Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dah Bugg Gooroo Givz Ansirz

Here I iz agin. I thot a lot. Ansirz time.

Ruby Bleu asks, "Why are you wearing glasses? Are they a prescription or because they make you look stylish? What other accessories do you have/like?"

Ruby, I haz an axsessory calld da pug. Also dah glasiz help mayke meh smurt.

Ike asks, "Why does poop taste so good?"

Ike, poop taystes so gud becuz itz dah chokolat dat dah humuns wunt let us eetz.

Rachel asks, "If you had to split up percentage wise, what percentage pug are you and what percentage BT? And you can't say 50/50! For instance, if you asked Clementine, she would tell you she is about 63% alien, 55% pug. She is aware that this does not add up in human/pug math. She does not care."

Rachel, tell Clemuntyn dat dah aliun math iz rite. I iz 43% pug, 32% bostin teriur, 29% aliun.

Emmitt asks, "Iz like to no whyz i habs to gets washed and brushed. i werk hard getting thiz dirty."

Emmitt, dat iz becuz dah cent uf dah dog becumz strongur and strongur an if it iz not washed den it maykes uz irrisistabul to mere humuns.

Suki Sumo asks, "Bug, how did you get to be so good looking? And how can I convince mom and dad to give me a bug sissy?"

Suki, gud qwestshuns. I wuz born diz gudlookun. I also eetz lotz of dah treetabuls to promot dah stinkee breff. Yoo shuld tell uz mom an dad dat dah buggz are smartur dan dah pugz an can ansir all thur qwestshuns. Dat will sellz them.

Salinger asks, "What causes Universal Canine "Frito Feet?" (Go ahead...grab a paw and take a whiff). Holden thinks they all have secret dog meetings when the humans are gone and they stomp in big vats of Fritos. Is this true?"

Salinger, Holdun haz alredy sed too much. I haz no communt.

Nevis asks, "Why is Sophie jealous of your awesomeness?"

Nevis, I iz flattured, yoo iz alwuys so nyce too me. Sofee iz inferiur an she cun be jealus if she wantz.

Liss asks, "What is it like living with another pug? I'm going to be fostering a KPR pug soon."

Liss, dah mom sez she wantz to ansur. She sez "You should totally foster a KPR pug! Two makes it much more fun, so long as they get along. They also tire themselves out and it's double the cuteness." I likez to add dat Sofee givz free lickz an I can givez her speshil "hugz."

Goodboy Norman Featherstone asks, "How do you be so cute???"

Norman, I iz not evin tryeeng! I tinkz yooz all iz cyute too.

Tankz fur dah qweshuns evurydog. See yooz next tyme.


Unknown said...

Thanks for answering our question Dixie! Clementine is glad to know there is another part-aliun mix around who knows how to add.

Jen and Suki said...

I really hope you have a regular Q&A session on your bloggy! You made many good points and you are one smart bugg and I am one step closer to a sissy.

Archie and Melissa said...

hi bugg!
we love you! you and sophie always make us laugh and smile. great answers and we are with suki, we hope to get more answers on your blog!
m & e

Ruby Bleu said...

Oh Dixie...what great answers...you really are so smart. I can't believe Holden let out the frito secret!!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Nanette said...

you sure know a lot of stuff Bugg Gooroo, both Stella and I am impressed with your knowledge and now I want a Bug.

Ozzie, Rocky and Lola said...

Wow Dixie! You are so insightful!
Ozzie & Rocky

Anonymous said...

Haha Dixie you are amazing!

I think Indy's feet smell like nacho chips! lol

Salinger The Pug said...

Thanks for keeping mum Dixie. Holden is being held at an undisclosed location until he has been sufficiently interrogated about what else he might know.

That is all.

Salinger The Pug

Duke said...

You are just so darn smart, Dixie! Great answers!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Brutus and Miley said...

Brutus loves the chocolate too! He had some today!