Tuesday, April 28, 2009


After such a wonderful post yesterday from Sophie, I hate posting another sad one. This is an e-mail I got from Kentuckiana Pug Rescue yesterday.

You HATE puppy mills...right? And you wonder..how can you help? What can YOU do to make a difference? Well, here is your chance!

Edward, Jacob and Bella were pulled from a puppy mill by a kind hearted person who works tirelessly to get these dogs to their breed specific rescues. We were thankfully asked to take in this Trio of Terrific little Puggies!

Being whisked immediately to the vet (photo of all 3 is at the vet's office), they were diagnosed with upper respiratory infections. Edward however, is a true victim of the poor breeding at puppy mills. He suffers from dysplastic elbows as well as a hernia.

He is unable to bear weight on his front legs at this point and does suffer some discomfort. His surgical costs will be very expensive. We are asking all of you who can to please contribute to Edward's medical expenses. Can you find it in your heart to help this defenseless little Pug puppy see it thru to his twilight years with some sense of normalcy??

We have all hope and expectation that once surgery is performed, with some TLC and physical therapy, Edward will be a very functional little Pug.

If each person contributed $10.00 -20.00 we would have enough to cover his surgery in no time at all. We know things are tough right now, but these Pugs don't stand a chance without the compassion and dedication of people like you!

To donate:

Go to www.kentuckianapugs.com and click on the donate button

You can also mail a donation check to:

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue
PO Box 22697
Louisville KY 40252

Thanks for helping our new friend Edward if you are able. There are too many sad stories for doggies going on right now, and we hope that all of the doggies who need help will be getting it soon! Thanks for being such kind, caring, and compassionate friends to us all!


Clover said...

Oh no, poor Edward. I am going to borrow my mom's credit card to help these "Twilight" pugs.
Thanks for posting about them!
Love Clover xo

Kelly said...

Oh, Edward. :(

I went over and made a small donation to him. It's not much, but I sure hope it helps him get his cute little leggies working again!

Pug Posse said...

We read about Edward on the KPR website. That is just so sad! We sure hope he gets enough donations for that surgery to make him all better! He is a real cutie :-)
Pug hugs and kisses!
The Pug Posse

Unknown said...

they are just too precious. We'll make a trip over there soon - I get my teaching pay check later this week!!

Hank said...

Miss Kelly, mom saw Aunt Annie at Applebee's tonight. Aunt Annie says poor ol' Edward is scared to death of other dogs....probably 'cause he's used to getting run over by 'em.

I'm gonna dig in to my puggybank (where I stash my PBR cash) and send a few bucks his way.

Harry Pugalicious said...

Poor little guy! Thanks for letting us knows about him. Me and Mom donated what we could.

Sue said...

Poor little Edward. Thanks for sharing this with us. We're going to the site now to help out.
Roscoe and Sue

Lois Lane/Laney said...

My goodness, he's a cutie!

Nevis said...

Do you twitter??? You must be a hoot on it. FOLLOW ME!!!


Sandra y Coco Pug said...

Hi! thanks for sharing and giving us the opportunity to help. Our local pug rescue had a similar case, but it was an older pug that was thrown away at a garbage dumpster... the vet didn't know if he was born that way or if it was an injury. Anyway, we went to an event hosted by the pug rescue and made a donation. Mom was so angry because there are mean people out there, but helping also made her feel better. If they didn't want the dog...Why, instead of the dumpster, don't surrender the doggy to a rescue organization for a second chance in life? The puggy got a front wheelchair and was doing much better!!!

Sprite, the odd dog. said...

WOW that makes me sad. And happy. The Girl said she sometimes wants to go to a puppy mill and pretend to shop for a puppy and stuff them in her shirt and purse and run really fast to save them!!! LOL