Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Thirteen- Mom's BARKDAY Edition!

Hey it's Sophie and mah siblings. Guess what today is!!?!? MOMMA'S BARKDAY!!! She is 24 which is like.... insanely old in dog years. Like, 168 years old. Jeez.

Ok so our Auntie Kelly aka my BFF Pearlie-Poo's mom helped us make this picture for our Mom!

That got us thinking about what a great Mom she is so we decided to do our first Thursday Thirteen about things we love about our Mammalicious Mom!

The first one we'll do together, and then we'll do 4 each.

1. We love Mommy because- she gives us FOOD and treats!

2. She pets my head in the right spot
3. She makes sure I eat foods that are good for me and make me not get sick again
4. She always furminates me when I get too sheddy and uncomfortable
5. She dresses me up in girly clothes that are sooo beautiful!

6. Shee cleenz mah teefs
7. Shee givz me dah bugg rubbz
8. Shee trows mah toeyz fur mee
9. Shee letz mee rite dah Bugg Gooroo on dah bloggie

10. She doesn't mind when I sneeze on her
11. She lets me practice my tricks "sit" and "speak" but always gives me treats, even when I don't do the best job
12. She lets me sleep on her tummy when I want to
13. She forgives me for my moments of bitey-face weakness

We love you Mommy!


Ruby Bleu said...

Happy Barkday Mom!!! I sure hope you have a great day. Pups...make sure you share your treats today, ok?

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Liss said...

What a sweet post. How lucky all of you are to have one another. Happy birthday!

Yours Truly said...

It sounds like you have a very good mom!
Love, Marlene

Nevis said...

Happy Happy!

Are you going out anywher special?

Punchbugpug said...

Happy Barkday!!!! I was just thinking in dog years I'd be like....dead!

Your in for my Pay It Forward!

The Devil Dog said...

Happy Birthday to you, Mom. You are sure loved! Hope your day is great in every way.


Nibbles Treats said...

Aren't mom's the best?!? Have a great birthday!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Clover said...

Happy Barkday Kelly!!
What a nice Thursday Thirteen in honour of your Mama. She does sounds like she is a super pawesome Mom. Hope you all celebrate a lot together!
Love Clover xo

Rosie said...

That was one of the best Birthday Posts Ever!! You three did a GREAT job!! and thanks to pearlie-poo's mom too!
Happy Birthday Pug Momma!!
Loves from pugs,
Rosie Marie

Brill said...

Great post, and happy birthday!

It's my birthday coming up - 23rd -... I wonder if the guys here will be able to come up with 13 things about moi ? xx

Too Cute Pugs said...

Happy Birthday Kelly! You are a great pug momma!

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Archie and Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Big Pug Hugs from us!

Melissa and Emmitt

Sandra y Coco Pug said...

happy birthdayyyy!!! what a great surprise! Coco sends lots of kisses your way, for you and the girls, and hugs for Harley!

Lacy said...

w00f's, happy late birfday to ur mama..hope her had a good one and she has many many more..

b safe,

Joe Stains said...

HAPPY BARKDAY to your Mom! I haven't seen Tanner do anything um peaceful and Gandhi like, in fact his potty mouth is returning. Maybe guru needs to clean that crystal ball?? ;)

A Tail of 3 Doggies said...

Wow - this was great. We'll have to do a Barkday for our mom. Thanks for sharing.

Duke said...

Happy birthday to your mom! She has the best gift of all - you guys! We hope she had the most special day ever!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Apollo said...

Happy Birthday Miss Kelly! I'm sending birthday Apollo kiss licks and snorts to you!

Unknown said...

Sorry puggies, I was out of town this past week, but tell your momma I said Happy Belated Barkday!!! It looks from all the other bloggies like she had a really good time!