Monday, August 18, 2008

The "Le Pug" Meme

I took this great meme from Adore Le Pug! I'm hoping it will make the craziness of my Monday a little bit better.

Rules: Obey the Pug, answer the following, and pass on!

1) How did you first learn about Pugs?

I had seen them in movies, like MIB, and always thought they were cute, but thought little of it. I was a senior in High School, and was doing a lot of those classes where really, you didn't do any work, but got to browse the internet in the computer lab. My friend Hillary pulled up her favorite kind of dog, and so I was browsing puppy pictures and decided my two favorite kinds of dogs were pugs or chihuahuas. Not long after, my dad very coincidentally told my sisters and me that he was "thinking" about getting a pug, since his co-worker and his wife bred their pugs, and brought in the tiny puppies to run around the office, thus hooking my dad. Getting Oli was my first pug experience!

2) What made you get a Pug?

Well, no one bothered to tell my mom about our dad getting us a pug, she found out when she found the list of names (three pages) my sisters and I made. The only single name that all three of us had circled was "Oliver," thus, we adopted him at the beginning of May 2003. My dad passed away the following January, and my mother kept him until he died in September 2007. She'll never admit it, but she was hooked too! We got our two now because I had been dying to get one after I moved, and especially feeling the loss of pug in my life with Oliver gone! Brian and I had just got our house and got the girls only 6 days later.

3) Most memorable moment with your Pug (s).

There are a cutest and saddest. (I'm focusing on Oliver since there are WAY too many already and more to come with Sophie and Dixie!) The cutest one was when he was a wee puppy, and I brought him to my sister's softball game. Our gym teacher Gary (who was SO HOT) was there, and started making fun of him! Something like, "that is the ugliest dog I have EVER seen, yada yada..." well Oli took a huge, snotty sneeze and blew greenish nose goo all over Gary's white shirt. HILARIOUS! The saddest memorable moment was when I was in upstate NY and found out Oliver was going to be put to sleep because he was far too sick to wait for me to get home. I got to get on the phone, and my mom held it up to him in the doctor's office, and I told him not to be scared, and that I loved him, and that he would be out of pain and so much happier after this. It was so hard, but I'll never forget hearing those tiny soft breaths, it was comforting for me, and I hope I comforted him.

4) What is the most important thing Pugs (or dogs) have taught you?

They help teach me to laugh even when things are not going right. I absolutely could not survive without them! And they teach me everyday about unconditional love... they are so innocent, so loving.

5) Best Thing You Ever Did For Your Pugs….aside from loving them, keeping them healthy & happy, and giving them a great life.

For Oliver, probably the best we did was letting him go when he did, he was so so ill. The work we've done socializing Sophie and Dixie has been great, the best part though was that we kept them together. They are lost without one another (well, Sophie is lost without Dixie, haha) and I think that it's a huge part of their happiness that they are together.

6) Post your answers on why you “Adore Le Pug” on your blog and link to the blog who tagged you (or their blog post).

7) Tag 5 or more other bloggers.

I tag Salinger, Suki Sumo & Mojo Risin', Petra, Brutus & Ozzy, and Winston & Clemmie!


Puddleglum said...

Dad is bizarre. When he read the story of having to put Oliver to sleep via phone, his eyes started leaking. How do eyes sunken in that far start leaking so easily? Tasty for me, though!

Humans are so wierd...

I have a surprise for you on my blog!

The Devil Dog said...

We absolutely love #3. What a perfect come uppance for the coach.

Roxy & Lucky

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Awe, your answers are so sweet, they made me cry.

Anonymous said...

yay - thanks for tagging us! This is a good one. We will do it as soon as we get the million other post-vacation things done!

Too Cute Pugs said...

What a wonderful post! It made Mommy cry.

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy