Monday, March 9, 2009

Living Room Update- What the Pugs Think

Gee everyone, with me being unemployed, you're going to get sick of me! Dixie and Harley tested some of their favorite activities in the newly arranged living room. Check it out!

Before: Harley used to perch like this on the couch arms.

After: Harley really likes the new spacious spot!

Before: Dixie says "Mom, there is no room for me in the sun with this furniture!"

After: Dixie now has plenty of room to lay out in the sun!

Of course, Sophie is still doing assessments. You know how she is! Updates later.

Oh and since a lot of you asked- unemployment is going well, I have two second-interviews this week, so keep those fingers crossed!


Liss said...

Good luck!

Ruby Bleu said...

The furniture lots GREAT!!! And I really like the little tables. Looks like the pugs are settling in just fine. I debated when I got new furniture where or not to let Ruby up on it...but there was not stopping here! And you know's too short for her not be be snuggling with me anyway!

As for the sofa being microfiber...I love my microfiber sofa!!! A little warm water and mild soap gets rid of EVERYTHING.

Good luck on the interviews!


Brill said...

Monorail Pug !

Too Cute Pugs said...

It was nice of you to re-arrange your living room for your puggies. Our parents got us a new couch and chair too. It was very thoughtful of them.

We're crossing our paws for you in good luck!
Pearl & Daisy

Nicole said...

Oh, what an upgrade for the pups! :) We like that!