Saturday, March 7, 2009

March Meetup and a SURPRISE!

Hey everyone it's Sophie. Wow did we ever have a PAWESOME day!!!!!! Mommy and Daddy were running around all morning and we felt neglected. But then they got home and took us TO THE PUG MEETUP!

We were like all of three minutes late and our friends were ALL THERE partying already. Woodrow aka "Woody", the Boston Terrierist, was in rare form. He's always crazy but he jumped up a tree like twice as tall as Mommy to get this branch!

Everyone was laughing. He ran around with that stick for a while!

This is Roscoe. He was at the Halloween meetup and was just pretty much a pup then. He looks like Bugg but he's a Pug and Frenchie mix.

Woody seemed really interested in "making new friends.

Ok I'm just putting this out there since Murphy Dogg is my friend but I think Dixie and Woody had like maybe a little TOO much fun maybe?

There may or may not have been some legit hump action before this picture.

Look at how CRAZED Woody looks!

Anyways Mommy of course gave me hugs and stuff and my ex-almost-pugmother-in-law said hi too.

Harles and Dixie were pretty much attention stealers all day it was soooo obnoxious.

There's that randy little ball of energy Woody.

Here are all the pug blogger Mommas that were there- Pugsley's mom, Salinger's mom, MY mom, and the whole Pug Posse's mom!

Check out Dixie's ear! It was SO super windy at the park.

I also made a super cool new friend, Winnie! She was at a meetup like MONTHS ago and was a wee puppy. I thought she was so fun. Pearlie I want her to come hang out with us!

Look how fun she is! Way funner than Dixie and like 100% less slutty. Sorry Dixie it had to be said.

There were like pugs for miles at this meetup.

This lady came up to Daddy and asked to hold me! She said I was the perfect size... well DUH! I really liked her she was nice.

Then ok we get home and get a BIG surprise... Grandma gave us NEW COUCHES!!!!!! And they match my beautiful fur!!!!

Dixie thinks this one is hers. WHATEVER. She is clearly just too stinky to sit with the rest of us.

Mommy will update you more on the new pug-colored couches tomorrow. They are super tired, she said they moved like four couches today or something. Why they did that I don't know but whatever we have cool couches and I am not like cross-eyed by the plaid anymore! YAY!


Salinger The Pug said...

Dixie Bugg is a shameless hussy! (hahahaha!). Something tells me Murphy Dogg would have been holding the video camera during that entire exchange, but that's neither here nor there......

Your new furniture is beautiful and very Sophie colored! Mom has a weakness for all things plaid, but she'll get over it.

Have a great Sunday and we hope you got to sleep in to make up for this farkakte time change!

S-Dog and your ex-almost pugmother in law (HAHAHAAAAA)

Pug Posse said...

Maybe Dixie was just confused and actually thought that Woody was Murphy ;-)

We had so much fun yesterday! It was the best meetup yet!

Great new furniture! Love the pug color :-)

Pug hugs and kisses!
The Pug Posse

Joe Stains said...

yaa Go Woody Go! He is such a cool dude. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun and then you got to come home and rest on super pawesome new couches!!

Clover said...

Hi guys! Looks like you had sooo much fun at your meetup! I love all your pictures. And horray for new couches - they look beautiful!
Love Clover xo

Pugsley and Lola said...

It was lots of fun seeing all of you yesterday at the meetup:) Woodrow was pretty funny!!

Looking forward to seeing you again at March in the Pugs!!


Kelly said...

Sophie, you looked totally cute at the meetup! And Winnie definitely needs to come to happy hour(s) with us!

Tell your sissy Dixie to get it under control. Woody has NOTHING on Murphy!!!!