Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pops is Home!!!!


Daddy finally came home! Naturally, he gave me some love first!

Then, Daddy told Dixie how stupid she still is! Or something like that.

Mommy was soooo happy to see him. He brought her some cheese which they enjoyed. It was "Three-year aged sharp white cheddar." Look how pretty it was!

Unfortunately, we only got a little, little bit. We begged a LOT but we didn't eat too much of it. Mommy and Daddy had crackers and cheese. Then, Daddy teased Dixie with some beer (she is SO dumb!) and I did my Paris Hilton pose.

We are so so so so happy! I don't even hate Dixie that much right now because I love our little family. I am so glad we are back together!

I'm still waiting for my 14 pounds of T-Bonez and 3 bags of Nutro treats though.

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Ozzie, Rocky and Lola said...

Sophie & Dixie, we are so glad that your dad returned home and that every thing is back to normal!
Sorry you two didn't get to enjoy a bigger piece of that cheese. It looked really good by the way!
In answer to your question, yep, we are two single, wild and crazy guyz! Come back and see us soon ladies!
Ozzie & Rocky