Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm Pugged! (and Bugged!)

Kelly here! Two weekends ago was KPR's event "March in the Pugs" in Lebanon, Indiana. A broken camera has hindered the loading of pictures, but I should have them up soon! Although there was so much fun to be had with all the pugs and pug-mixes that Sophie and Dixie got to meet, we really enjoyed shopping the vendors available too! Besides spoiling the gals with some treats and new harnesses, we spoiled ourselves (mostly me) with a T-shirt, nail file, quilted purse, puggie poster, and some human food. On the T-shirt table we noticed this great list:

Top Ten Ways To Know You're Completely Pugged:

10. Dog hair is now a fashion statement.

9. You cannot type the word "pub" without accidentally typing "pug" first.

8. More than half the kitchen counters contain dog treats.

7. Your dog has cuter clothes than you do.

6. Your house looks like you run a doggy daycare.

5. There are more dog blankets than people blankets.

4. You think it's cute when your dog snores louder than your partner.

3. Pug hair in your food is now "just another condiment."

2. You introduce your pug as your "furry kid."

1. When you're out too long, you call your answering machine just so your pug can hear your voice!

How true is that! Enjoy the list, look for some pictures posted by the girls very soon!

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