Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Walkies

Today I took the puggies for a nice walk after dinner. Walking all three alone is an... interesting experience. They just can't get anything out of only using the backyard as their bathroom... they need stimulation. And I provide!

Below is how they walk after the first pees... Dixie and Harles near the grass...

Sophie in the middle of the road, ready to go back at any point.

Anyone notice what's wrong with this picture? Notice a... misspelling?

If you can't tell, CONTRACTOR is spelled wrong. I spent enough time staring at it that Harles then managed to walk under and through the stakes.

Yea... that was fun to un-tangle.

Anyone else want to share their favorite walkie route?


Rosie said...

This post makes me laugh - I always walk around telephone poles and mail boxes to get the mommy tangled up - can't even imagine how fun it would be with 3 of us BOL

Lucy-Fur, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Heehee! My Mom tells me stories of Before I Was Born, when she was the Mom of TaiChi, Ben (a standard poodle who I knew briefly before cancer took him in December) and Billy, a Toy Poodle of Much Evilness (Fi's Mom here: Billy was a SWEET dog - but evil to the core, and was certain that he was MUCH bigger than the 100lb German shepherd down the street, and so would attack the shepherd, and since Billy was the alpha male, Ben, the standard poodle would follow Billy's lead). She would take the three of them on a walk, and when they would meet another dog, she would end up with TaiChi walking off in one direction, and Ben and Billy as a "giant snarling ball of fur" heading toward the other dog. Tangled up doesn't even begin to describe it! Your pictures made her laugh!

*kissey face*

Nevis said...

Adorable! And those sorts of foibles always happen to us!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I finally have both of them trained so when I say pole, they will either avoid it or turn around and walk back around it. :)

Indy is great walker but Gus is awful, he pulls me off my feet sometimes!

Mia said...

I try to be a good pug on our walks ;) But Madie likes to check everything out and see how much trouble she can get into on our walks!!

BRUTUS said...

My mom has tried to walk my brothers and i together, not with much success. She says that people think she's "a crazy dog lady", since all of us end up tying her up. We all walk just fine alone, but put us all together & it's not so pretty. Mason is so much bigger, so he goes faster automatically. I always want to be in the front, so it's a constant tug-of-war there. Poor old Duncan can barely keep up, plus he always wants to smell everything!!! Duncan was once able to wrap himself around a light a full 9 times.... How embarrassing!

Brutus the Frenchie

Archie and Melissa said...

great post kelly!
emmitt likes to walk around the neighborhood everyday and pulls me to his favorite houses where his "people" live. they run out and pet him and give him kisses. he knows how to spread the love. :)
in between these houses he has his favorite place to stop, snifffff, and peeeeeee.
he definitely has his route down!

Nibbles Treats said...

I feel for you. I have three too and it is no picnic trying to walk them at the same time. The boys want to constantly wrestle, even while doing their doggy deeds and Tink feels like she needs to protect everyone from anything that may feel the urge to jump out from behind a bush or mailbox and attack us. UGH! We end up one big tangle of leashes!