Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yellow and Blue

We made Mommy less stressed today! Although "we" meaning "pugs" weren't really involved. We told Mommy to CHEER UP and de-stress!!! She had a half-day today and went to the BMV (what is that??!!?!???!) (Mommy's note: It's called a DMV in like, EVERY other state... still bitter, I digress...) to get her blue license plate. Her old one was yellow. I don't know the difference but she has been putting this off and stressing so we said "Momma, DO IT!" so it would help de-stress her. Daddy is SO nice too and wanted to help de-stress Mommy and so he helped since he knew she LOVED yellow.

Time to get rid of the yellow...

There it goes! Wonder how Mommy feels about it...?

I don't get why she likes YELLOW so much!!!!

After that Daddy put on the blue... check out those COOL magnets, they have PUGS on them!

Daddy nailed the yellow one to our garage wall.

There's Mommy's car! We don't like driving in it. We prefer Daddy's. It's bigger.

Plus we think blue looks great on it!!!!

Thanks for helping us de-stress Mommy a little, everyone! Your comments about her and KPR were nice. And thanks to those who have contributed to KPR... PLEASE KEEP GIVING EVERYPUG!!!!!


Joe Stains said...

Why did they make you switch???

Ruby Bleu said...

My Mom was a little sad when she changed her yellow one too (my Mom is from NJ too!!!). We have a white one which goes nicely with our blue car...we're like opposites!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Anonymous said...

Yes, why do you have to switch? We have new fancy plates here in support of the olympics, it isn't mandatory and you have to pay extra.

I hope your mom destresses a little bit more.. have a hot bath, cold glass of wine and a book.. all at the same time! It helps!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

Comment from the Momma- I was switching from NJ to IN! The pugs just don't get it. I finally got around to switching my insurance and license a while back so it was time to, after a year and half, go 100% Hoosier and get the plate. Plus I think I was being illegal for a while there.

Archie and Melissa said...

hi sophie and dixie!
i like where your dad hung the old plate! what a great idea!
you all make me smile!

Puddleglum said...

Ah, switching state plates... Fun times.

Dad was happy to trade in his boring old IL plate for CO stuff. And he went to college in IN, so he weeps for your poor car having to carry around the sign of shame.

Speaking of which, Mom has a Toyota Camry that looks a lot like that one! I can't imagine why you don't like riding in it-- I love it!