Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Names and Kiddies

Hi everyone it is Sophie the great!

We thought that Rachel at the Ladypug Mugs blog did two really great entries about kids being mean to Winston and Clemmie. HOW RUDE!!! So we decided to talk about that too. Since kiddies have been pretty mean to us. One time a boy threw me down after my... ahem... buxom bosom... flopped onto his arm. I've been called a cow, and gross. I can't help it! I mean, Dixie gets called retarded a lot but that's her own fault, since she is. But I'm gorgeous, and I don't know why people don't see it all the time!

However right after Mommy read us that blog, we went on a walk and met some more kiddies! There were two girls and their Mommy, and then their friends and their Mommy came over too. They held the Bugg and me a lot and petted us and one of them begged for another doggie like us to take home. I wanted Mommy to take pictures but she feels weird asking people if they are ok with it, since she posts them. But it was a good experience since they were so nice to us. We wish more kiddies had great parents that would teach them tolerance and acceptance. My nails are pretty sharp right now, so if the kiddies were mean I totally would have "accidentally" scratched them!!

Also, Ladypug Mugs and Stella had this great fun project- a list of their "other" names! Me and Dixie are going to do it too!

Here are my names:

1. Sophie Pig
2. Sophieeeeeee
3. Sophie Sophie
4. Sopha Loaf
5. Sophie Pug
6. Pug
7. Spiderpug
8. Wrunt Wrunt Pug

Here, I will let Dixie write hers...

Hiy it iz dah bugg. Heer iz mah namez:

1. Dah Bugg
2. Dixie Bugg
3. Dixie Lixie
4. Super Bugg
5. Dixie Bixie
6. Buggy Bugg
7. Lazy Bugg
8. Snorty Bugg

Tankz fur dah chanse to rite mor on dah blog, Soffeeeee!

Oh yeah, Sophie again... Mommy wanted to say sorry for the slacker entries, she has a crazy/busy week and hopefully will be recovering from it quite soon!!!


The Devil Dog said...

Mom was walking the pugs who came before once and adult said "what a fat dog!" The two girls mom was with dropped their jaws they were so stunned. Now, mom had gotten Bridget from 30 pounds to 22lbs at the time, so mom was pretty peeved. That and the fact that the woman had a butt so big you could put a tray on it. And thighs like elephants.
People are dumb sometimes.


Nevis said...

People can be dumb sometimes, indeed. No one has said anything about my dogs yet, probally because they're tiny and look like puppies but sometimes I feel poorly for Napoleon because everyone fawns over how cute Rukia is...and he gets no love. But it's okay. Between you and me...Poley bear is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

The poor girls! My grandmother is biased towards Gus, he is too big, she says. So she kind of ignores him and gives all her attention to Indy. :(

I have my problems with kids picking up Indy and dropping her then with nasty comments.. my mom tells me when I have kids strangers will try and pick up my baby too.. Oh yay! :p

People are so rude!! I think Sophie and Dixie are beeoootiful just the way they are!