Thursday, April 24, 2008

Safe, Healthy, and Happy Pug Pups!

Hi all! Pug & Bugg's Mom here!

I am so enjoying all of the pug bloggers out there (and pug mixes, like the many puggles and buggs out there too!) Keep up the great work, comment if you've been here, and if you're not in my list of links, let me know!

One site that I am LOVING is Urban Pug. I found it a while back when a friend sent me a photo of an albino pug, which was in one of the Urban Pug photo galleries (check it out if you have time- the photos are great!)

A week or so ago they posted an entry titled How To Get A Free Pug Puppy. I'm sure this was to entice people to read, but the entry reveals why pug prices are where they are, and gives you some information that might change your mind if you're tempted to use a breeder that is selling pugs for cheap. Of course, being involved in pug rescue, I know that not even rescue dogs come free! And many of the rescue dogs are in rescue because they were bred by unethical breeders, leaving them with disabilities and disease. I think the entry is a worthy read, along with How To Find A Pug Breeder. There's so much information in there that could help anyone looking for a dog, pug or otherwise.

Thanks for the great reads- we love you Gizmo and Gadget! (and Martine!)

And since the girls are sad about Daddy going on a business trip (he's in WI, IA, and IL until Saturday) I promised I'd post another LOLpugz picture to make them laugh.

I guess "Safe, Healthy, and Happy Pugs" don't drink wine, but *disclaimer*, the bottle was empty!!!!

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