool For Words"contest? That Goodboy Norman Featherstone's woman held? Guess what- I won!! With that "beautiful" photo of me in yellow nail polish! My prize was to be able to have the next photo contest... so look for that in the next few days!


The Devil Dog said...

Congrats to your mom for winning that contest. I think. Anyway, it is a neat honor.


Jemima Jones Beck said...

Wow! Harley is shiny!
Jemima Jones Beck

Minerva said...

What cute and shiny pugs! We have air licking in our house too sometimes. But then, we also have everything else-licking..
Maybe it's a pug thing.

Joe Stains said...

congrats on the contest win!!

Kelly said...

OMD you guys need to be on a Pugtene Pro-V commercial with those shiny locks!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay congrats! :)

We need some nice clean pugs in our house too!

Clover said...

Hi guys!
I have been missing a lot while my mom slacks off. You all look so nice and shiny, and horray for your daddy being home and your mom's contest win!
Sophie, I was so sorry to hear about you and Salinger. We should organize a big spa-day and girls night out for all of us girl dog bloggers!!
Love Clover xo

Nevis said...

Adorable! And congrats on winning the 80's photo contest!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I got a bath last night too! I love getting me a bath!

Rosie said...

The mommy almost stained when she read your comment on my blog - that was very funny! Too bad it did not look like PA for Joe's Steelers!

Murphy Dogg said...

Damn, my beautiful brindle Bugg looks stunning! Hope she doesn't smell too foo-foo, I dig the natural eau de Bugg.
Congrats to the mom on her photo win! My Mama shudders at the thought of her middle school pics.
Murphy Dogg