Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mission: Buggpossible

Hi itz dah bugg. I iz bein sent on uh reconasince misshun. Dah Mommy and dah Daddy tinkz dat dah neybur iz doin sum shadey biznuss at hur house. Dey sez they wish dey had more info abut why derz alwayz dah weird peeples der at dah weird hourz.

I will findz out... juss send me in, Mommy and Daddy!!! Strap dah camruh to mah Buddy-Belt an I iz unstopabul. I will findz out dah fax. An I will not let dah pitbol hurt mah Sofee agin. It is dah misshun: buggposibull.


Ozzie, Rocky and Lola said...

Be careful! Sounds dangerous, good luck with your mission!
Ozzie & Rocky

Salinger The Pug said...

Give 'em hell Dixie!

You're a model citizen!

Good luck!



Christine & Giggs said...

Awesome picture LOL! LOVE the um, lower harness...

Harry Pugalicious said...

You're much cuter than that crazy Tom (I have some screws loose) Cruise!

Be brave little bugg!

~Harry P.

Preppy Pugs said...

I give you the Brillante Weblog award. Thank you for your daily blogging!


Woof, Pug and Bugg

We've given you the brillant weblog award. Congrats.

Desert Pups

Anonymous said...

Oooh do you get a cute male love interest? and a fancy car? oh.. wait.. that is bond! lol
How abotu slef destructing sun glasses?

Becareful.. the best idea is to stay on top of it with the police, any disturbances call them for a drive by... our even see if you can talk to an officer about your suspicians.. they start increasing patrols in the neighborhood.

Unknown said...

oh the bugg-a-boo cracks me up.

Hey ladies! Check out our blog for the first Project Dogway competition!!!

Joe Stains said...

wow you are SUPER brave!!!!!!! good luck!

Jen and Suki said...

OMD good luck Dixie! You are so brave.

The Devil Dog said...

Oh dear. I think this sounds cool but mom has had the neighbor from Hades and she knows it is no fun. Please be careful. If you must, keep track of things and give it to the police! Don't go over there!


Can you tell mom is a worrywart?