Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Funday... sort of.

Today was an alright day. We hung out all morning, played, chased our toys, and licked a lot. Then Mommy said we were going to go in Daddy's car to PETCO, so we said "YAY!" Then she said we were going to get our nails clipped.

This was our reaction.

See what I have to deal with on a daily basis?

The nail clipping was just okay. The girl was new and made one of my toes bleed, and it made Mommy scared. But we felt okay afterwards and Mommy and Daddy took us to one of our favorite places- THE MONON!

This is me walking on the Monon- hey, watch your angle Mommy!

This is Dixie walking on the side of the Monon.

We left LOTS of pee-mail for other doggies and read lots of pee-mail too. Then, after we left, Mommy and Daddy went into a place to pick up food. They left us in the car while Mommy gave Daddy some money- and when she came back out, she found me trying to drive away!

Luckily Daddy had the keys. We all went home and have been laying around since. Hope all our other dog blogger friends have had great weekends!

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The Devil Dog said...

The monon looks really fun. reat job trying to drive away. As for the nails, mom has a grinder and it is a lot better than clippers. She says she is less stressed doing it and if she is less stressed than so are we.