Sunday, May 31, 2009

Harles' First Holliday Park Trip!

What a great day! I was working at my second job in the morning. While at home, the pugs spent their morning doing this:

After last night's storms, today was amazingly gorgeous! Brian and I decided to take the pugs to Holliday Park. Harley had never been there before! It is a gorgeous park but also has nature trails for hiking down to the White River.

I thought Harley would have a tough time, but he led the march the whole time we hiked!

When we got to the river, Dixie was quite interested.

We had multiple, multiple poo's and pee-mails on our trip.

The roots down by the river are like an obstacle course for pugs!

Harley and Dixie were brave enough to walk in the shallow part of the water. Sophie... not so much.

We visited the cool water-ball again, and this time I showed it to Harles!

We stopped for some water breaks and on the second one, they were ready to really take a break. Sophie is looking for the transportation back to the car.

Dixie scooted into the shade and against the wall almost immediately. She yawned and chewed some grass.

And then she made the most adorable face ever!

Brian gave Sophie some kisses because she was such a trooper today.

Look at that tongue!

On the way home Bugg resumed her normal spot on the floor near the AC vent.

Sophie used her massive tongue to slobber ALL OVER me on the ride home!

We had a great time introducing Harley to the park! What did everyone else do this weekend?


Kelly said...

Sophie, that tongue is awesome! I loooove the Dixie photos in the grass! Harles, you have been acting so brave lately! Is it because Clover is back to blogging??!

(Twinnie... where did you get that awesome shirt?! LOVE itttt!)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow looks like you guys all had fun! :)
We had people over saturday after softball so the dogs ran around outside and last night we went to a friend's for dinner and the pugs scared small children lol

Apollo said...

Way Cool! Sophie you are too cute. I'm so proud of you Harles. You guys need to come down and spend a day hiking with us in Bloomington. Mommy bought me a life jacket cause I love swimming so much. Maybe Sophie would like it better if she had a life jacket to feel more secure.

Puglette said...

what a nice park! chrlie loves the same spot dixie does, ac in the summer and heater in the winter. smart girls.
oh, and thank your daddy for the nice pictures and videos.

Harry Pugalicious said...

That looks like so much funs! Mom says she loves the shirt too, Sophie Sophie's mom!

We's blogging now so check us out soon and you can see our big weekend!

CoCo said...

It has been way too hot for the park here in TX, or at least that is what Mama said. I think I need to bark out loud for the park this season. I'm glad to see that you guys had lots of fun!


Nevis said...

Oh! That photo of Dixie is just SO adorable! I love it!