Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Harley's First Monon Walk!

Sorry about not writing much. I (Kelly) have been feeling in a funk, just kind of down because of the whole unemployment thing. It's hard to face that I am applying for so many jobs and not getting them! I was just turned down for one because I didn't have as much experience as the other person, even though they "loved" me. I'm 23... how much experience can I have, really? I can't get more if no one will give me a chance!"

Anyway, enough of that rant. Speaking of being 23, I turn 24 on April 2! Fiance knew I was feeling down and bought me my birthday present early- a Wii!!!!! The Bugg just LOVES freaking out over it.


Today we decided to enjoy the nice weather once Brian got home from work. We haven't been to the Monon Trail since probably September, and we got Harley in October. That means- it was Harles' first Monon!!!!

The pugs had a GREAT time. They practically pulled us. Of course we stopped and got them water at the halfway point.

Harles was SO excited that he lead the way. He was practically running after the dog there in front of him (can you see it way far up the Monon?) Look at his ears flapping away! He almost looks like a Frenchie!

Needless to say, we have some tired puggies. I guess they decided not to work for the Snuggle Puggle today since Mommy's unemployed- they're going to be too.

Looking as silly as the Bugg here does take work, though!

I love using the macro setting on my camera to get up close pictures. The only thing that stinks is the shutter speed is slow which means if they move at ALL, it's fuzzy. Sophie's was the best, but Harles always seems to move. He sees the camera light aim and gets all confused!

Now that I'm feeling a little more positive and upbeat (and have a Wii!) look for more updates soon!


Liss said...

Congrats on the wii, it's an awesome thing. Wii bowling is my fav. game to play on it.

Don't feel bad about the job thing, it's a tough time for everyone these days. Something will come along. A door will open.

Apollo said...

A Wii! How awesome! My Mommy has been wanting one forever! You need to get the cow racing game. Mommy played that at her sister-in-laws house and she said it was hysterical.

Don't get down about the unemployment. My Mommy had that problem once too, and it took her 4 months to get a job. She said it was worth it though, because she learned a lot about herself and now has a job she loves.

Unknown said...

yay for the Wii!!! If you get Mario Kart or the Wii Speak or anything, let me know and we can play together!!!

Jen and Suki said...

Kelly, I know how you feel- I've been out of "real" work since the end of September and it is hard. I have worked in nonprofit for 5 years so I've been doing the occasional contract job here and there and I just started subbing in the local school district. But now I don't have benefits, PTO or job security (and I only get jobs about 3X/wk because there is a glut of subs). But something will come along- for both of us. Luckily I hear a rumor that the Obama admin is putting some money toward nonprofits so hopefully you and I will be back to work in no time. ;) Also I am taking the opportunity to go back to school and finally get my MAT. Woohoo! Good luck!! And feel better. The Wii and pugs will help.

Jen and Suki said...

Pee.S. This is Suki now and that was my mom who commented before!


Rosie said...

A good walk always clears the head and makes you feel better. As far as the job thing goes, it is a hard time. Maybe take a class or something to keep you occupied while you are job hunting - more education is always a good thing!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Its me tweedles,,,
your babies are adorable and i want to tell you we are keeping postive thoughts going for you to find employment in this scart world!

Anonymous said...

I love the wii! I have the wii fit and Gus jumps at me while I'm trying to do it. :)

Sorry you are feeling low, it is hard but get out there with the puggies, they always make you feel better.

Joe Stains said...

Be careful, Tanner got a nice punch in the face after the humans got their wii. WOOPS