Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lazy Mommy and LOTS of Birthdays!

Hi everyone! It's me, Sophie Sophie. Wow what a crazy week. Today is our grandma's birthday!!!!

She calls us her grandpugs. Besides pugs she is definitely not a grandma. This is her profile picture on Facebook (sort of like Dogbook for you Dogbook members) and as you can tell she is a pro swing dancer! She dances like crazy and is really really good at it. Sometimes when I chase my tail I pretend I am dancing like Grandma! We love you Grandma, Happy Happy Happy Barkday!

MONDAY, the 16th, was DADDY's birthday!!! Mom and I decorated the house for him and then we baked him a cake. Mommy says next time she'll do this as a sheet cake- it's a new from-scratch recipe that is in a cake book she has. She said the icing was a little like donut icing! YUM! I wish she had shared. The cake was a spice cake. There are 2 candles, one that's a two and one that's a seven, because Daddy is now 27!

Mommy got Daddy a phone for his birthday and we got him a case of beer. How does he repay us for our GENEROUS gift? Goes to Benihana with his friends and Mommy. They showed us the pictures at least. This is from the eggs they used to make fried rice.

This is one of the guys who cooks! He was playing the drums for Daddy cuz it was his birthday!

Because Mommy is unemployed you'd think she'd blog more, right? WRONG. She has been doing a lot of errands and applying for jobs and a lot of napping (LAZY!!!!) so she hasn't paid nearly enough attention to the dog blog world. Because she's so neglectful I decided to post some lovely photos that have been sitting on her camera.

This is baby Harles' face up close!

This is me and Dixie looking confused. We LOVE the sun! Since Mommy is home in the day we get to bask!

This is me and Dixie sleeping. Thanks for interrupting our mid-morning nap, MOM.

This is a picture of Dixie with a toy her boyfriend got her. And then look at the hot dog toy Clover got us... it was placed there by accident!!! BOL!!!!


Check out that Bugg tongueeee ewwww!

Harles up close and personal! Look at that beautiful pug in the background...

Ok! That's all for now. Hopefully she'll drop this boring act soon.


The Devil Dog said...

Happy Birthday everyone. Great photos, you all. And we hope your mom gets employed soon, at a job she really, really likes.


Apollo said...

Thanks for sharing the photos Sophie. I hope your Mommy finds a job soon. Then she'll have more money to spend on all of you. :) My Mommy said Pugs cost too much. But she says it's her fault, because she loves me so much she just can't resist buying me things. I love being spoiled! That dinner looks like fun. Maybe we should get our Mommys to do a fun doggy dinner like that for us.

Unknown said...

aw - I love the up close bugg tongue shot - it's so cute I want to bite it! mwahahah.

Nibbles Treats said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos Sophie. We really liked them and happy birthday to your dad and Grandma.

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Punchbugpug said...

Happy Birthdayssssssssss to all!

The cake looks YUMMY. It looks like the mommy is taking a lot of pics, so she must not be that lazy!

Kelly said...

Sophie Sophie! You look SOOO pretty in your pics! And Harles and Dixie are cute too...

Wanna go shopping this weekend? I need some new thongs.

The shoes, not the undies! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your daddy and your grandma!!

Those are some good pictures Sophie!!

Harry Pugalicious said...

BOL!!!! That picture of Dixie and the hotdog is really cracking me and mom up! We's trying to catch up on postededs cause Mom's been super busy lately too. We's all so neglected!

Nevis said...

Happy birthday! And the ULTRA close ups are the best. LOVE the one of Dixibaby!

Murphy Dogg said...

Happy Birthday to the Dad!
Glad to see Dixie is still digging the devil doll toy.
I'm still trying to kill that damn disc toy! So far, it has turned out to be even tougher than me!
Murphy Dogg