Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stupid, Stupid Humans.

Ugh, it's Sophie, and you're in for another photo-less entry. Why you ask? Because our humans are STUPID!!! Let me explain.

Last night they went to go buy foods at the food place. I'm not sure where it is but they leave then come back with FOOD! I love it. Anyways it meant we had to go in our room and watch Animal Planet, which sucks a little because Harley and Dixie can get annoying, but it was ok. But all of a sudden, like only a tiny bit after they left, everything went -POP- and the TV and lights went out.

When our pawrents came home they NEVER TURNED ON THE LIGHTS! They just lit up little flamey things and played CARDS... they NEVER turned on the TV, the lights, the oven, the microwave, nothin'. And then they went to bed like before 9pm! Don't they realize we have needs? But to make matters worse, they turned on lights this MORNING!!! What the heck! I don't understand these humans.

Mom's note: We had a power outage last night because the high winds blew down a tree on our street. It was fixed overnight though. Silly pugs don't understand!


Rosie said...

Hope the food did not spoil! Silly pugs need to eat :)

Nibbles Treats said...

Our neighborhood got blown to pieces again but we never lost power. Makes up for in September when hurricane strength winds came through and we were out of power for 8 days.

Glad you were all safe.
Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Kelly said...

Sophie! Next time it's all dark and the stupid humans are neglecting you, make a poopie somewhere! They'll never see it and they'll step right on it! heheheh!