Thursday, March 5, 2009


Here's a flyer I got today from a coworker: (FYI tomorrow is my last day!)

If you can't read the writing, it says:

There's a world of suffering hidden behind the puppies for sale in many pet shops and on the Internet. The pups are often born at abusive "puppy mills" - filthy, overcrowded factories that breed dogs with a variety of health and behavior problems. Thousands of dogs in Indiana are languishing in such facilities, where they'll never know the pleasure of a treat, a toy, or a bed, or the feel of grass under their feet. Urge your state senator to vote YES on H.B. 1468. Call 800-382-9467.

I don't know if this is just Indiana, so everyone should try! Additionally- everyone should forward this to friends! It is SO meaningful to us because Sophie and Dixie came from a facility described above. And although Sophie happens to hate the feel of grass beneath her feet (with it being frozen and such from the cold), she's so lucky to even have the opportunity! I also am not sure why the bubbles above the pug feature a gerbil, cat, fish, and frog... but I'm sure that's just those animals showing their support of H.B. 1468!

Call and forward today!!!!


Kelly said...

Oklahoma passed our puppy mill bill (similar to this one) yesterday!


Murphy Dogg said...

We got a buttload of puppy mills in PA ... damn Amish people.
So I hope we get a puppy mill bill soon. Good luck on yours!
Murphy Dogg