Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Survey Time!

I stole this from Nevis and LadyPug Mugs... yay Friday!
1. Would you rather join the Ghostbusters to hunt ghosts or join the Sesame Street bunch? Why?
OBVIOUSLY I would rather join Ghostbusters. I love love loved the movies as a kid because my dad loved them. I always wanted to be an exciting superhero or spy when I was little... Ghostbusters fit the bill. Plus, the Sesame Street gang are all about being polite, politically correct, teaching new skills and learning new values. It sounds like my 8-5 life already. I'll take a life of ghost-exterminating, thank you.
2. What is the most you are willing to do to get out of a police officer giving you a ticket?
The first time I got pulled over, I just got a warning. I was like, shaking though. The second time I got pulled over... hysterically cried. Still got the ticket. But I only cried when he came up to me with the ticket. He kind of alluded that it was okay, I wasn't in trouble, blah blah blah, and I said "No, I'm crying because of my insurance!" I didn't want my insurance to go up, haha! I don't think anything works, but I guess just being nice will be my POA next time. PS- both times I got pulled over? North Carolina. See a pattern, Rachel?
3. What popular movies do you find to be overrated?
The Shining. I hear it is super scary, top 10 scariest of all time, etc etc- I laughed my way through that movie. I still don't get it.
4. What is in (and/or on) your bedside table)?
A lamp, our cell phones charging (at night) a picture of Brian as a baby, a picture of my dad and I and his prayer card, and a meerkat stuffed animal from a trip to the Museum of Natural History in NYC last Thanksgiving.
5. Have you ever had or fantasized about having a relationship with a boss before?
Nope. Except all the interns at where I worked in NYC thought that the boss of the PR side was SUPER hot. It made for interesting lunchtimes. He looked sort of like Lance Armstrong.
6. If you had a personal assistant, what would you have them do?
Clean!!! And do my laundry, and cook my food. However I would have to spend MONTHS training them because I am anal and particular, even though I'm not very clean... like many items of my clothes hang dry, and I only like my eggs cooked a certain way, etc.
7. Have you ever faked static, loss of cell phone reception or anything else on the telephone line to get out of a conversation?
Nope, never had to! If I have to or want to go I just tell them. I love it when in the movies they ruffle candy wrappers on the phone to fake static- I wonder if it works!


Unknown said...

that's weird about getting pulled over twice in NC! Did you live here for a while or something? Where did you get pulled over at? I got pulled over twice on the island I grew up on in the outer banks and once on highway 17 right outside of Jacksonville.

Eduardo said...

I think you would be a great ghostbuster!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Nevis said...

I think The Shining might have been scary for it's time (the 70's) and it's definatly creepy if not actually scary, you know?