Monday, March 9, 2009

New Living Room! Bye Bye, PLAID!

Hey friends- it's Kelly! Sorry for the teaser this weekend! We were so exhausted with daylight savings time, moving stuff, and table shopping, that we POOPED OUT! Today is day ONE of unemployment for me, so I have TONS of time to pet these pugs and take their pictures!

Dixie Bugg LOVES the new couches. They're like a microfibery fabric, and I have zero idea how to care for them!

Brian's mom gave us many pillow options. We loooved the gold/blue ones but they did not match :( Sophie helped us pick!

"This is too many pillows, Mom."

I jumped in the pillow pile to appreciate these puggies!

Dixie also loved the pillows!

Sophie still figured out how to get to the top of the couch.

The others were from yesterday, but the next pics are from this morning. I've been putting blankets down because they LICK and it makes the fabric feel weird. This is how they were ALL MORNING.

We bought two tiny tables and are selling our old, huge coffee table (it was 4 feet by 2.5 feet! Too big with these couches.)

Now we have way more versatility.

Bugg is the only one who wanted to stay in the photo! Thanks Buggggg.

What do you all think!!?!


Anonymous said...

I think it looks fabuuulous dahling! Love the cushion colors and the puggies make awesome models.
We have microfibre couches too and they lick them and I hate that! lol
A damp cloth is good for cleaning or I use fantastic oxy spray (love it) with a damp cloth for the gross stains.
I found with microfibre that you will end up with water spots so we ended up buying a bissel green machine (120$ at walmart) and it worked wonders. Plus our seat covers come off so we just toss them in the wash.
Good luck with the unemployment.. how goes the job hunting? :(

Nibbles Treats said...

We like! Looks like they are worthy of sleeping on, wrestling on, licking on and sneezing on. Great choice!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Unknown said...

yay for new furniture! I used to have a microfiber chaise lounge in my old apartment that the pugs LOVED - something about that fabric they love to lick it. Like Lex said - a damp cloth usually did the trick, but mine was a darker color, so you may have to put some more effort into keeping the tan....well, tan.

Good luck with the job hunt. I'm sending good positive job juju your way.

Sandra y Coco Pug said...

the new couches look so comfy! I have a new living room but same old couches (well, hubby's couches) it was a mission to make them fit into the new area (much much smaller than his old house). we just are not willing to spend money on new furniture now... but I think it came out nice. Good luck finding a new *and exciting* job!!

Clover said...

OMG I love that last picture with Dixie in it! SO cute. Your living room looks great! I love the colours, and it does look nice and spacious.
The couches look really comfy, and good call on the two smaller tables!

Joe Stains said...

I think they look great, Mom is jealous because she said we ruined her couches. WHATEVER.

Nevis said...

LOVE the new couches and furniture! Microfiber cleans up like a dream!