Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prezzies frum mah boyfren Murfeeeee!

Haiiii itz dah BUGG! Look I gotz dah prezzies frum mah boyfren!

I gotz dah shirt in mah syze.

I tryd to eetz dah red stuf.

Der wuz a skweekee hart! HA HA luk at Sofeee!

Murfee gots me dah pre-slobrred skul toy.

Luk at dis card! I iz hiz sweethart!

An he madez me uh mixtape!!!!!

Mah Harlee an mah Sofee wantid duh treets he sent.

Luks at my new shirt! I iz punk rok!

Oh ya dah lites wur gone. Dis is dah hous wit dah flash.

Dis is NO FLASH! Scawy. Verry scawy.

Ok datz it! I luvz u mah Murfeeeeee doggggg! Mah Momma an me piked out yoor prezzie today!!!!! Getz ixcited!


Unknown said...

wow - Murfee (aka Murphy) is the MAN!!! Those are awesome prezzies, Dixie!! Have a great Valentine's day, and don't forget to share the love!

Brutus and Miley said...

Oh wow those are some awesome presents. Did your Mom get my email I sent a couple days ago?

Nibbles Treats said...

You hauled in the loot! Way to go! Have a great Valentine's Day everyone!
Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Kelly said...

OMD Dixie! Murphy totally spoils you! He is such a wonderful boyfriend!! I LOOOVE your crazy nose-guard picture in your new shirt!!!

Sandra y Coco Pug said...

great presents from Murphy! I am glad to hear from you again Dixie, you should post often!

Nevis said...

Murphy is the best boyfriend ever! :)

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Holy Cow! He made you a mixed tape? That's the ultimate sign of LOVE!

Murphy Dogg said...

Hello my love, Happy Valentine's Day! I'm so happy you liked all your presents! I'm curious, which of the mix tape songs is your fave?
Can't wait to get my gift!
Murphy Dogg
P.S. please don't think I'm a schmuck because of that last mushy song ... I like New Edition ... so what?

Murphy Dogg said...

Oh, and I forgot to tell you! I gave you and Sophie and Harles an award! Check out my blog for the details.

Joe Stains said...

That Murphy is one COOL dude!! Did you get some of the cookies he sells in his store because they are SO FREAKIN GOOD!!

Martha said...

What nice pressies! You look very stylish in your new shirt. Love, Martha

Ruby and Penny said...

Wow, you have a very special sweetheart.
Happy Valentine's Day
Love Ruby & Penny