Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vikki's Birthday Bash!

What a fun night! Brian and I went to the casa de Pug Posse for Vikki's birthday last night. We arrived without the pugs (we were running late, per usual) but Brian took Salinger's dad with him to pick them up, since it looked like SO MUCH FUN- there were 12 pugs total when ours arrived!

While Brian and Salinger's dad were off pug-fetching, I got some one-on-one time with Vikki's foster, Gus.

Remember how overwhelmed Salinger was at our house? He definitely developed post-dramatic stress disorder after this event.

Our friend from the meetup, Jessica, and her boyfriend Ryan came with their pug Lilo. Here is Ryan getting pugged by some of the Posse.

Laura and I tried to make Salinger feel better with a cocktail weenie.

When our pugs arrived, everyone got excited so they were let outside to let their excitement out. Our pugs were ESPECIALLY disapproving of this.

Who is right in the front? That's right, Harley, Dixie, and Sophie. So pathetic.

Dixie was saying "I want to come in and PLAY!

Finally they were brought back in. Jessica experienced Dixie's lack of personal space awareness, while Bernice and Lilo looked on.

Lilo looked confused as to why there was not food in the bowl!

I have literally never seen so many pugs in one house!

Dixie was running around like a crazybugg! Everyone was chasing her/

Again, notice Dixie's lack of polite-ness.

Jessica was ATTACKED by a pug pile! Notice Salinger on his mom's lap in the corner...

Even Harles joined into the chasing. I am happy to say there was VERY LITTLE bitey-facing!

Check out Bernice and Sophie. They could be twins!

Laura got to hold Pippin for a little while... doesn't he look TOO adorable! I bet he's thinking about his next poem for Sophie...

I gave my little baby Harles a hug!

Dixie and Brian imitating her!

Bernice looks like she is eyeing her mom's wine!

Dixie got some love from Denny too!

Laura made Vikki a birthday cake and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!

While us humans enjoyed Cake the pugs took off and played in a massive pug pack.

We looked at some videos and Dixie got REALLY into it.

The pugs went everywhere together... it was so cute!

Poor little Sophie got tired as the night came to a close... and so did I!

Maybe this is why- she got on the table! And tried to get a taste of some beer!


With that, we called it a night. Thanks for having us over Vikki- and everyone be sure to visit the Pug Posse blog on Monday everyone to wish her a happy birthday on her REAL birthday day!


Salinger The Pug said...

OMG...those group pics are HILARIOUS!!! I can't believe I didn't get any of those!

Poor Salinger...he slept the whole way home and has been sleeping most of today too. I guess all that casual observing really knocks a pug out!

Nibbles Treats said...

Holy Moly! It's Pugapalooza! What a party!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tuck

Clover said...

Hi guys!
Looks like you had a super fun party! The pictures with all the pugs are so cute.
I finished shopping for your prize today, can't wait to ship it off to you!
Love Clover xo

Murphy Dogg said...

You guys had a pug-rific weekend! Looks like you had fun!
Murphy Dogg
p.s. thanks for the great shot of Dixie's bootiful brindle butt!

Unknown said...

hahha - the pictures of them at the door is like "night of the living pug-zombie" or something. They are hungry......FOR BRAINS!!

Looks like loads of fun - will pop over and wish Vikki a happy b-lated b-day.

Kelly said...

The 'Brian imitating Dixie' picture made my day! You know those are my favorite!!

The party looked like SO MUCH fun! BFF, you were doing a pawsome nose-guard as you made a dash for the beer!

We're on our way to wish Vikki a happy bday!

Joe Stains said...

omdog it was PUG MANIA! Mom loved all the pics of the doggies at the door!!

Anonymous said...

That looks like lots of fun! :)
I cannot imagine that many pugs in one place.

Nevis said...

WOW, that's a lot of pugs in one space!!! :) Your comments about the photos were hilarious. Looks like you had a great time!

Puglette said...

wow, that looks like such a fun party! good friends and lots of puggies!! you couldn't ask for more!