Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hi everyone. I have some very sad news, Mommy is like super sad right now. She got this e-mail this morning from Annie, the nice KPR lady that helped get us adopted:

It is with a heavy heart I am writing because our rescue is in dire straights. For the first time in the history of Kentuckiana Pug Rescue, we have made the horrific decision to stop intaking pugs in need. We simply don't have the funds or foster homes to continue taking on additional pugs at this time. We have over 130 in Foster care and many require ongoing medical treatments and medicines. Cost for Heartworm Preventative and Flea Control alone costs the rescue 2,000.00 a month.

Hug a Pug is simple..we are asking people to donate 10.00 or more if you like!! and to spread the word to your dog loving friends and family. please...consider that 10.00 will go a long way toward KPR being able to begin taking in Pugs in need again.

You can visit our website at Click the donate button. Your contribution IS tax deductible.

Thank you in advance.


Vice President

SO Dixie Bugg and I decided to do something! We are not so good with the camera but ok get this, we are having a PAWCTION! It's like an auction for doggy stuff. My Mommy has all this jewelry from when she used to sell it and she doesn't need it anymore... it is really purty but she says pugs are more important. SO what we did was took pictures of it with the prices of what you would usually pay for it. We blocked the brand because we weren't sure if we'd get in trouble, but all of them still have their tags on it and boxes and stuff. If you donate $20 to KPR, you can pick out one of these beautiful items!! AND for $35 you can get two!!! If you want to donate, it is first come first serve for these beautiful jewelry items. Just e-mail to with what you are going to donate and which item you want, and we will send you more details.

Here is the jewels!

Item 1: This necklace charm is silver with a cool texture and shiny red gem in the middle. Usually sold for $28!

Item 2: These earrings are gold and silver so they match all your jewelry! Usually sold for $30!

Item 3: This necklace in a Y-shape has brown tones of cut crystals, and a suede-y cord. Usually sold for $46!

Item 4: This red-themed necklace has lots of beautiful cut crystals. This will be great for fall! Usually sold for $78! And you could have it for $20!!!!!

Item 5: This necklace charm is fun and whimsical, in both gold and silver so you can wear with a gold or silver chain! Usually sold for $30!

Item 6: This charm is gold with a black stripe. It would look great on any gold chain. Usually sold for $22!

Item 7: This necklace is silver with a genuine turquoise stone! Simply gorgeous! It usually sold for $38!

Item 8: This necklace is 17" and the only thing that doesn't have a tag- it fell off, whoops! Which led her to "mis-mark" it, silly mommy, it usually sells for $110 not $75!!! It is pricey because it is reversible gold or silver, and is thick enough that it holds that side when you wear it. It would look great with any of the necklace charms!!! $110 and you could have it for a mere $20 donation to puggies!

Item 9: This silver charm holds mother of pearl and jasper stones. It can go on any necklace chain. Usually sold for $38!

Item 10: These beautiful blue crystal earrings are for pierced ears... usually sold for $22!

I would really like to get rid of all of this stuff, because it would mean at least $175 would go to KPR. However, if you want to donate more, GO RIGHT AHEAD!!!! I hope you all will try and donate if you are able. Thanks, Mommy and the pugs in rescue will be so so happy!!!


Unknown said...

Hi ladies - we just submitted a donation this morning, I'll email you in a bit. Thanks for letting us know about the rescue - we're always happy to help when we're able.

Liss said...

Oh I'm so sad about this to. Your mama is so sweet to do this auction. Best of luck to you guys. We have a post on KPR too and hope to do a fundraiser of some sort too.

Punchbugpug said...

Hi! We're going to be listing KPR as our Etsy recipient for the month of September to help out too!