Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We r LOL pugz?

Mommy says its embarrassing how many posts we are posting in just the first day of our pug & bugg blog. Us pugs think its neat! Since mommy's camera is still broken, she is letting us post these pictures she made of us. I (Sophie- since I am smarter than Dixie I always type!) think they are funny, but I have good grammar so I would not talk like that. Dixie is another story though. Mommy makes theses pictures at the I has a hotdog website- there are some funny pugs on there! Check these ones of us out for yourself!

This one is me in my bunny ears. I really, really, REALLY do not like them!

This one is of Dixie sitting weird again. She always does that!

Superpug here is Mommy's old pug Oliver. He went somewhere called the "Rainbow Bridge" in September 2007. I don't know what that means though. I never met him, but he sure is cute!

That's all we have time for now... I have to go lick Dixie some more. A pug's day is busy! I hope mom posts the March in the Pugs pictures soon! I met a pug celebrity... I bet you can't wait to find out who!

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